Top 5 San Diego Hookup Sites 2023 – Get Laid TONIGHT!

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san diego hookup sites

If you’re looking for San Diego Hookups, look no further.

We’re going to do a deep dive into the top 5 San Diego Hookup sites, so you can sign up and get laid TONIGHT!

If you just want to get started straight away, the no 1 hookup site in San Diego is Adult Friend Finder.

There are millions of girls looking for a hookup in San Diego on this hookup app.

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Best Hookup App Overall In San Diego : Adult Friend Finder

adult friend finder

Adult Friend finder is the best hookup site you’ll find in San Diego for a number of reasons:

It has a very large member base in San Diego

Overall there are over 60 million members on AFF, and 25 million active monthly users. I checked in the San Diego area and noted over 500,000 profiles. Roughly 60 % of those profiles were female.

Rough number of females on Adult Friend Finder in San Diego: 300,000

With 300,000 women looking for a hookup, it’s not difficult for the average guy to get laid in San Diego. But there are further advantages to using this hookup site in San Diego.

The demographic mix works in your favour for once, with 60% women and only 40% men on AFF in San Diego. Compare that to Tinder, which has roughly 6 guys for every girl (it’s no wonder the average guy gets 0 results on Tinder).

The women are hot on this San Diego hookup site

Check out this sample of users I pulled from San Diego on Adult Friend Finder. You’ll be hard-pressed to see girls as good-looking as this in your day to day life…

san diego girl profiles

So, it has plenty hot girls and the demographics are good too. Let’s check out the age ranges:

age distribution adult friend finder

Age Distribution On Adult Friend Finder in San Diego

So there are girls of all ages on this hookup app in San Diego.

So regardless of your age, you’ll still be able to find a hookup in San Diego on this dating site.

  • Younger guys: you can hookup with cougars and age matched girls
  • Older guys: plenty of younger women looking for an older guy, or cougars who want someone of the same age.
    Aside from these factors, Adult Friend Finder is clearly a hookup site. There is no pretence on this site – so you can get straight to the point about your intentions.

    You don’t need to waste time playing games, and you don’t need to have superb “game” like you do on Tinder just to get a date.

    Overall this makes Adult Friend Finder the No 1 hookup site in San Diego.

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    No 2 Hookup Dating App: Ashley Madison

    ashley madison free trial

    Ashley Madison has been around since approximately 2010, and started its life as an affair dating site. Since then, it has evolved into a mainstream hookup dating site.

    Membership numbers on Ashley Madison

    Ashley Madison has about 15 million users, with a 60 / 40 split – 60% women and 40% men. Once again, as with Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Madison has very favourable demographics.

    The site will best suit guys under 40 who like milfs and cougars, or older guys who prefer younger women. Both are well served by the females on Ashley Madison.

    Since the pandemic of 2020, Ashely Madison has reportedly grown at a rate of 15,000 new users per day – making it one of the fastest growing dating apps in the world.

    You won’t have trouble finding dates on Ashley Madison.

    How easy is it to hookup on Ashley Madison in San Diego?

    With a 60 40 split and millions of members, it’s a cinch to find a San Diego hookup on Ashley Madison.

    So let’s take a look at some example female profiles…
    profiles ashley madison san diego

    Example profiles on Ashley Madison.


    If you want to stand out on Ashley Madison, you need to appeal to the girls’ fantasies. Many of the women on the site are looking to rediscover a spark that’s missing from their lives.

  • Try to show that you’ve travelled
  • Show that you can take her out for a good time
  • When you message her, don’t tell her too much about yourself. Maintain some mystery.

    Cons Of Ashley Madison

  • It can get expensive if you don’t keep your eye on the credits
  • There are some scammers on the site. Don’t send any money over the internet and you’ll be fine though
  • Overall Ashley Madison scores highly and is one of the top hookup sites in San Diego.

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    No 3 Hookup Dating App San Diego: Victoria Milan

    Victoria Milan
    Victoria Milan is a little like Ahsley Madison 10 years ago: it’s a pure affair hookup site. So if you have moral qualms about hooking up with married women, avoid this site.

    If it doesn’t bother you, Victoria Milan might be perfect for you.

