As you may have heard, I’ve been busy updating my video series The Secret Society with brand new content. I just added 3 more videos to the already extensive library of content within the product.

Existing Secret Society members : log into the product and you’ll see the new content within Approach Anxiety / Anxiety In set, 6 – Approaching Exercises and Creating Sexual Tension, and 9 – Taking Girls Home.

For those that are not aware here’s a full list of what is contained in the Secret Society video series :

NB If you want to check out the product, you can check it out here :

Secret Society Content :

Direct Script / Routine – The Critical First 3-4 minutes (NEW)
Approach Anxiety / Anxiety In Set (NEW)
IOI Breakdown : Making It Easy, Making Approaching Fun (NEW)
Drill 1 : Move Your Feet, Front And Side Stop (NEW)
9 – Taking Girls Home / Don’t Over Escalate (NEW)
8 – State
7 – Making Girls Comfortable
6 – Approaching Exercises and Creating Sexual Tension
Getting Girls To STOP / Stopping Distance (NEW)
5 – Approaching The Right Way
4 – Forcing IOIs and exercises
3 – IOIs in detail
2 – Awareness And IOIs
1 – Introduction To The Secret Society