Ping Texts: How To Turn Lost Leads Into Lays (With Examples)

Steve Jabba

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ping texting a girl
Ping texts are an essential part of a modern player’s dating strategy.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that when used effectively, these casual messages can help you reestablish contact with girls and increase your chances of getting her kecks off!

In this article, I’ll share my insights on using ping texts to maximize your dating success.

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⏰When To Use Ping Texting

First, let’s talk about when you need to use ping texts.

After getting her number if you haven’t already texted her: A few days after receiving a woman’s number, send a casual and lighthearted ping text to reestablish contact. This helps set the stage for future conversations and reminds her of your initial interaction.

Following up on a date: If you’ve had a great date but haven’t heard from her in a while, a well-timed ping text can reignite the spark. Share a memory from your time together or propose another meetup in a fun and engaging manner.

If she goes quiet: You can use a ping text can help maintain the connection without being intrusive or needy (more on this later)

When she goes cold: If a woman seems to have lost interest or stopped responding, a strategic ping text can help rekindle the connection. A funny meme, an engaging question, or a shared memory can bring her back into the conversation.

Recovering from a misunderstanding: If you’ve had a disagreement or miscommunication, a well-crafted ping text can be a subtle way to extend an olive branch. Apologize if necessary, then follow up with a light-hearted message to shift the focus back to positive interactions.

When she spends ages replying to your messages: You can “roll off” for a few days, then send a ping text out of the blue.

😮The Importance of Ping Texts in Dating

From my experience, ping texts are invaluable for reconnecting with women you’ve met but haven’t had the chance to pursue further. They help revive lost opportunities and create a sense of intrigue and attraction. Ping texts serve as subtle reminders of your presence, letting women know you’re still interested in getting into her pants!

😎Crafting Effective Ping Texts for Maximum Efficiency

To create impactful ping texts, I follow these guidelines:

Keep the message casual and lighthearted: A ping text should feel like a gentle nudge, not a demand for attention. Keep it short, sweet, and breezy.
Be genuine and authentic: Avoid using overly scripted lines or generic compliments. Women appreciate sincerity and a personal touch.
Use open-ended questions or statements: This encourages responses and keeps the conversation flowing naturally.
Personalize the message: Tailor your ping text based on previous interactions or shared experiences to show you’ve been paying attention.
Timing and frequency: Don’t bombard her with messages. Instead, send ping texts at appropriate intervals to maintain interest without being overbearing.

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🤔Strategies for Turning Lost Leads into Lays

Here are some strategies I’ve found useful in turning lost leads into lays:

Make it funny: A funny or witty message can rekindle interest and create a positive association with you.
Throw in some sexual tension as well (see examples below)
Refer to shared experiences or mutual interests: This helps establish a sense of connection and common ground.
Focus on creating comfort and rapport: Show genuine interest in getting to know her and make her feel at ease.
Transition from ping texts to more substantial conversation: Once you’ve reestablished contact, gradually move the conversation to more engaging topics.

Know when to ask for a date or meeting: Gauge her interest and propose a low-pressure, casual meetup when the time feels right.

So you want examples of funny ping texts? It can really be anything but off the top of my head:

I just saw a tremendously fat man topple over in the street. No one came to help him either. (Send a funny pic of a fat man falling over if you can)
I just saw a giraffe walking down Oxford Street (really). The legs reminded me of you.

There you go. Mix in some humour with a daft throwaway compliment and you’ll be on the right track.

Other types of ping texts:

You can also use “our world” ping texts which are much more focused on creating rapport (and attraction) with girls you’ve ALREADY met.

Mention a restaurant you went to (or better yet, take a pic there)
A place you talked about.

And so on. Try and include pics to bolster the sense of connection as well.

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⚡Avoiding Common Ping Texting Mistakes

To maximize your success with ping texts, it’s important to avoid these common mistakes:

Don’t be overly persistent or demanding: Give her space to respond and respect her boundaries.
Steer clear of manipulative tactics: Be honest and authentic in your approach, as women can often detect insincerity.
Maintain a balanced conversation: Avoid dominating the conversation or oversharing; let her express herself and share her thoughts.

👍🏼Adapting Ping Texts for Different Scenarios

Your approach to ping texts should be adjusted based on prior interactions and the current stage of your relationship. Tailor your messages accordingly and recognize when it’s time to switch from casual ping texts to more direct communication.

So there you have it. Ping texts can be a powerful tool for men seeking to maximize their dating success. By following the guidelines and strategies shared in this article, you can effectively turn lost leads into lays and increase your chances of getting into her pants.

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