How To AVOID PPM In Sugar Daddy Dating – It’s TOXIC!

sugar daddy ppm

If you’re thinking about trying to meet gorgeous sugar babies on sugar daddy sites, there are some ground rules you need to know straight away.

At the top of your list should be how and why you should avoid PPM as a sugar daddy– because PPM is the WRONG way to approach a sincere relationship with a girl – no matter where you met her.

First, we need to explain the context of PPM Sugar Daddy dating and relationships.

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What Is PPM In Sugar Daddy Dating?

PPM in the context of sugar daddy dating simply means “Pay Per Meet”. Essentially it means that you pay a girl money for every meeting. Let’s be realistic: the meeting will probably end up in sex, and that’s what you’re paying for.

How much is the average PPM Sugar Baby Meet?

There is no publically available verifiable information about how much the average PPM is for a sugar baby. The nearest I could find is this thread on the sugarlifestyle forum, where figures of up to $500 per hour are mentioned for some sugar babies.

Sugar Baby PPM Cost Factors:

Here are some factors that affect how much a PPM sugar baby can get according to the data on the sugar lifestyle forum:

  • Marketing Savvy Of The Sugar Baby. The smarter she is with how she presents herself, the higher figure she can command.
  • How rich is the sugar daddy? If he’s an oil baron or hedge fund manager, he will likely pay more
  • Current state of the economy. If times are hard, the “going rate” goes down.
  • Supply and demand. If there are more sugar babies in an area, it can drive the price down
  • How pretty the sugar baby is. If she’s at the peak of her sexual market value, she can likely command a higher price.
  • pretty sugar baby

    Pretty sugar babies can command a higher PPM

    Why You Should Avoid PPM In Sugar Daddy Dating

    The relationship is defined by money

    I hope you can get a sense of the mercenary, atavistic attitude of the women on that forum. There’s no thought of a genuine relationship with the sugar daddy – instead, a cool hard calculation to work out how they can screw the most money out of any man they meet.

    This is one of the chief reasons why you should avoid any hint of PPM in your sugar daddy dating: because the relationship is defined solely by money, and you will ALWAYS attract the kind of women that you see on this sugar lifestyle forum.

    Mercenary gold diggers who only want you for money.

    PPM in sugar dating a little too close to prostitution

    Quite a few websites have analysed whether sugar dating is equivalent to prostitution and have concluded that it’s not – but there are grey areas and some aspects of sugar dating are closer to prostitution than others.

    Here’s some analysis from Brucklaw, which sought to answer the question “Is sugar dating prostitution?”

    Here’s a quote from the article which is important:

    If you’re involved in a sugar relationship and concerned that it could be perceived as solicitation, ensure that the relationship develops naturally and includes aspects other than sexual encounters to emphasize the differences from prostitution.

    The key words are “ensure that the relationship develops naturally”…PPM is the exact OPPOSITE of this.

    If you’re paying a girl (PPM) to spend time with you, she is only with you for money.

    There is nothing “natural” about that kind of relationship whether you call it a sugar relationship or not.

    On the spectrum of a “normal relationship”, PPM is about as close to prostitution as you can get.

    You don’t need to do PPM anyway!

    If you’re a switched on kind of guy, you must realise that you don’t need to do PPM on sites like Seeking Arrangement – because there are hordes of girls who are looking for a much more conventional relationship.

    Infact, a lot of girls on the Seeking Arrangement site in particular use the website because they are looking for an older guy with whom they can settle down and build a life.

    More on this later, but check out my review of Seeking Arrangement which explains why it’s such a great resource for men to meet attractive younger women.

    Who Should And Shouldn’t Do PPM In Sugar Daddy Dating

    PPM is the worst form of sugar daddy dating there is, but it may be appropriate for some men. Here are some cases where it may or may not be and right for you:

    When PPM Sugar Daddy Dating Might Work Out For You:

  • If you are not especially charming or good looking
  • When you don’t mind paying women for their time
  • When you are not confident in your “game”
  • If you’re really rich with no scruples about prostitution
  • When You Should Avoid PPM Sugar Daddy Dating

  • If you have some game and some women like you
  • If you are not rich
  • If you don’t want women who only want you for money
  • If you’re under 65
  • If you’re looking for a more normal relationship

  • It really depends on what you’re looking for, what you sexual market value is, and whether you have scruples about paying women for sex.

    If you think PPM is NOT right for you, I’d encourage you to try signing up for Seeking Arrangement, where you can meet loads of attractive younger girls who are NOT looking for a PPM type relationship.

    I’ve organised a free trial account which takes only 2 minutes to sign up.

    Alternatives To PPM For Sugar Daddies

    We’ve discussed why PPM is a really bad idea for men who use sugaring websites – so what are the alternatives, and how do you find girls who are looking for a normal relationship?

    For a start, here are some gold-digger warning flags that you should look for when you’re evaluating a girl on a sugar daddy site:

  • If she mentions PPM – she may well be an escort.
  • If she mentions a sum of money or an arrangement in her profile, she is looking only for money. Avoid.
  • If you start messaging her and she very quickly brings up the subject of money or “the kind of arrangement you are looking for”, avoid again. She’s only interested in money
  • Your value as an older, more experienced man

    You have much more value as a man with game who knows how the world works than you realise, and there are plenty of attractive younger women who would want to be with you without PPM.

    If you want to know more about the 3 main types of sugar daddy, then check out my post on how to become a sugar daddy WITHOUT paying arrangements. It tells you all you need to know.

    Here are some typical types of value that you can offer a younger woman without resorting to PPM:

  • Mentorship
  • A high likelihood of commitment
  • Showing her a good time: weekends away, romantic trips. Buying her gifts when appropriate i.e. when you’re happy with her
  • Helping her in business
  • Being an emotional rock for her
  • Being a guiding hand in life

  • There are many forms of purer masculine value that you can capitalise on as an older man who starts sugar dating.

    I hope you can see that PPM is the muckiest and least pure of all forms of value, and you should avoid it at all costs.