The Only Online Dating Site I Recommend – Changes Since This Blog Post Was Originally Written

I stand by everything that I originally wrote in this blog post, however I have since begun to recommend a specialist dating site to my customers. They’ve all at least got a younger, hotter girl on a date, and so I have no hesitation in recommending this site to you readers too.

The site is ostensibly a Sugar Daddy site, however I have had outrageous success using this site over the years, which my customers are now also beginning to enjoy too. Find out more details about the only dating site I’d recommend here.

Tinder April Fools Joke Highlights Why It Doesn’t Work For Most Men

Tinder recently played an April Fools joke, whereby they abruptly announced they were instigating height verification on profiles. It sparked quite a lot of debate and controversy, predictably along the lines of :

Disgruntled men asking when they will implement weight verification for women (eliminating the SIF factor)
Lots of commentary along the lines of “what’s next, it’s already difficult enough”

And so on.

Height Criteria For Women In Online Dating : Why You Are Invisible

Whilst it was a joke – for now – it does highlight the utter futility of online dating and Tinder swiping for the vast majority of men. It also raises the question of how many amongst you add 2-4 inches of height on your online dating profiles.

From, I bring you average height distribution in the United States and United Kingdom:

A 6 foot guy in the US is in the top 87% percentile. So, taller than 87% of men.

In the UK it’s 90%. What does this mean?

On most dating sites, girls are literally not going to see your profile, because height is the no1 search criteria / filter that girls apply when looking for a partner online (that’s assuming they look at all, of course – more on that later).

Even if they don’t search, the first thing they will look at is your height. Ever noticed the amount of profiles where girls demand that you be of a certain height?

Most of you won’t have seen it – but do any of you recall that tinder trap stunt, where a slightly above average 6/10 girl got hundreds of guys to meet in NYC, then filmed them all doing various humiliating stunts to “win a date” with her...And the sad simps did it too.

Beyond that, I did my own research where I posted a fake female profile on plenty of fish, with a Thing with a pig nose, hairy chest , grossly fat and an entitled bitchy profile.

The pig thing got literally hundreds of emails! I was shocked, but the results are right there on my site. I have put the links in the description below if you want to see them. Also links to the humiliating Tinder Trap experiment.

Other reasons not to do online dating

Now if that isn’t enough for you, I’ll outline some more reasons why online dating is a waste of time:

The market is horribly oversaturated.

Some estimates are that for every woman on a typical dating site, the are 5-6 guys chasing her.

Women judge men very harshly on their physical appeal (as displayed by their photos). This study claims that women on dating sites think 80% of men are “below average”

There are a lot of average looking women on dating sites. Given that the ratio of male / female is usually at least 3/1, this means that every hot girl will be spammed by literally 100s of guys within a few days of creating a profile.

The chances of actually meeting a hot girl off a normal , vanilla dating site are therefore low. An average guy is going to get discouraged and give up before he has a chance of any real traction.

Tinder is even worse.

Girls look much worse in real life. – How Many times have you swiped what you thought was an 8, but she turns out to be a 6 in real life.

90% of guys will get nothing but frustration, regardless of how many girls they swipe.

Can be a massive time sink.

How Online Dating Contributes To Hypergamy

There are yet more reasons to avoid online dating and Tinder like the plague. Here are some:

Female hypergamy is where a girl attempts to “date up” and get with men out of her league. Online dating is the perfect vehicle for enabling it, because the girl can screen for only the top 5% of men, and she’ll stand a very good chance of at least getting sex (until she learns that she’s been pumped and dumped).

Not only are you making it more difficult for yourself by playing the game, you’re making it more difficult for other men too.

The best way to meet women

It’s sad but true. The best way to meet women is as it has always been – by approaching in real life. Only in real life can you solve all the problems of online dating :

You can actually see what the girl looks like (no more Secret Internet Fattys)
You can use masculine qualities that are not apparent in photos, such as charm, game, dominance, body language, intelligence. You can play to your strengths.

Another factor most guys don’t take into account is that by approaching, you are there in front of her , in real time. Bear in mind that women tend to live very much in the now.

If you can influence her emotions and get her intrigued enough, all the other guys that are lined up in the background will be pushed to the back of the queue(and there will be lots, commenting on her Instagram , messaging her on Tinder etc).

Nowadays it’s about the only reliable way that the average man has any chance of getting the kind of girls that he is legitimately attracted to. It allows you to become the chooser rather than the female.


An average guy has more dating options than ever in 2019 but can waste a lot of time using apps like Tinder and Instagram.

These apps are by and large a false economy. The girls often look worse in real life, and even if not, the competition is so overwhelming that the chances of being noticed and actually hooking up are small.

Furthermore, these apps and websites prevent a man from showing his best qualities and tend to appeal to photogenic guys in the top 5-10% of the looks range.

Although it is harder initially, virtually every man will benefit from learning to approach women in real life, ideally in the daytime and evening / night time.

The knock on impacts of learning a skill which is beyond most men are great for self esteem and confidence…Which feed in to your ability to confidently handle a hot woman when you actually meet her for a date.

Relegate Instagram, Facebook and Tinder to where they belong : as enablers to give you a small advantage for girls who you meet in real life.

If you want to know more about approaching women in real life successfully, check out my book Primal Seduction and video series Secret Society.