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Kickstart your PUA Training in London on the Steve Jabba Bootcamp!

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Get PUA Training from Steve Jabba, a veteran of the game with 10 years of experience training guys how to approach and attract women.

You’ll walk away with the skills to meet women any time, any place..And any weather conditions!

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What Is PUA Training In London?

First you should know that London is the mecca of seduction anywhere in the world. It remains THE place to learn pickup and has been the No 1 place to learn PUA skills right since the PUA craze of the early 2000s.

If I may modestly say I have been there right from the beginning and I actually taught Richard La Ruina his seduction skills right back in the early 2000s. (Richard is the owner of PUA Training). Here is Richard talking about me a number of years ago:

Yes, he really is talking about me. (Look it up – it’s a matter of public record.)

Note: For you guys who are still unsure, read my guide on how to meet women in London. There’s some secret hacks there that you’ll find helpful.

You’ll learn how to approach the Steve Jabba way – that is, with a much lower incidence of blowouts. Most PUA dudes use a spam approaching method. I do not teach that, and never have.

These are the kind of skills that I will be teaching you on this PUA BootCamp.

    • Forcing IOIs

Using this technique you’ll be able to figure out which girls will respond favourably to your approach, so you can stand a high chance of succe

    • The first 90 seconds of the approach

Get used to approaching and making a good impression in the critical first 90 seconds

    • Build your awareness

So you can learn to spot the secret signs that women give out ALL THE TIME

    • Create sexual tension

How to build attraction and sexual tension when you approach. When you can do this, she is much more likely to give you a number that DOESN’T FLAKE!

This is a serious, intense 2 day bootcamp. We will focus on the core elements of a successful approach and nail it down hard so that you can carry on doing it in your day to day lives.


Book Bootcamp Now (£500) – Use Paypal Or Bank Card)

PUA Training Course: Video Series

If the live PUA training is out of your price reach, consider my unique Secret Society Video Series.
This is over 6 hours of seduction advice to teach you how to approach women effectively (i.e. without constant rejection), amplify attraction and then escalate to get her on a date or get a solid number.

Here’s the video where I explain it all:

Buy Now (£74.99 / $99) – Use Paypal Or Bank Card)
Here’s What You Get Today…

✅ The Secret Society Video Series (over 6 hours).
One off payment, no hidden monthly subscriptions

✅ Bonus Material: A complete, comprehensive guide to defeating approach anxiety. How to “work up” to your approaches.
✅ Bonus Material: direct script / routine for first 3 minutes (supercharges your approaches)
✅ Bonus Material: How to pick up in coffee shops / bars. How to stop girls from the front and side.
✅ Bonus Material: How to make a daygame session easy and fun. How to approach in unusual situations: escalators, underground etc.

Buy Now (£74.99 / $99) – Use Paypal Or Bank Card)

PUA Training FAQ

How do you become a PUA?

You can become a PUA (or pickup artist) by consistently approaching women, reflecting intelligently on what went wrong (including why) and taking steps to rectify how you approach in future. In doing this your results with women can improve.

It must be stated that you also need to work diligently on your fundamentals including your mindset (inner game) and your aesthetic (looks). Generally speaking if a guy has really great pickup skills he can expect to get a girl 2 points above his SMV – though that is rare. Also bear in mind your SMV is relative depending on your location, financial situation and so on. Your SMV also fluctuates with age and tends to decline after your peak (usually around 36-40 for men).

What is a PUA coach?

A PUA coach is someone who trains a man to use seduction skills to approach and impress a woman sufficiently so that she considers him sexworthy and may thus give up her number (a real one) and/or go out on a date with him.

How can you tell a pickup artist?

Easily, if you know what to look for. Pickup artists usually spam approach women in a miscalibrated fashion and thus cause a nuisance, and routinely ai for women who are way out of their current league (SMV level). This is part of the reason I started teaching years ago – to teach men how to do it properly and not make a fool of themselves.

Is there a PUA forum?

There is indeed – I run my own. Visit my PUA forum to register.