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Here is your excerpt from the Secret Society Video Series. Bear in mind this is only the first 45 minutes of a 6 hour video series.

I hope it whets your appetite. If you want to get the full Secret Society video series, use the button under the video.

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Here’s a 50-minute excerpt from my 6-hour video series The Secret Society.

This is an up-to-date video series that teaches any man how to approach women in their day to day lives WITHOUT constant rejection.

Here’s what you’ll find in the remaining 5 hours of the Secret Society Series :

1. Introduction To The Secret Society

How I discovered it. what you will get out of the course

4. Forcing IOIs And Exercises

Applying the knowledge of IOIs to your daily life. How to FORCE IOIs from women to cut down your rejection rate and make cold approach soooo much easier and maintainable in your day to day life.

5. Approaching The Right Way

Why typical “spam” approaching is TOTALLY the wrong way to do it, and how to approach effectively using the IOI / forced IOI method.

6. Approaching Exercises And Creating Sexual Tension

The reason why most approaches fail is a lack of sexual tension. 95% of daygamers, nightclubbers get this wrong. This is why your approaches fizzle out, why she won’t return your texts, why you won’t see her again.

How to approach and CREATE sexual tension in every girl.

7. Making Girls Comfortable

The other side of the coin. You cannot just pour sexual tension on without making her feel comfortable in your presence. I break it all down here.

Emotional control is the bedrock of success when you approach women. I break it all down here.

9. Taking Girls Home

I break down all the techniques I use to get the girl home with you. Experienced players know there WILL be roadblocks when you approach the finish line, and they CAN derail you every time unless you manage it correctly.

I explain it all here.

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Supplementary Material

In later years I added more material to the video series, based on 1 on 1’s and private remote consultations with clients.

  • Drill 1 : Move your feet (Front And Side Stop)
  • The mechanics of approaching in different ways

  • Reference Resources : Pre Approach Routine, Colombian Kiss Close Analysis
  • How to get “in state” before you approach. Analysis of my most famous pick up video

  • IOI breakdown, making it easy, having fun
  • A breakdown of the most common types of IOIs. How to make approaching FUN!

  • Approach anxiety / anxiety in set
  • How to conquer approach anxiety once and for all.

  • Direct Script Routine – The Critical First 3 – 4 minutes
  • I give you a step by step guide to success in the critical first few minutes of the interaction.

  • Bars And Coffee Shops
  • How to approach in these environments

  • Mind Body Dick Connection
  • Accessing sexual state
  • Getting Started : Working Up To Your Approaches
  • Doing your first few approaches is always the most difficult. Follow the advice here and you’ll find it much easier.

Check Out Secret Society Full Series