Budapest City Life


I spent about 1 year living in Budapest in 2015. Here I report back on my assesment of the city in comparison to the UK (and specifically London) There’s More Space In Budapest This especially contrasts with London. One thing that continually put me on edge in London was that there are few places where … Read more

My Infield Pick Up Videos

infield pick up videos steve jabba

Bold Direct Street Approach And Kiss (Colombian Girl) Approaching A “Yes” Girl (Phillipna Street Approach) Using Humour In A Street Approach – English Girl Daygame Approaching A Russian Girl In South Kensington, London Direct Daygame Approaching A Brazillian Girl In London Hot Brazillian Daygame Approach Blown Out By An English Girl! Slovakian Daygame Approaching Blown … Read more

Subcommunications : The Key To Effortless Attraction

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What Are Subcommunications? Subcommunications are the “tells” that a person gives away when they interact with another person or group. They can be very subtle or very obvious. Typically subcommunications are displayed through body language, eye contact, timbre and tone of voice, etc. What you subcommunciate when you talk to a girl is obviously of … Read more