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Meet And Date Beautiful Girls Using Online Dating Apps / Websites:

The problem…

Online dating is tough for most guys, largely because most dating apps suffer from the same problems:

1: Very poor male / female ratios. E.G Tinder has on average 4-6 guys for every girl – making it almost impossible for the average man to succeed.
2: This leads women to develop an extremely choosy attitude, where they reject most men on their photos alone.
3: …Leading to a frustrating experience for roughly 80-90% of men.

I’ve chosen the dating apps below because they do not suffer from these problems.

The Solution…

These dating apps

1. Have a ratio of at least 50 % women and 50% men.
2. The women, therefore, do NOT develop a “princess” attitude and are open to dating more average-looking men.
3. The majority of men who try these dating apps have a positive experience and get dates, hookups and so on.

Adult Friend Finder (Free Trial Signup)

adult friend finder

The king of hookup apps. This is a great site for men who want to meet an attractive girl(s) without exchanging endless messages.

It is purely a hookup app and is NOT suitable for men looking for a long-term relationship.

Suitable For:

  • Men of all ages (up to about 50)
  • Who want to hookup quickly
  • Are not looking for a relationship right now.


  • 60% women, 40% men
  • Women sign up LOOKING for a hookup – it is expected. So you don’t need to beat around the bush.
  • Over 65 MILLION members. One of the largest dating sites in the world.

Ashley Madison (Free Trial Signup Link)

ashley madison free trial
Ashely Madison used to be known as an affair dating site, but has since become a much more mainstream hookup site.

Suitable for:

  • Men between 18 – 37
  • Who are looking for a hookup
  • Who love cougars – older women looking for younger men.

Features Of Ashley Madison:

  • 55% women, 45% men
  • Women on this site are usually looking for men between 18-37 years old.
  • About 20 million members and millions of cougars looking for younger guys.

Seeking.Com (Free Trial Sign Up Link)

seeking arrangement sugar daddy site

Seeking.Com is a world-renowned sugar dating site – but since 2019 has transitioned into a more mainstream dating site for older men who seeking beautiful younger women.

This dating site is perfect for men over 35 who still value gorgeous younger women.

Suitable for:

  • Men between 35-65
  • Who want to date younger, beautiful women.
  • Who are prepared to show a young woman a lifestyle they cannot achieve on their own. Holidays abroad, travel etc.

Features Of Seeking.Com

  • 75% women, 25% men. No dating site on the planet has a more favourable male/female ratio.
  • Women on this site are usually extremely hot.
  • About 30 million members – 75% of whom are women.

Meet Women In The Daytime / Night Time

I’ve developed 2 dating products that can help you if you want to meet women in real life.

These products are based on my 10 years of experience in “live-training” – taking men out in the daytime, at night-time, in bars and clubs, and advising them how to improve their skills when talking to women.

The Secret Society (7 hour “how to approach women” video series)

steve jabba secret society

A 7 hour video series where you will learn how to effectively approach women you see in your day to day life. Includes a full breakdown of “forcing IOIs” – a method invented by Steve Jabba to approach women with an extremely high success ratio.

Primal Seduction (“Mindset Ebook)

A 250,000 word ebook on how to become a naturally attractive man who radiates masculine, attractive confidence when talking to women.

I take you step-by-step through how to build “cornerstone characteristics” – these are universally attractive masculine qualities that women the world over love.