No Likes On Tinder? You CANNOT Win – So Do This Instead!

So you’re getting no likes on Tinder? Don’t worry – this is normal, and we’re going to discuss the reasons why. You will see that it’s not your fault – the system is rigged against you..

But there is a MUCH better way.

Let’s get started.

Why Don’t I Get Likes On Tinder? The No 1 Reason (and what you can do about it)

If you’re asking yourself why you don’t get likes on Tinder, consider that success on Tinder is almost entirely dependent on your looks (or more accurately your photos).

Broadly speaking, the better looking and more photogenic you are, the more likes you will get.

Now you might think to yourself “Well, if the girl is a 5 or a 6, why is she swiping only the top tier guys?” (8 or above).

Surely if I’m a 6, then I can expect to get likes from a girl who is a 6. Right?

Wrong! And the reason why girls on Tinder swipe the better looking guys is twofold:

1: Female hypergamy and 2: The nature of the Tinder App.

chad tinder

Don’t look like this guy on Tinder? You’re basically screwed if you want hot girls

OK cupid did a study to find out the correlation between messaging and attractiveness on the site. They found that women judged men on looks much more harshly than men judged women; and rated a whopping 80% of men on the site as below average in looks.

We’re talking about normal, average, or even above average looking men. Women consider you “below average” on Tinder and OKcupid – infact virtually ALL dating sites.

The question is can you do anything about it?

Of course you can improve your photos by following best practice advice:

  • No grainy selfies
  • Take pictures with friends
  • Take pictures with a cute animal

But this won’t alter female hypergamy, or change the nature of the Tinder App.

Tinder is a hookup app, so it self-selects for girls who are more on the slutty side and looking for a quick adventure. It stands to reason that they will seek out only the best looking men, regardless of their own looks level as the OK Cupid study demonstrates (infact it’s even worse because tinder is even MORE of a hookup app than OKCupid.)

There are many more reasons why you’re getting no likes or likes by poor-quality women, which we will discuss in a moment – but let’s talk about how you can start getting matches and dates with SUPER hot women, that you really want to date.

The answer is to use this sugar dating app, which is by far the best dating site for men, regardless of your age.

Check out these female profiles which I pulled at random from girls in the UK. Compare with the average girls you see on Tinder (who won’t match with you!)

seeking arrangement sugar babies london

Much better – and they WILL match and talk with you. Here’s a table to summarise the difference between this dating site and Tinder / OK Cupid:

Normal Dating App (Tinder, OK Cupid)This Sugar Dating Site
Judge solely on looksValue men with intelligence and a good job
Judge 80% of men as "below average"Don't care about your looks. Will still date you
Progressive attitude, less feminineMore traditional, expect a man to be a man
Average rating 6 or below. Often overweightAverage rating 8 or above. No fatties
6 Times more men than women. Women are the prize5 times more women than men. YOU are the prize

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It’s free to sign up, so if you want to finally start dating hot women from online dating apps, I highly suggest you create a free profile and check the women in your local area. Don’t empower hypergamous, entitled overweight women by using Tinder or OK Cupid!

Not getting any likes on Tinder. Reason 2: you’re too picky!

The second reason you’re not getting any likes on Tinder is because you’re not swiping enough female profiles. It’s perfectly obvious why this happens, and it relates back to the first point.

We’ve already established that women want only the best looking guys on Tinder due to Hypergamy and the nature of the Tinder app, plus self-selection of women who use the app (more slutty, want a stud for an encounter and so on).

Because of that, they won’t swipe an average looking man. In turn, this means that the Tinder algorithm will realise that you’re not getting swiped by the average – attractive women..

So they won’t show these girls to YOU.

Therefore all you’re left with is the fat, ugly women with hairy armpits and cheeto-smelling breath.

Note: For more on Tinder, check out “Is Tinder Worth It” – more detail there.

Is it any wonder that you don’t want to swipe them? I don’t blame you! Not when Tinder serves up girls like this for you to feast our eyes on:

Girls you see on Tinder, yesterday

Now maybe I am exaggerating a little bit. But admit it..I’m not far off. What man in his right mind is going to want to right swipe a hambeast, and worse still even contemplate messaging her to set up a date?

No self-respecting man wants to date low-quality girls. Increasingly, these are the options that men are expected to accept when they use online dating..It’s just impossible.

Once again, I recommend you check out the dating site I am suggesting. All of these obvious problems I am pointing out to you are NOT an issue on this dating site. Plus it’s free to sign up so you really have nothing to lose:

seeking arrangement search criteria

Eye bleach. More dating profiles from the sugar daddy site I recommend

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You have a bad profile

I think we’ve already established that you’re not going to get the super hotties on Tinder no matter WHAT you do..But there are some things that will make your situation even worse.

One of these is if you have a bad profile.

Don’t worry too much about the written description – on Tinder at least, the women couldn’t care less. It’s all about the pictures baby!

The most common issue with guys who are intelligent (like you are, which is why you googled this query and landed on this page) is that they upload BORING photos.

I get it, you want to seem respectable and appealing to her grandmother..But those kind of pictures won’t fly on Tinder.

Here are some typical bad pictures:

  • Standing alone somewhere with a timid or nervous facial expression.
  • Wearing boring clothes in your picture.
  • No pictures of you with other people (bad)
  • Opportunistic pictures of you with girls that you haven’t been intimate with and don’t know. (A typical PUA trick). Women can SMELL this is a trick a mile off.

Bad pictures are bad pictures regardless of the app you use. But you will be judged MUCH more harshly on Tinder vs the sugar dating site I recommend. Nevertheless, there are some best practices you can follow. Here are some of my example photos that I use on the sugar daddy site I keep recommending to you.

They are nothing special, and neither am I – but that is the point. I’ve managed to date some super hot women from this dating site using these pictures – something I never even came CLOSE to on Tinder.

Example profile with pictures I use

set as primary photo seeking arrangement

Nothing special I am sure you will agree! But I get messages from girls – who actually contact ME first – using this dating site. It’s a completely different experience to using Tinder, where I have to fight for scraps by competing against Chad.

The problem is compounded the older you get. Once you get past 36 it’s even MORE difficult to meet with a woman who you like the look of, especially in ultra-competitive countries like the UK where you have no way of standing out or being different.

If this is you, please check out my list of the top 6 older man dating sites – they will work well for you.

Heres’ a couple of girls I dated recently from this dating site – and I am 46 years old now!

me with girl i met on sugar daddy site

Try to use a profile like mine and put a bit of thought into your written description on this dating site. If you do, I guarantee you that you will have a very different experience than you do on Tinder, where you will never get a girl who is equal or above you in looks.

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Don’t Obsess About Tinder Likes

It’s a waste of time. I hope I’ve convinced you there is a better way, and that realistically you’re never going to beat the Tinder algorithm. Even if you do match with a hot girl, you’ll often find she is nowhere near as good looking when you see her in real life.

Tinder is for bottom feeders. Try that strategy and sugar dating site I recommend and transform your results!

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