I’m sure you’re aware of the recent shenanigans in the dating industry, with channels deleting their content left right and centre.

I saw this brewing years ago. I wrote 5 years ago that London Pick Up artists getting a bad rep, as well as implored you not to “keep ploughing” without reading her signals.. And the original Secret Society video series was all about approaching with social intelligence to avoid :

++Spam approaching
++Making the girl feel uncomfortable with continued “ploughing” even if she verbalises no, or is clearly uncomfortable.
++Generally low IQ, low success rate approaches that go nowhere and are bad for your mental health (because of continual rejections), and the girls emotional well being.

Secret Society is all about learning awareness and social intelligence, and was way ahead of its time. I’ve updated it and made it even better in 2019 – so check out the explainer video seeing what you’ll get when you get your copy. I have not (yet) raised prices but there is a good chance it will go up in price as even more content is added.

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