Salt Daddy Game: How To Attract Gorgeous Younger Women in 2023

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Salt daddy game is a dating strategy where older men, like us, pretend to be wealthy and successful to catch the eye of younger women who are usually looking for a Sugar Daddy.

Now, the trick here is that we might not be rolling in dough, but we know how to sell the dream.

To pull this off, we create online profiles showcasing a luxurious lifestyle, filled with photos and descriptions of amazing experiences and adventures.

The whole idea behind the Salt Daddy Game is to spark the interest of these younger women who are drawn to the idea of a wealthy, sophisticated older man. But here’s the twist: we’re not really offering the financial support that usually comes with a Sugar Daddy relationship. It’s all about playing the game and making the most of what we’ve got.

The actual skill of salt daddy game is to understand the complex and nuanced world of sugar dating and to provide the sugar babies what they actually want: an exciting relationship with a charismatic older man.

❓ How to do salt daddy game?

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🍹 Salt Daddy Characteristics

There are some key mindset, physical and personal characteristics that you’ll need to make Salt Daddy game work for you:

  • You need to look good for your age. Well-groomed, not overweight, clearly taking care of yourself
  • You need to be in command of yourself. No insecurities, ambitious, clear direction in life, capable of handling opposition and difficulty
  • You need to be really comfortable around beauty. Sounds like nothing doesn’t it? You’d be surprised. A large part of salt dating is “not screwing it up game” around exceptionally hot women
  • You need to be socially confident. Have you been to high-end clubs? Good restaurants? Are you well-read and intelligent and can you hold your own in a conversation?

I’ve met multi-millionaire guys who lived in some of the best parts of Europe, owned yachts and Ferraris who spent literally millions on women they met from sugar daddy sites. These were well put together clearly intelligent men who just lacked that fundamental belief in themselves around women.

A salt daddy would never do that. Really, a salt daddy is just a slightly (or substantially) older guy with great game.

salt daddy with yacht

Not A Salt Daddy

What A Salt Daddy Is NOT: Analysis Of Salt Daddy Media Portrayal

I keep seeing media attention on Salt daddies/salt dating, and every time they mention the salt daddy “duped” a girl into sex. The very notion is preposterous.

Let’s step a specific example, taken from an Australian media outlet to see how the portrayal of a salt daddy is completely false. If you want to look it up yourself the article is I won’t link to it.

Rami, a 25 year old girl fantasies about an opulent lifestyle:

yearns for the celebrity lifestyles she follows on Instagram. To fund this, she relies on arrangements with wealthy sugar daddies. Unfortunately, not all sugar daddies are what, or who they seem.

Her friends think her desire is superficial and will lead to a bad end result. They are right. And has she considered working harder?

Some of my friends find this desire superficial and something I shouldn’t be aiming for but for me, this is exactly how I envision my life. The only issue being, I can’t afford it myself.

So, for a year or so I have been actively on the hunt for a sugar daddy.

Then she meets a man who is “different”

But my positive experiences with sugar daddies changed recently when I met *Dave.

For those who aren’t familiar, the term a salt daddy is a man who fakes being a sugar daddy to meet girls and usually to try and get them into bed.

Wrong. A salt daddy is a man who dates attractive sugar babies from sugar dating websites but does not pay for an arrangement. Salt daddies have sufficient charm, ambition and game to attract women without having to pay for their affections. This is precisely what happened here

Unfortunately for me this warning didn’t work, and not only did I meet a salt daddy, I was well and truly fooled by him.

Wait for it. The setup is coming..

The other thing that set Dave apart from the other men was that he spoke a lot more about his money. He would mention big purchases he was making and places he’d holidayed in the past but none of these things were in any of his profile images.

OK, I am calling this out. I’m willing to bet this didn’t happen. This is the very epitome of bad salt daddy game. You’re not supposed to broach money AT ALL. This guy is running chode game.
I think she is post rationalising what actually happening and inventing a narrative because of what’s coming…

He also asked me a lot about sex. More than any of the other men. Questions about my sexual experience, fantasies and quite often other topics would somehow morph into something to do with sex.

This is good game. Talking about sexual fantasies, creating sexual tension. She enjoyed it. Notice how she’s subtly trying to portray it as icky and weird? Post rationalisation.

When I arrived, he was already waiting at the table. When I approached him, I could tell straight away that something seemed off.

So you walked off then, right? Well, not quite…

His shirt and pants were cheap and not really suitable for the venue we were in. Then throughout the dinner it became even more clear that he was out of his comfort zone because he didn’t know how to order the style of menu and was unfamiliar with the wine and food offerings. Then at the end, he even asked to split the bill.

Despite all of this, I dismissed my instincts and put Dave’s behaviour down to nerves.

Women are the least forgiving creatures on earth. The ONLY WAY she let him get away with this was not because she magnanimously put his behaviour “down to nerves”. It’s because she was attracted to him and wanted to have sex with him.

After dinner, Dave asked to come back to my house because his place was having renovations. I said yes and we had sex together.

Just LOL! So you are trying to suggest that you BELIEVED his story about renovations? You, a 25 year old grown woman who fantasies about the sugar lifestyle and has had experiences with sugar daddies were duped into going back to his place, because he said he was “having renovations”.


