Life in Poland is noticeably different to life in the UK and presumably other 1st world countries in the West. It’s a civilised 1st world country too, but to my mind it’s a far superior place to live for a man in my situation : No long term partner, no children, my own source of income.

Even if I was working in the country under local conditions and labour laws, it would still be light years in front of the UK for general quality of life, by my standards (which are not the standards most people expect when they think of the phrase “quality of life”.) You’ll understand more of this as you listen to what I have to say.

Here’s are the main differences I have found in my time living here:

1. The women

The most obvious and striking difference is the quality and (I swear) volume of women. My research tells me that Warsaw in particular has more women than men, and it certainly SEEMS that way.

A simple internet search tells me the ratios of women to men by city in Poland, as of 2019: Here’s a few examples:

  • Warsaw 109.4
  • Olsztyn 109
  • Lublin 105.8
  • Kracow 105.9

I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t even notice women unless they meet a certain threshold of physical beauty. There are certainly a lot of them in Poland , unlike the UK. I’ve also been to the USA and in some ways the US was even worse than the UK – so this applies equally there too.

For a red blooded man who still has some fight left in him and lead in his pencil, there’s something joyous about going about your daily life and seeing cute, thin girls walking past you regularly. It is a rare occurence in the UK, especially outside of London. The effect just wears you down after a while and , I swear, it reduces your sex drive and turns you into some kind of half depressed, half anxious eunuch.

Not so in Poland.

I’d also like to mention at this point that the girls look at me here, a lot. Plenty of eye fucking, shooting IOIs, smiling at you. And lo and behold, when you approach them, by and large they are pleasant, open and happy to talk to you. Certainly the hot ones don’t make it especially hard work to get their number and get to know them more.

Overall they are much more feminine, easy to be around and they do not view men as useless – infact the opposite. Strong , sorted men are highly prized here and being a foreinger does not put you at any noticeable disadvantage. I’ve seem some threads, videos and posts bemoaning that Poland is “becoming like the West” and the girls are “getting harder to pull” and “Westernised, smart phone addicted”.

I cannot say I have noticed this at all, and I’ve been coming to this place for 2-3 years now. You do occasionally see girls with Green and Pink hair, but big deal, so what. Overall the girls are much more pleasant to look at with better character than anywhere I’ve been in the West.

Now, my book Primal Seduction and video series Secret Society is all based on the premise that there are universally attractive masculine qualities, such as dominance (both hard and soft dominance, as I have described on some of my other videos), but mixed with emotional sensitivity, reading the girl, etc. I maintain the accuracy of utility of what I have written and talked about, it is equally applicable in the UK, USA, Poland – wherever you happen to be.

I’ve noticed that the qualities I talk about in my work are especially celebrated and well received here in Poland. It just feels right to relate to girls as I have talked about for years, and be appreciated back for this mindset and behaviour. The Polish men instincitvely seem to understand this too (more on this later), so everyone is pulling in the same direction. The socio sexual hierarchy is like a smoothly oiled machine, where everyone seems to understand how it works. There’s no competing narrative here.

When I see these videos, posts and forum threads about Polish girls declining, I think it speaks more about the guys posting than any reality on the ground. It seems to me that some guys expect to just turn up, tell a girl they are from the UK or USA and her legs will open. Whilst that might have been the case 20 years ago, it certainly isn’t now.

Economic disparities are closing and the people of Poland are only too well aware of what is happening in the West and they want no part of it, thankyou very much. As far as I can tell, the days of swooping Polish girls who want to escape are long gone, and rightly so. Which leads me onto point 2 :

2. Quality of life and cost of living.

I noticed a particularly insidious effect of living in London. I certainly did attract hot women there, that wasn’t the problem..But the place constantly crashes your frame by making you live like a chump. You’re constantly harassed and bugged and can’t have a decent quality of life unless your income exceeds £300,0000 or more per year.

You have to live out of the centre, meaning you;ll be squeezed onto the tube and pressed against someone’s sweaty armpit for an appreciable portion of your day, if you want to do anything or meet anyone.

You cannot access the best clubs unless you are “hooked up” with the right people. How ridiculous.
The best parties and events are closed off to you.
When you do go to a club, a sizeable number of the girls are all sectioned off within VIP areas where you cannot even ACCESS the girls. Again, ridiculous.

If you decide to do Daygame, the busiest areas are a nightmare of jabbering tourists, flailing elbows, strained faces, agressive attitude and bumping into people or objects 3-4 times an hour.

