All 3 of these products compliment each other, yet each offers different content. I offer a sale bundle for all 3:

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Here’s What You Get Today…

✅ Full Secret Society Video Series + Primal Seduction + Sigma Male
✅ One Off payment – no sneaky monthly subscription
✅ Bonus Material: A complete, comprehensive guide to defeating approach anxiety. How to “work up” to your approaches.
✅ Bonus Material: direct script / routine for first 3 minutes (supercharges your approaches)
✅ Bonus Material: How to pick up in coffee shops / bars. How to stop girls from the front and side.
✅ Bonus Material: How to make a daygame session easy and fun. How to approach in unusual situations: escalators, underground etc.
✅ Free content updates
✅ Free copy of the “Sigma Male” book

Primal Seduction (Inner Game Bible)

Secret Society: 7 hour video series on how to approach properly, make her want to see you again, minimal chance of rejection


Get Your Sale Now! ($149.99 – Use Paypal Or Bank Card)