How To Get Laid In London Strip Clubs (Yes, It Can Be Done!)

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If you’re heading out to London strip clubs and want to try and pick up the strippers, look no further! We’re going to delve deep into the inner workings of strip clubs in London and explain how you can get laid with strippers..Without paying a fortune.

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💃🏻Inside London Strip Clubs With A Stripper!

If you’re wondering what the strip clubs are actually like in London, check out this video which shows a London stripper taking you through a typical night in the club. You get a real sense of what life is like for female strippers in London – and it gives you an idea of the kind of girl you could date if you use the recommended strategy I’ve talked about in this article.

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🍸 London Strip Pubs Vs London Strip Clubs

There are absolutely loads of strip clubs in London and the surrounding area. Do your research and then go out and explore.

Broadly speaking, the venues split into the clubs and the pubs. The clubs are your American-style lap-dancing clubs. You’ve got a whole range there. The pubs, on the other hand, are your traditional London strip pubs, often pound-in-the-jug as the dancers go round before their stage dance.

For the clubs, examples include: Sophisticats, Spearmint Rhino, Secrets, Mayfair Club, Stringfellows… (You’ll find the greatest concentration of these kind of venues in the West End.)

For the pubs, examples include: Rainbow Sports Bar, White Horse, Browns, The Griffin, The Axe… (You’ll find most of these kind of joints around the East End.)

No point naming all the places I’ve been to. For anyone who is interested, you’ve got to explore. It’s like nightclubs, you’re going to find your own personal favourite haunts.


Some guys will say that the pubs are rubbish. I’d say don’t overlook them, you’d be surprised. Some of them I would say are rubbish but I don’t like all of the clubs either. In some of the pubs, the average standard is better than in some of the clubs.

Just check some places out and see what you think. There are pros and cons with each different kind of place. In the clubs, it is good in that the girls will come and sit down with you – but it isn’t so easy to just move around yourself in some of the places.

In the pubs, you can do whatever, but it can often be harder to talk to the girls for long because they have to collect for their stage dances in a limited amount of time and they’re also less reliant on talking to the customers to make their money from private dances than the girls who work in the clubs.

In the clubs, what you’ll notice is that the girls work you harder. They need to focus more on the customers for the private dances. The reason for this is that they don’t make any money whatsoever from dancing on the stage. Their stage dance (typically topless but not nude) in a club is like their advert for their private dance.

Additionally, they are paying an extortionate ‘house fee’ just to be allowed to work there for the night. The house fees vary from place to place, but £60-100 is pretty typical. That means that at a typical club where private dances are £20 a pop, a girl will probably have to do up to 5 before she even starts making any money.

browns shoreditch

Browns, Shoreditch – A Famous London “Pub” Strip Club

Add to that the fact that the clubs often take other money from them in the form of commissions and also fines (we’ll come to this in a bit), and the club girls have to game you hardcore to earn their money. For you, the player, this is an advantage in that they’ll want to come and talk to you, but from there on in it’s mostly pretty tricky.

In the pubs, the atmosphere is different. It’s a sleazier vibe because the clientele is a bit different. This is due to it basically being cheaper for the customer. Make no mistake, the pubs really are full of degenerates. However, the atmosphere is much more relaxed.

Rainbow Sports Bar Touching – Is It Allowed?

So are you supposed to touch the strippers in London pubs and strip venues? You’re not supposed to. You can touch these girls and much more too, but only if you’re in the private dance area. If you do touch the girls, be very discreet – don’t start running your hands all over them in full view of the security staff. If the stripper doesn’t like you, you’re in for a very rough night!

Of course, a much better option is to meet the girl outside of the club – follow this guide for tips on how to do just.

The difference between the venues from a business perspective is that the pubs are making money selling drinks, whereas the clubs are making money from the girls in the form of house fees, fines, and commission rather than so much just from customers buying drinks. In the pubs, the girls won’t hustle you so hard because they don’t need to.

They get a quid from every guy in the place for their stage dance (usually fully nude). On a busy night with lots of guys, and only a dozen other girls working the venue, and they’re all on rotation doing stage dances this can be a lot of easy money without hustling the customers that much for private dances.

This is why you often can be surprised by the mingers working the clubs, and some of the little hotties you see in some of the pubs. In a nutshell, the clubs will take on almost any girl who is prepared to pay the house fee. That’s how they’re making money. They’ll often have 40/50/60 girls on a night in some of the bigger venues! It’s crazy.

A lot of these girls are quite naive and think that stripping in these places will be glamorous and easy-money. So the clubs often have a high turnover of girls who work for them. (Of course, the real ‘earners’ who are hot, learn the ropes, and work their way up, tend to stay and can make loads of money.) Meanwhile, in the pubs, you get girls that’ll work for the same place for quite a long time and be pretty happy.

