old school bodyweight exercises

One of the biggest frustrations I used to have when travelling was finding a suitable place to work out.

Often the gym would require a membership of at least 1 month, which is totally useless when I was only staying for a week or two.

Plus gyms in Eastern Europe can often be surprisingly expensive.

I’m having the same problem right now, so I’ve developped an old school strength routine using only my bodyweight which I can do at home.

Benefits of being strong for pickup and in life

I’ve mentioned it so many times, of all the guys I trained over the years, very few actually trained.

It’s immediately obvious who trains and who doesn’t. You can always tell someone who is strong.

It’s not even about big muscles. It’s the way they carry themselves, the posture, the body movements – the way the whole kinetic chain functions and fits together.

I’m sure many of you reading this do your Euro Jaunts in the summer. Well, when you’re strong you can wear anything and it will look good on you.

It gives a sense of immediate dominance, and displays great self discipline and strength of character.

Keeping strong and healthy is a way of displaying this to girls without even opening your mouth.

My Bodyweight Strength Training Routine

I don’t profess to be an expert on this subject, and you’ll find a million resources online about exercises.

However in my opinion, there is nothing better for building real strength than focussing on simple bodyweight exercises.

NOTE: I do keep a track of progress, but my basic principle is as much volume as I can manage spread throughout the day.

Instead of moping around watching Youtube videos or doing nothing, I go and bang out a few of these exercises whenever I can.

Press ups

The humble press up is one of the best exercises for upper body strength.

Dive Bombers

Bloody hard exercise. Aim for maybe 50% of your push up rep count initially.

Chin Ups

Many of you won’t be able to do even 1 of these.

Build up with volume and aim for 10 with perfect form within 90 days.

NOTE: If you’re wondering where to do these,
take a walk around wherever you are. Any metal bar will do, in a kids playground, building site, anywhere.

Don’t tell me you can’t find them – they are everywhere!


Excellent for core strength.

Ever noticed those big guys with misaligned posture and chest / shoulders?

This is because very few focus on the back and core. Why?

Because it’s tough.

Don’t make that mistake.

Squats Bodyweight

Aim for volume, of course.

This is great for older guys (like me!) because you don’t want to fuck up your knees with massive weight, but you do want strong legs.

This will do the job.

Head Nods

Excellent for the neck.

Think about those cold winter months when you’re walking round in a jacket and jumper.

You don’t want a pencil neck poking out, precariously supporting your head now do you?

These work.

NOTE: Just try them. They look so simple right? Talk to me after you’ve done 15 each way and you’ve got rubber neck. Has to be experienced to be believed.

I once got up to 80 each way, back down to 40 now after about 2 years away but these work FAST.

Why I believe old school is best

For Elite athletes, modern training routines are undoubtedly superior.

However I’ve noticed in modern gyms, you often see all sorts of poncy exercises and equipment. For the average guy, you don’t need any of that.

Even in Poland I noticed this. They had TV screens on the walls with motivational videos of guys and girls doing all sorts of wimpy, easy to perform exercises.

I often see guys in gyms who look big and strong, but I’d question how much use they would actually be if they need real functional strength.

As I get older, I am interested in actually getting stronger (not weaker), preserving my physique (or even improving it). I see no reason why I cannot be stronger and more physically able at 65 than I was at 30.

It’s perfectly possible.

Progress Report

I’ll post some pictures in 1 month, if I can take them without looking homo erotic and getting the bufty boys all excited!