You went back to his house because you wanted to have sex with him. Period.

Notice how the act of sex is only one line. Like it doesn’t matter. It’s almost as if she is trying to sandwich it into the article so you don’t notice.

This, my friends, is an example of the completely dishonest portrayal of salt daddies. I think a big part of the reason WHY salt daddies are portrayed in this way is twofold:

(i) It feeds into the narrative that women have no agency and are at the mercy of men. The evil patriarchy and so on.
(ii) It’s just another excuse to bash men.

Let’s carry on with what a salt daddy ACTUALLY is.

Salt Daddy Game – An Excellent Way To Meet Women In 2022

Salt daddy game has always been an excellent way to meet attractive young women, but it’s likely to become more widely known due to the change in direction of sites like Seeking Arrangement, increased media exposure, and the work of guys like me. Seeking Arrangement game is becoming a “thing” – not surprising given the change in direction of the site, and the increased difficulty level for average guys on Tinder and other more “normal” dating sites.

It is quite simply an underexploited dating hack that virtually no-one else has spotted.

Try Salt Daddy Game For Yourself

Here’s a pic of the typical girls you will see on the sugar dating site I recommend:

sugar babies london

Please noteI had to blur the profiles a little to protect the girl’s identity. When you sign up everything is crisp and clear, of course.

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The Sugar Dating Landscape Has Changed

Take a look at this picture taken from the Seeking Arrangement blog:

sugar dating related terms corrupted

Note this: “First, the escort/adult industry has misappropriated the terminology to attempt to recast their transactions as sugar relationships.”

Source: Seeking.Com Blog Our Story

Seeking Arrangement themselves state that sugar dating is NOT based on “transactions” in the same way that pure escorting or prostitution is. This is why you see so many women on sugar dating sites who are not looking for an arrangement

Salt Daddy Scammer?

Salt daddies have been unfairly maligned and smeared in the mainstream media and reddit sites like the /r/sugarlifestyleforum. Salt daddies are often called scammers, heart breakers, liars and so on. Here’s a charming excerpt from an article about salt daddies from that pinnacle of journalism, Cosmopolitan in the UK :

salt daddy dating cosmopolitan
“The rise of salt daddy dating: meet the fake sugar daddies intent on scamming women
You’ve heard of sugar babies, but what about the men trying to con them?”

It’s lies, all lies. The truth is that only about 20-30% of women on sites like seeking arrangement are looking for a full-blown “arrangement”. It’s a complex eco-system on these sugar daddy sites and many – if not the outright majority of women are looking for a certain type of man for a relationship. Often they seek excitement. A trip abroad, meals in nice restaurants. A guy who treats them well.

Very few of the women are actually looking for financial compensation per-se. They’re just looking for a thrill, and are perhaps taking a break from normal dating.

older man younger woman on beach salt daddy game

I dated and bedded scores of such women some time ago, and I never paid any of them. They were perfectly happy with this relationship – but I did take them out, go on holidays, have exciting mini – relationships. This is what sites like seeking arrangement are really all about. I’ve often thought that they are merely a front for thrill-seeking young women to meet attractive cool older men.

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Thus how can there possibly be any scamming going on? I think this is merely another example of public smearing, in much the same way daygamers were smeared – notably by the BBC and other mendacious outfits. It’s like they cannot stand a man having a little agency and control over his own love life. The very thought of an attractive older man with a young woman sends them into paroxysms of rage.

bbc smear daygamers

Lying BBC scumbags smearing

👨‍👧 Try Salt Daddy Game

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💪 Examples of salt daddy strengths / salt daddy game

For a start you’re leveraging the favourable female / male ratio. That is your first advantage.

Secondly, you have to play to your strengths. Since you’re liable to be a little older than your prime – usually around age 36 – you have to emphasise other attractive qualities that the girls on this site will be looking for. Here are some:

– Some girls will be looking for mentorship or business advice.

If you’ve achieved anything of note in this area some girls will be glad to hear from you. NOTE: Even IT contracting can help. It’s all valuable life experience which she won’t have and which she can glean off you.

General life direction and guidance that only an older man can provide.

We live in difficult times, and many young women find the world they live in quite scary (especially if they’re foreigners in a big city like London, or indeed any city in Europe / USA / Canada. They will look to you for guidance, reassurance, emotional support, an emotional rock and leadership. Again, this is something only an older man can provide.

Maturity: you’ve grown out of the days where you want to go to bed with every girl that moves. Thus you might be ready for a relationship.

This is a big deal for a lot of girls. Often the girls on sugar daddy sites are mid-late 20s and are tired of playing around. An older guy in the same position fits the bill nicely.

– Excitement, travel, adventure

If you haven’t lost your lust for life and you like to travel, think about the kind of life you can show her. Exciting weekends away in foreign cities. Meals out. Civilised outings. This is immensely appealing to many young women.

💇🏼 Get Beautiful Girls Using Salt Daddy Game

I hope you can see that this is how you can make the most of the boundless opportunities on sugar daddy sites. Join up now using the number 1 sugar daddy site for men – the very same site I used for years. You won’t regret it.

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