The girls who work the clubs often think that it would be terrible to work the pubs because it involves getting naked on stage, bending over, and having up to 100 losers see what you had for lunch; each of them only paying one quid for the pleasure. I’m told that this experience can feel quite demeaning.

Conversely, some of the girls that work the pubs don’t like the idea of the clubs where there’s more bitchiness between the girls, more competition for money, and more freelance prostitution going on. I’m told that having to practically beg sometimes to get naked for guys for the money whilst getting fucked over by who you work for can feel quite demeaning also. At the end of the day, it’s all seedy, just in different ways and depending on what perspective you look at it from.

stippers working customer

Strippers Working The Customer

I like certain clubs and I like certain pubs, but be aware of how things are working differently in these places. I’d say there are certain guidelines to keep in mind in the different places, for example:

If you’re in a club and they seat you somewhere, don’t be wandering around everywhere or you’ll draw too much attention to yourself from the other staff which won’t be great when you’re chatting too much without spending and/or trying to close discreetly.

Don’t be trying to game the girls in the pubs as they go round with their collection jug for their stage dance. They have a limited amount of time to get round (usually one song) and if they can’t get to everyone, they just don’t get that money.

So if you try and do anything at that point, you just won’t have their undivided attention; you’re likely to be regarded as a nuisance.

In the pubs, the only real privacy you’re likely to get on a busy night is during a private dance.

In the pubs I think there’s more credit to be had for being a guy who isn’t a complete loser.

Strippers Attitude towards the ‘customer’

A lot has been said about what the girls think about the ‘customers’. In general I think this is symptomatic of an unfortunate preoccupation with what girls think, what they like, and how to look ‘cool’ or different in their eyes.

As for ‘standing out’, for the most part I’d say forget it when it comes to picking up strippers. There are some clueless girls (‘You want daaaaance?!’) who are new in the clubs (remember, higher turnover and more new girls), who you might fascinate with a unique approach.

But for the ‘earners’, hotties, and most of the girls in the pubs – they’ve seen it all before. A lot of these girls are dealing with rich guys all the time, and sometimes famous dudes. For example, one of my exes was dating an international pro rugby player before me.

Overall, I think your best shot is just to be well dressed, well behaved, and not a complete cheap skate. If you don’t act like a nob, you’ll go a long way to having enough respect from the dancers. A big fuss is made by some over whether you’re seen as a ‘customer’ or not and the presumption that if you are *god-forbid* seen as a ‘customer’, the girls will automatically think you’re a ‘loser’. This just isn’t the case. They don’t have a blanket hatred for the customers. They rely on the customers, and the very successful ones are genuinely friendly with the ‘custies’.


Try Not To Do This

You needn’t be ashamed of being a ‘customer’. They really don’t look at you as some kind of monster for enjoying seeing naked women. That makes you normal. The people in these places that they hate are the ones who AREN’T normal. I’ve heard too many horror stories to mention, including guys getting their cocks out during private dances, guys taking secret filming equipment into the clubs, guys being abusive, and so on….

Meeting Strippers Outside Of The Venue

Going to strip clubs can be fun but you need a ton of skill and game to pick them up. As I mentioned, virtually ALL of the strippers in London and tons of hot Eastern European girls in general – use sugar daddy sites. They don’t see a problem with it, and the majority use these sites as a way to meet a boyfriend or even husband.

Generally speaking the hottest strippers will find it hard to date someone they met inside the strip club.

hot british girl midlands

💃🏻 Method For Picking Up Strippers Inside The Club

A realistic goal, and my view on this kind of thing, is that with the information (here), a bit of practice, and good game anyway you can get your success to the same standard in a strip club as for in a high end nightclub. If you can’t pickup (and sleep with) an exceptionally good looking girl in a nightclub, you can forget it.

Check out my book Primal Seduction and video series Secret Society if you want to learn the best techniques, mindsets and tactics for nightclub, street or bar pickup.  You want as many options as possible to meet hot women nowadays (especially in a competitive place like London or any big city)

You’re probably not ready and need to hammer the basics of improvement for longer. For those guys that are already at an appreciable level, are attracted to these kind of girls, and want a challenging new scene to explore… Read on…


Go with the right friend to the venue. Another cool guy. The kind of guy that you’re going to have a good night with if it just ends up with the two of you having some drinks and looking at some surgically enhanced boobs. I’d suggest just two of you because it makes it easier for the girls to approach, and it won’t get so chaotic. You want the kind of person who will chat well with the girls as they come.


If you aren’t taken straight to a table without your own choice, then try and get a high-traffic area to be based in the club/pub. You want it to be easy for the girls to approach you so you can meet the maximum number over the night, giving you more choice and more chance.