I could go on. In Poland , even in the capital city life is simpler, calmer and obviously cheaper. You can live in a decent apartment with your own space, eat out most nights, take girls on dates and still less than 1/3 of what you would spend in London to live in a mouse infested shoebox out in the sticks.

No comparison.

3. The Patriarchy is alive, well, kicking..And celebrated.

As I mentioned before, strong men are prized in Poland. The girls expect you to act like a man, and they treat you as such if you do.

Here’s an example. You’ll see chivalry between men and women. Subtle things too – the other day I noticed 3 girls sitting together in a Shisha bar. Lo and behold, 3 older dudes (by about 20 years) walked up to their table, sat down and tried to chat them up.

They didn’t get anywhere, largely because of some seemingly excrutiatingly bad game, and the fact that one of their crew sounded like his balls had been stuck in a vice and struck by a hammer repeatedly. He sounded like a high pitched (REALLY HIGH PITCHED) version of Elmer Fudd. Not a good look!

Nevertheless, the girls were friendly , respectful and accomodating with their time. No eye rolls or bad attitude on display.

Overall there is a feeling of respect for men here from the girls. They treat you very well, both when they don’t know you and in relationships.

There is a very real but hard to pinpoint sense of order and strength in Poland. You can almost see the strong male grip of Patriarchy when you go out, when you walk the streets or go to a supermarket.

The guys can be brusque but you have a sense that they are united and would stand together against any transgression – so you do not want to step out of line. The very patriarchal force that keeps the girls feminine and thin keeps the society ordered, safe and a pleasure to live in.

It extends right from the top down, from the political class to the common man. You just have a feeling that if the political class tried to betray the locals here, there would be an immediate extreme backlash. It wouldn’t be tolerated. Fortunately that seems unlikely to happen. You get a definite sense that the Polish are immensely proud to be Polish, proud of their country and willing to defend it.

For a native Brit like me that’s an astonishing concept. Most Brits I know are well aware of the deficiences of the UK, and are cynically ambivalent about what happens to the country. It’s a little like the Houllebeq book Atomised. Life in Britain is highly atomised, there is nothing to unify the people, especially in a place like London.

The capital city of Warsaw couldn’t be more different. Poland is Poland and will remain so because they Poles will fight for it. Bravo to them.

It’s refreshing to be around and it starts to seep into your psyche too after some time. You begin to feel proud to live in Poland, and you are grateful that they have accepted you into their country. Which means you’ll play by the rules, add value to the country and its’ people.

4. Life is simpler, earthier and healthier.

I have a guy with me at the moment who’se doing my week long intensive training course on approaching and attracting women. He’s from the USA, and he’s commented repeatedly on the simpler way of life in Poland (he’s been here nearly 2 weeks now, so he’s qualified to comment)

Here’s some of what he noticed when comparing Poland to the USA:

Firstly, you’re not constantly bombarded with ads to buy stuff wherever you go. This includes on the street, in shops, coffee shops and on your day to day activities. We took a walk down the main street (Novy Swiat). We were politely approached by ticket touts for the local strip clubs.

He told me if that happened in America you’d be pressganged much more agressively, perhaps even lightly grabbing your arm and trying to steer you into the establishment.

It’s not only adverts though. He also noticed that when we go out, people TALK to each other. You don’t see tables full of people checking their phones, even in the younger bars and clubs. Social media seems to have made less inroads here in Poland, and the traditional ways of life are still going strong.

Again, for a middle aged man who might soon be looking to settle down, this is perfect.

I have been here for about 18 months, combined over the years. You don’t see people staggering around drunk, even early in the morning when the nightclubs close. It’s not as hedonisitic and debauched as some parts of the UK. Being drunk in public is heavily frowned upon, especially if you are not Polish.

Also it’s actually much less violent. I have seen 1 fist fight in my time in Poland. During a comparable timeframe in the UK I’d probably see more than 10 times more. I put it down to the strong cultural dissapproval of public disorder. You really don’t want to step out of line in this place, so it keeps order and civility to a high level. People seem to care more about how they are perceived by others, and it seems they think about their neighbour more than in the UK.

Finally, it is clear that the Polish care about their country, town, city. You don’t see litter dropped everywhere. Whilst there is some Grafitti, it’s not widespread and you regularly see the locals sweeping outside their shop, tending to their property, keeping everything clean and orderly. You don’t see flagrant disregard of the public spaces.

In my view the future belongs to countries like Poland. They are a hard working, industrious people who are keen to get on. I’m proud to live here and have made the right choice to choose Poland as my home.