I had a nice email to wake up to this morning.

Some very positive feedback on my book, Primal Seduction. Here’s the email: (name and email address redacted)

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Please Note : I did not solicit this feedback.


Just wanted to say … fucking hell, the new book I can’t quite believe what I’m reading. Everything about the sigma male stuff I can relate to 100%, heard the term thrown around but never really had a good grasp of it.

Iv Always been a bit of a black sheep nomadic guy, no time for social hierarchy bullshit, don’t like weddings, talking to people for the sake of it, happiest out daygaming by myself. it’s weird reading somthing that resonates so strongly like someone has just told me who I actually am.

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Great stuff

[Name Removed]”

Primal Seduction Feedback

It’s always interesting to me to see what customers make of my products, of course. The book is so weighty and dense that there’s a ton of information that can benefit virtually anyone.

Are You Ready To Join The Secret Society?

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