A lot has been said about ‘pervert row’ near the stage. It’s not so much that they’re more blatant pervs, it’s just that they’re trying to get the most they can for their money. Girls aren’t going to waste their time chatting to these guys so much to get their dances.

Spending Money

Be willing to spend a bit of money. Again, this is where I differ to some of the stuff that’s out there. From a tactical point of view, there are two main reasons to buy a dance.

Early on, it’s to show to the club (the girls will talk) that you’re willing to spend, and so more will come and talk to you. Later on, it’s a way of getting some privacy if you need it to close (more on that later).

I often tend to share a bottle of wine with a mate, and pay for one dance up front. This is pretty cost-effective. If several batches of girls that come over to you in a club leave without getting a dance out of you, word will spread, and on a busy night you may not get to chat to many other girls.

Please bear in mind that the girls are losing money by sitting and talking to you. They’re losing money in the sense that they’re talking to you when they could be dancing for someone else. They can also get fined by the club for talking to you for too long without dancing.

Additionally, if you want the hottest girls in the place, a lot of them make their money from ‘sit downs’. This is where a guy will pay several hundred to share one particular girl’s company for an extended period of time. The hottest girls are often nowhere to be seen a lot of the time because their ‘regulars’ are in. This even happens in the pubs.

OBVIOUSLY, you’re not going to even get a look in with these hotties unless you’re prepared to at least shell out for one dance fairly quickly. Please don’t crap your pants over whether you look like a ‘customer’ or not. Trust me, they hate the cheap skates who don’t buy dances and nurse one drink for the whole night much more than they resent the customers. Even worse are the guys who miraculously need the toilet every time the collection comes round in the pubs!


Private Dances With Strippers

Chatting With The Girls

As the girls come round and join you, do whatever it is you do when you interact with girls. This isn’t a remedial lesson in conversation. Just talk to them but don’t touch though. Some guys are into talking about things they think strippers are more likely to be interested in. Don’t do this if you’re not into the topic yourself, but if you are it might be a decent basis for a normal conversation. I’m glad that a disproportionate number of them are into rock music, but I’m fucked if I’m going to be talking about nonsense like ‘The Secret’ or astrology for instance. Normal conversation is the goal here (I’ll explain why in my next section).

The fascinating thing about the way these girls interact with the customers is that they have levels of ‘game’ just like guys in the seduction scene do! At the very bottom of the totem pole you’ve got the kind of newbies I alluded to earlier. The kind of naive girls that are working in a big club and can barely make any money after they’ve paid off the house fee.

These girls are just like beginners in pickup. They approach all nervous. All they can think to say is ‘You want dance?… What’s your name?… Where you from?… Do you like it there?!’ I’m pleased to say I’ve never fucked one of these girls.

In the middle of the hierarchy, you’ve got some girls with some great chat. Real hustlers. They’re charming, funny, entertaining… But their patter is too well-rehearsed, you can tell that something is up. These are like your well-oiled routine monkeys in the game! Then at the top, you’ve got the girls that approach and interact with you 100% confident and they’re smoking hot.

When they talk to you they’re very natural and even though they’re intimidating they put you at ease because they’re so confident themselves. You can end up buying multiple dances from these and not knowing why; they’re dangerous! These are like your guys in seduction that laugh at the idea of having to learn anymore, they just live it and exude it – you wouldn’t want your girlfriend or sister to meet them!

hot stripper

Dangerous Girls

Identifying the girls to spend time with

As they come round, the real skill is to identify which ones to keep going and which ones to move on fairly quickly. The point is being able to identify real interest as opposed to the fakery designed to make you buy a dance with them. If you’re experienced, this is fairly easy to spot for most of the girls.

If they’re all over you like a cheap suit and complimenting you excessively, that’s not a good sign. Anything that is OTT compared to how a girl would behave in a nightclub is a bad sign. Very obviously fake. You’re only doing well if they start to tone it down. As I indicated before, if you can get into what feels like a ‘normal’ conversation you’re probably doing quite well. Other positive signs include them telling you their real name rather than their stage name, and when they stop mentioning their dance.

If you’re not attracted to a particular girl or it’s going nowhere productive you need to move her on so that you don’t waste time and the next girl can come along. There’s an etiquette to how the dancers approach the customers. You won’t get a new one come along while a current one is sat with you. Get rid of them tactfully (so as not to get known as a prick amongst the girls working that night).

You may use some excuse about them being gorgeous but not your type etc. I wouldn’t go down the line of saying that you ‘just aren’t getting any dances’ though for reasons that I went into above.

That kind of strategy will be effective in figuring out the vast majority of strippers that you’ll meet in the venue. The trickier ones are the top girls. All of the things that were positive signs for the majority of girls won’t be so reliable for the seasoned earners.

