Salt Dating: Meet And Date HOT Women On Sugar Daddy Sites

For A Normal Relationship

What the heck is salt dating?

Before you can understand what salt dating is you need to understand what sugar dating is.

Sugar Dating: Where hot college age women join a sugar daddy site to meet older, wealthy men. Often these relationships turn sexual and the sugar baby in question receives financial compensation. It is 1 step removed from prostitution (and it’s totally disgusting)

Salt Dating Where a guy with game and charisma meets super hot women on sugar daddy sites and dates them…Without paying.

So How Does Salt Dating Work?

Salt dating leverages a little known truth about most sugar daddy websites..

The average girl on these dating sites isn’t actually a Sugar Baby.

She might be on a sugar daddy website.

She might call herself a sugar baby

But she wouldn’t sleep with a guy for money.

I know this, because I’ve dated tons of really hot women from sugar daddy sites..And I have never paid them a thing.



So How Hot Are They Women? Is It Easy To Sign Up?

See for yourself guys..It takes under 1 minute to sign up..And the women are SUPER hot! Even an average guy with a normal job can meet an attractive girl on this dating site.

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About 80% Of Women On Sugar Daddy Sites Are NOT Sugar Babies

Often she writes in her profile “I am not interested in sleeping with guys for money”.

So when you rock up..A guy with a carefully tailored profile. Cool pictures. And some funny emails that you’ll send to her (I’ll explain exactly what you’ll need to send)

She gets intrigued to meet you..Despite the fact you’re not offering to pay. Infact, BECAUSE you’re not offering to pay.

Because you’re totally different to the average male chump you’ll find on Sugar Daddy sites.

actual sugar baby

Don’t Be This Guy!

The average chump that doesn’t know what I know..And what I’m going to share with you.

But it’s a Sugar Daddy Site! Don’t The Women All Want Money? And Aren’t They All Hookers?

REPEAT : The majority (about 80%) of women on sugar daddy sites DO NOT want money.

And if they DO want money? If they ARE sugar babies? You learn to spot actual sugar babies very quickly..AND YOU SIMPLY AVOID THEM!

So no, they are absolutely NOT hookers. They are just dappy, often extremely attractive women who simply want to meet a charismatic guy..Often over 35…

Who can afford to take them out for a meal. Go on holiday with them. Show them a good time.

The Majority Of Women On Sugar Daddy Sites Are VERY Attractive..And Want To Meet A Normal Guy Who Treats Them Well

Don’t believe me? Watch this short video and look at some of the female profiles. Observe how hot they are.

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So Why Should I Sign Up To A Sugar Daddy Site, Steve?

It is simply one of the easiest ways to meet super hot, normal women.

Think about it. Here are the advantages of this sugar daddy site I recommend over normal dating sites.

  • This sugar daddy site has on average 4 women for every man. YOU are the prize. She wants to meet you and will often contact you first!
  • The women on this site are all very attractive.
  • Male competition is at an all time low. The average guy on sugar daddy sites is old, ugly, no game, no charisma. Just by being cool, you will stand out.
  • The vast majority of girls on this dating site are normal guys who just want to meet a guy who will treat them well.
  • This site is like shooting fish in a barrel. Women WILL read your messages and they WILL go out on dates with you.

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Do I Need To Be Good Looking And Cool To Make This Work? Will This Glitch In The Matrix Work For Me?

You don’t need to be a super hot giga-chad to make this work (you can see I am not).

Remember : the average guy on sugar daddy sites is a total chump! They have ANTI GAME.

They often contact the women and say something to the effect of “How Much?”

Your Competion On This Dating Site

Merely by being cool, and NEVER mentioning money, you will stand out from these chumps.

So no, you don’t need to be exceptional to make this work. You’re simply being smart by signing up to this sugar daddy site.

  • Far more women than men. You’re stacking the odds in your favour
  • Super hot women all competing with each other to snag YOU. So, the female competition makes YOU hot property.
  • TOTAL CHUMPS for competition! Instead of competing with chad like you do on most dating sites..Your competition is ugly, old, obnoxious dudes (often Arab) who have ANTI GAME!

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You’ve Convinced Me. So What Do I Do Now?

It’s simple.

  • You create a free profile on the dating site I recommend (you MUST use this one – it’s by far the best)
  • Enter your email address. Add your profile description, pictures and text.
  • Make sure your photos are reasonable. No grainy bathroom selfies
  • Then you date super hot women!

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How Much Will This Cost?

You MUST upgrade your account (i.e. pay). It costs about $100 per month. But this is great, because it weeds out the chads who won’t pay…And reduces your male competition.

Remember, you don’t want to compete with chad. You want to compete with the ugly rich arab with no game instead!

chad thundercock

No More Competition From Chad!

I’m sure you’ve tried normal online dating sites before where you compete with Chad. How did that work out for you?

  • No messages.
  • No dates.
  • No luck.
  • No hot women for you

Leave that to the idiots. Be smart, and stack the odds in your favour

Pay the $100 per month for easy access to tons of super hot women WHO ARE GLAD TO MEET YOU

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Good luck guys. You’ll thank me for this, I promise you.

Steve Jabba.