    WIth 9 million members it’s not as popular as the other hookup dating sites on this list – but there are still plenty of girls to hookup with.

    The demographic split is 50% women, 50% men on Victoria Milan.

    Age Distribution Of Members On Victoria Milan

    age distribution of members victoria milan

    Victoria Milan has younger users than the other hookup sites on this list, which makes it more appropriate for men under 40 years old. Unlike Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder, there isn’t a large pool of younger girls looking for older men.

    How hot are the girls on Victoria Milan

    Check out these example female profiles on Victoria Milan in San Diego:

    female members victoria milan

    Very credible, and I’m sure you’ll agree that it would be difficult to see girls as hot as this if you just walked around for a few hours in San Diego.

    Overall Victoria Milan is a solid choice for looking looking for a hookup dating site in San Diego.

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    Seeking Arrangement: Best San Diego Hookup Site For Older Guys (over 35)

    seeking arrangment free trial

    Most people consider Seeking Arrangement to be a sugar dating site, though it has actually evolved into a more mainstream hookup dating app in recent years (mostly because of bad publicity surrounding sugar dating).

    Of the hookup sites in San Diego on this list, Seeking Arrangement is No 1 for men over 40 for a number of reasons:

  • It has the 2nd highest number of members at 30 million users
  • It has THE most favourable demographics – with as many as 6 WOMEN FOR EVERY MAN in some US states
  • The women are hot. REALLY hot – hotter than any other site on this list.
  • Check out these example female profiles on Seeking Arrangement:

    seeking arrangement female profiles london

    You will find hotter girls on Seeking Arrangement than any other dating site or app in San Diego.

    Join Seeking Arrangement FREE (use this link for a 25% discount)

    Who Is Seeking Arrangement suitable for?

    Seeking Arrangement will only work well for you if you have certain qualities in place – so be honest with yourself before you think about signing up to this hookup site. It’s suitable for:

  • Intelligent, well-heeled guys over 35.
  • Guys who are happy to pay for everything and spend a little money on a woman.
  • Guys who adore beautiful young women.
    The membership price on Seeking is about $100 per month, so factor that into your consideration too.

    If you don’t have these qualities, or you don’t want to spend $100 per month on a hookup dating site, try Adult Friend Finder instead – it’s much cheaper and will work better for you.

    Advantages of Seeking Arrangement

  • Huge membership base
  • Really good looking women
  • Ideal for men over 35 with some money
  • Perfect for guys who like to take women out on interesting dates, travel dates and so on.

    Disadvantages of Seeking Arrangement:

  • It IS Expensive
  • Watch out for hookers and scammers on there
    Once again, just don’t send money over the internet and you will be fine on Seeking Arrangement.

    Sign Up to Seeking.Com (Seeking Arrangement) using this link for a 25% lifetime discount.
    local milf selfies homepage

    No 5 hookup site San Diego: Cougar Life

    You can probably tell straight away what this site is about from the domain name. This is a site that is better suited to men under 40 who LOVE cougars.

    If that’s your thing, Cougar Life might just be the perfect hookup site for you in San Diego.

    Member Demographics On Cougar Life

    Local Milf Selfies is the smallest hookup site on this list with approximately 4 million members and a roughly 50 – 50 split between men and women.

    One thing you should know upfront is that Local Milf Selfies use bots and other tactics to simulate real activity on the site. If this puts you off, try Adult Friend Finder instead, because it can be a deal breaker for some guys.

    Despite these shady tactics, there are real users and women on this site. You just need to learn to detect the fake profile and scammers so that you don’t waste your time.

    Having said that, with 4 other choices on this list who don’t use shady tactics, is it really worth it?

    Despite this, I’d still rather use Local Milf Selfies over Tinder because at least you get a chance to interact with girls and get a hookup. For an average man, that’s virtually impossible on Tinder.

    Join Cougar Life FREE with a 25% lifetime discount.

    😃 Enjoy These Hookup Dating Sites In San Diego: Conclusion

    Hooking up in San Diego has never been easier thanks to the great hookup sites that have sprung up over the last 5 – 10 years. Pick the right hookup site from this list and sign up for free, and you’ll be able to get laid with hot girls in San Diego in no time.

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