How To Master PUA Text Openers FAST! (With 51 Best Text Openers )

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Look for a step-by-step PUA text openers guide? Then check this out!

I’m going to give your 51 best text openers so you can start conversations with girls no matter where you met her..Then get her out on a date and into bed!

Let’s get started.
Note: If you’re stuck at the stage of not knowing what to say, you could always try out these 201 pick up lines for flirting for inspiration!

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❓How To Understand What Makes a Text Opener Magnetic

Three key factors make a text opener truly magnetic: humour and wit, intrigue and curiosity, and confidence and personality.

When you can seamlessly blend these elements into your opening message, you’ll have her hooked.

Another key element you must remember above everything else is to PERSONALISE your text openers if you can. Try to use callback humour and recall something from your interaction if possible – it really makes her more likely to respond.

When should you send your text opener after you’ve first met her? Whenever you want – but I’d lean towards sending it within the first 24 hours.

There are no hard and fast rules though, and you can send it within the first hour if you feel like it.

The key to sending the opener at the right time is that you don’t invest in the outcome too much. If you’re waiting desperately by your mobile WAITING for a response, you’re already close to losing.

So after you send the opener, forget about it.

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🤗Guidelines for Crafting PUA Text Openers

To help you create magnetic text openers, follow these guidelines:

Keep it short and sweet: A lengthy message might overwhelm her, so aim for brevity while still getting your point across.

Personalize the message: Show her that you’ve paid attention to her interests or experiences. A tailored message will stand out more than a generic one.

Avoid overused or cliché lines: Be creative and original. Cliché lines can come across as insincere.

Use open-ended questions or statements: Encourage her to respond by asking an open-ended question or making an intriguing statement.

🙂Examples of Magnetic PUA Text Openers

Here are some examples of magnetic text openers you can use as inspiration:

“Told you I’d get in touch. Not every day I meet an (insert modern star that she looks like) lookalike.”
“Hello, it’s the intriguing English man here. You know, this could be the start of a beautful relationship… ”
“Hi, it’s the naughty English man. My mum always told me girls with big green eyes like yours are dangerous. I hope she’s wrong!”
“You seem like a lot of fun – I could tell by the fact that you laughed at my lame jokes. When are you free then?”

😍World’s Best Text Openers!

? Sometimes no matter what you just cannot think of a text opener. So, here's a list of 51 best text openers that you can just copy and paste if you get stuck. I've split them up so you have 17 best text openers if you just met a girl online 17 as if you met her in a bar or club and 17 best text openers if you met her in the daytime. All of these best text openers use either callback humour, complimenting her on her appearance in a funny way, or referencing something about the initial conversation. Adapt them as necessary!

Just met in the daytime (17 best text openers):

“I was captivated by your vivacious laughter earlier. It made the whole street come alive. 😄”
“You rocked that vintage outfit today like a true fashion icon. Let’s see if you can keep up the trend. 😉”
“I couldn’t help but notice your intriguing tattoos today. I’m curious to hear the stories behind them. 🎨”
“We laughed about your hometown’s obsession with [local dish]. Care to enlighten me over a shared meal? 🍲”
“Our conversation about your fiery red hair earlier made me think you might be a modern-day Jessica Rabbit. 🐇”
“You mentioned you’re from [her region] earlier. Are all the women there as hot as you? 😍”
“Your passion for [her favorite sport] caught my attention. I’m ready to challenge you on the field. ⚽”
“I still remember your mischievous smirk from earlier today. What other surprises are you hiding? 😏”
“Your cute freckles are like constellations on your face. I’m looking forward to exploring the galaxy. 🌌”
“The way you were so confident in those high heels today was impressive. Let’s see if you can dance the night away in them. 💃”
“We joked about your obsession with [her favorite show] earlier. I bet you’d make a great [character name]. 📺”
“That bold lipstick you wore today tells me you’re not afraid to make a statement. I’m all in. 💄”
“You mentioned your [her pet’s unique feature] earlier, and I can’t help but wonder who’s more mischievous – you or your pet? 🐾”
“Our conversation about your hometown’s peculiar tradition was hilarious. I’m eager to learn more. 😂”
“That one-of-a-kind necklace you wore earlier piqued my curiosity. What’s the story behind it? 💎”
“You said you’re from [her city] earlier. Are you part of their secret society of sexy vixens? 🕵️‍♀️”
“Your playful banter earlier had me intrigued. Care to continue the verbal dance? 💬”

Just met online (17 best text openers):

