Allow me to introduce you to Charlie.  I met him about a year ago in Poland, and we got on very well.  He's a young lad with great skills at approaching and attracting women.

I was so impressed that I mentioned he should be doing 1 on 1 training.  Since he lives near London, he would be ideal for you guys that live in the UK or London area.

Here is Charlie talking about the pick up training he's offering in London: 

I've just spoken to him, and he's very enthusiastic about meeting and training you guys..And for all of you that have been struggling to go out and meet women, Charlie has some advice…

He's been slaying over the last few months in the UK and can tell you what you need to do to get success, even during these times.

Here are the details of the Training:

  • In London or possibly elsewhere in UK by arrangement (though that will mean higher prices)
  • £250 for 4-6 hours training.  ALL INFIELD!
  • Charlie will give you all the advice you need on approaching correctly, what to say, body language and so on.
  • He might even wing with you if you ask nicely!

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