They know not to pressurise the guys too much with the suggestion of a dance. They can be fake in a very convincing way. You’ll only weed out these kind of girls when you try and close and they won’t go along with it.

Moving it on and sealing the deal

When you’ve found a girl that you’re attracted to and enjoy the company of… and now she’s behaving normally with you, you need to think about tying it all together. Sometimes I’ll get a dance from a girl like this. It’s actually a nice gesture as it shows that you understand that she has made herself out of pocket in order to be with you for a while.

She may even have the club breathing down her neck at this point (remember rules and fines etc) because she isn’t working. If you get a dance now, you’re actually taking a lot of pressure off her.

Again, in this thread I don’t want to go into ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ but I will mention that often I’ll talk sexually with these girls by this stage. For those in the know, let me assure you that watching a girl getting wet in real time as you speak your mind is extremely satisfying!

Anyway, whether you have the dance or not and whether you generally aim to make girls horny as a means of seducing them or whether you do it in some other order is beside the point, we need to discuss closing.

Among the other rules like no cameras, no touching etc… you’ve got a bit of a problem with closing. Most places don’t want you to have your phone out. Most places have a rule about ‘propositioning’ the dancers too. Obviously the rule for the girls is that they shouldn’t be giving you their number or leaving with you.

There are some decent reasons for this such as the safety of the girls, and the place not being confused with a brothel; but at the end of the day, they don’t want you doing it because it wrecks the business model if the girls are dating the customers! (This should be obvious.)

You need a way of doing it discreetly. Easiest, if you can get away with it, is doing it very quickly with you phone held under the table. Before I got a touch-screen phone I could feel the buttons in my pocket and could do it that way. Maybe in the venue you’re in you’ll need to buy a private dance to even get the privacy. If you can remember a phone number just from being told, now would be an excellent time to do that.

I’ve also had success with buying a private dance and then instructing the girl to return her number wrapped in the change. Another one that I’ve had success with and I’m trying a bit more at the moment, is to obtain her full real name and ask if she’s on Facebook.

private booth strip club

Under Pressure!

With the Facebook close I can go into a toilet cubicle and check that it’s legit on my phone internet. If it isn’t I have the option of going onto another girl. If it’s fine, I can add her there and then, and I save having to remember anything or run the risk of getting seen exchanging anything with the girl and/or having my phone out.

With the close, I think you only really get one bite at the cherry in an environment like this where they’re all working together; so most of the skill is in identifying which girl you like and want to stick with in the first place.

Dating Strippers

Make contact with the girl you’ve picked up and meet up with her in exactly the same way as you would with any other girl if you’ve got this far. It’s basically the same as dealing with any other girl from here on in. The only interesting phenomenon I’ve heard of surrounding the meet-up is that some girls are prepared to meet up with customers outside of the club in order to groom them as ‘regulars’.

You see, a decent ‘regular’ who’ll spend on dances/sit-downs reliably is worth a lot to a stripper. Some of them are actively trying to set this kind of thing up. I’ve dated one stripper that I didn’t fuck, so maybe I was a victim of this phenomenon but I’ll never know.

You’re going to get a ‘regular’ girl once in a while who doesn’t put out on the first date, so I don’t know how you would know. I’d imagine that you’re more at risk of this happening if you seem wealthy and if the girl seems to easy to meet up with, but I’m just speculating about that.

strippers london

Go Get Em!

🏩 Taking Strippers Home On The Same Night

The trouble with it is that it’s highly unlikely that the girl is going to up-and-leave in the middle of her shift as it’ll be too obvious to the house mother and other staff. Generally I’d have thought that it’s almost always going to be ‘meet you after’ type arrangement.

The thing with this is that you’re likely to run into problems by waiting around near the club. Outside venues are weird, especially strip joints. Lingering around are taxi touts, drug dealers, pimps and other assorted flotsam and jetsam of the underworld. If you don’t engage with these guys or leave immediately, it’ll be fairly clear to the club/pub door staff that you’re lingering for the girls to come out.

Most of the clubs have pre-arranged taxi that they shepherd the dancers straight into at the end of the night so it’s difficult. Girls will choose to have arrangements like this for their own safety. You could be suggesting meeting the girl away from the view of the club, but still these arrangements may well confound your plan.

Final thought that I missed before: The closest thing to actually standing out when chatting with the girls that I’ve found is knowing just one or two phrases in their first language!

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Can you touch the strippers in strip clubs?

You can, but you need to be very careful. Touch her discretely in a private room, and make sure she likes you before you do it. If she doesn’t like you and you touch her, you might be ejected and banned from the club.

Can you date strippers from London strip clubs?

Yes, but it takes a lot of skill and game. You can try to pick her up inside the strip club, or use the sugar dating site I recommend in this article to easily meet strippers outside of the strip club.