“Your profile pictures showcase your artistic side. I’m eager to see your masterpiece in person. 🎨”
“I noticed your dimples in your online photos. Are you always this adorable? 😊”
“You mentioned your fascination with [her favorite book] online. I’d love to discuss it over coffee. ☕”
“We laughed about your hometown’s [unique tradition] online. Let’s explore the city together and see it in action. 🌆”
“Your photos reveal your love for vintage fashion. Let’s hit the town and see who can find the best hidden gems. 👗”
“You said you’re from [her region] online. Do all the women there have your bewitching charm? 🧙‍♀️”
“You mentioned your passion for [her favorite sport] in our chat. Time to put your skills to the test. 🏆”
“Your mischievous smirk in your photos has me wondering what surprises you’re hiding. 😏”
“You mentioned your [her pet’s unique feature] online. Let’s have a pet playdate and see who’s more playful – you or your pet? 🐾”
“We joked about your hometown’s unusual [local dish] online. I’m curious to try it – are you game? 🍴”
“Your online photos reveal your love for bold accessories. I’m excited to see what statement you’ll make when we meet. 😎”
“You have a captivating sense of humor online. I can’t wait to experience it in person. 🤣”
“In our chat, you mentioned your passion for [her interest]. I’d love to explore that together. 🌟”
“Your online photos show off your sun-kissed skin. Are you always this radiant, or is it just a summer fling? 🌞”
“You mentioned your hometown’s peculiar tradition in our conversation. I’m eager to learn more about it. 😄”

Just met in a bar or club (17 best text openers):

“I saw you rocking those high heels last night. It takes skill to dance like that. Care for a rematch? 💃”
“Your intriguing tattoos caught my attention at the club. I’d love to hear the stories behind them. 🎨”
“We laughed about your hometown’s obsession with [local dish] last night. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype. 🍽️”
“I noticed your dimples when you smiled at the bar. They’re absolutely captivating. 😊”
“Your passion for [her favorite sport] came up at the club. Are you ready to show me your moves on the field? ⚽”
“You mentioned you’re from [her region] last night. Is it true what they say about the irresistible charm of the women there? 😍”
“The way you danced with such confidence last night was mesmerizing. I’m eager to see if you can keep up with me off the dance floor. 💃”
“We joked about your obsession with [her favorite show] at the club. Do you secretly dream of being [character name]? 📺”
“Your radiant smile lit up the room last night. Let’s see if you can brighten my day as well. 😁”
“That unique outfit you wore last night tells me you’re a woman of mystery. I’m intrigued. 🕵️‍♂️”
“Your playful banter at the bar had me hooked. Care to continue the verbal dance over coffee? ☕”
“You mentioned your [her pet’s unique feature] at the club, and I have to know – who’s more mischievous, you or your pet? 🐾”
“Our conversation about your hometown’s peculiar tradition was hilarious. I’m eager to learn more. 😂”
“That one-of-a-kind necklace you wore last night piqued my curiosity. What’s the story behind it? 💎”
“You said you’re from [her city] last night. Are you part of their secret society of charmers? 🕵️‍♀️”
“Your vivacious laughter at the club last night made the whole place come alive. I’m eager to see if you can light up my day as well. 😄”
“We joked about your hometown’s unusual [local dish] last night. I’m curious to try it – are you game for a culinary adventure? 🍴”

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🤔Adapting Your Text Openers to Different Scenarios

Sometimes, you’ll need to adjust your text opener based on the situation:

Previous interactions: If you’ve already met in person, reference something from your conversation to create a connection. Try to make it humourous (this is called callback humour)
Relationship stage: Depending on whether you’ve just met or are more familiar with each other, adjust the tone and content of your opener.
Switching gears: If your opener doesn’t get the response you were hoping for, be prepared to change your approach.

⚡Common Mistakes to Avoid When Crafting Text Openers

To increase your chances of success, steer clear of these common mistakes:

Being overly aggressive or pushy: Keep it light and fun to create a comfortable atmosphere for conversation.
Relying on manipulative tactics or dishonesty: Be genuine and authentic. Dishonesty will probably bite you in the ass later if you’re not careful.
Sending generic or impersonal messages: As mentioned earlier, personalization is key.

You need to demonstrate that you’re interested in her SPECIFICALLY – not just trying to get your end away with every single girl you crack on to.

🙄Monitoring Her Responses and Adjusting Your Strategy

Pay attention to her responses to gauge her interest and engagement. If she seems disinterested or hesitant, switch it up. Likewise, if she’s engaged and responsive, keep the momentum going and move the conversation forward.


Crafting magnetic PUA text openers can significantly impact your dating success. By following the guidelines and examples provided, you’ll be well on your way to getting her to respond and building a meaningful connection.

Try these cool PUA text openers out and you’ll be slaying hotties in no time!

And what do you do after the opener? If you want to know what to text a girl after getting her number, read the linked article.

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