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Secret Benefits is one of the fastest-growing sugar daddy sites in the world, with an ever-expanding user base of attractive sugar babies and ambitious sugar daddies.

Now you can get a Secret Benefits free trial and check sugar babies in your area, see how the site works and line up your favourite sugar babies without paying anything.

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How To Sign Up For A Secret Benefits Free Trial

As you can see there are quite a few features that are available to you when you set up a Secret Benefits free trial, and the site is legit, so we’ve made it super easy to sign up. Just click on the button below and you’ll be able to set up your trial account in about 2 minutes.

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What Is The Cost Of A Secret Benefits Free Trial?

There isn’t any cost – it’s totally free! There are no hidden catches here and you don’t have to enter your credit card details to claim your free account. When Secret Benefits tell you that the trial is free, it really is free.

On some websites they set you up on a 7 day trial period and then try to sting you with charges, but Secret Benefits don’t do that. You can remain a free trial member as long as you like.

The main advantage for you is that you can line up a lot of interesting sugar baby leads just by using the free trial membership – read on to find out how.

Are there any Secret Benefits Special Offers?

Bear in mind that Secret Benefits sometimes also offer special offers on their membership packages so keep an eye open for that. These are usually at Christmas, Easter and of course Valentines day.

How To Use Your Secret Benefits Free Trial (For Sugar Daddies)

When you sign up for a free trial, you get unlimited access to browse sugar baby profiles and favourite them. When you favourite their profiles, the sugar babies get an instant notification of your interest, and can choose to check you out.

Think of it like giving a hot girl a wink as you walk past her down the street. You’re signalling your interest in her. If she then comes to your profile, and/or favourites you back..Well, now you have a strong sugar baby lead. She has seen what you have to offer, and she likes the look of you.

You can set up as many of these “leads” as you like as a sugar daddy on Secret Benefits – and it’s totally free. When you want to chat to your chosen sugar baby, just purchase some credits and you can arrange a date.

favourite secret benefits members

Building Up Sugar Baby Leads On Secret Benefits
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What EXACTLY Do You Get With The Free Trial?

Create An Intriguing Profile

This is the biggest benefit to the Secret Benefits trial account, , especially for Sugar Daddies. Men have to intrigue and woo the sugar babies, so it’s important that you have your profile suitably optimised to capture her attention.

With the free trial, you can spend as much time as you like creating, tweaking and optimising your profile to appeal to the kind of sugar babies that you really want.

If you use the suggested tips we’ve outlined in this article you’ll have the perfectly optimised profile and pictures within days..So you can be sure that when it’s time to upgrade you don’t waste money on sugar babies who won’t respond to you.

Access Secret Photos

This is another benefit for Sugar Daddies. We’ve all been there..You see what you think is a hot girl on a dating site..But you’re not quite sure. Somehow her photos always seem to be at angles where you cannot see her full body, and you never see a plain, full-on facial shot.

Nevertheless you decide to take the plunge and arrange a date. After all, how bad can she be?

Plenty bad. A few hours later as you sit outside the sun-drenched posh bar in the most exclusive part of town, you see a large, shuffling, shambling form in the distance making its way straight towards you, smiling and waving.

You whip out your phone and check the pictures of your date..Surely that isn’t her – the girl in the pictures looks young..Supple..SLIM.

As the large sloping figure draws closer you realise with dismay that it IS her..She’s just 15 years older and 50 pounds heavier and a LOT wrinklier.

fat girl date

Your date for the afternoon.
In all seriousness, you have to see as many photos of the girl to be sure nowadays. A man can only have so many catfishing experiences before he gives up for good!

Always check the secret photos!

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Sugar Babies Can Message Sugar Daddies

Sugar babies get access to unlimited messaging so they can message Sugar Daddies on the site without restriction. Then again, most women will not do this for fear of coming across too keen.

Get your profile verified

Some of us are not too keen to make a video of ourselves, so you can easily get your profile verified by contacting the mods. This option becomes available immediately after your create your free trial account.

Get A Seeking Benefits Free Trial

Seeking Benefits is growing rapidly and is becoming the go-to place for ambitious men and attractive young women to hook up together. With all of the great features on offer for prospective sugar daddies and sugar babies, you will miss out if you don’t take advantage of their free trial.

There is no commitment in signing up with their free trial account, so there is really nothing to lose.

The site is secure, easy to navigate and best of all has an ever-increasing supply of high-quality members – both male and female.

Sign up for your free Seeking Benefits now and get started today!

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