My views on screening girls who are interested hasn’t changed much since this was filmed in March 2014, so I am bringing this video back to your attention.


I do also have another sneaky reason – just fucking LOL at that bushy head of hair I had then. WTF was I thinking!

In all seriousness, this is a nice little video and get’s across the point of the frame push when you approach girls in at attempt to screen the girl for compatibility and interest.

You should ideally always be screening girls, aiming for Yes / Maybe girls to avoid becoming a daygame spam approaching monkey.

You see in the video I talk about screening girls by asking if they have a boyfriend.

There are of course other ways. Over time you’ll be able to spot these signs that girls are interested in you -even when their words say otherwise!

For more on spotting these signs, escalaing smoothly and not wasting your time, check out the description below and click through to look at my products Secret Society and Primal Seduction.