My Infield Pick Up Videos

If you’ve come to this site to learn all about how to attract women, it’s only fair that you ask “where is your proof Steve?”. After all, the dating industry is shady and full of charlatans who have no direct experience of actually approaching beautiful women in their own lives.

So, here are a few videos of me approaching women. Most of these were filmed in London in the UK. You will have to go to Youtube to watch my most famous video since it is age-restricted and considered a bit risque. Just click on the video and watch it on my Youtube channel.

Bold Direct Street Approach And Kiss (Colombian Girl)

Approaching A “Yes” Girl (Phillipna Street Approach)

Using Humour In A Street Approach – English Girl

Daygame Approaching A Russian Girl In South Kensington, London

Direct Daygame Approaching A Brazillian Girl In London

Hot Brazillian Daygame Approach

Blown Out By An English Girl!

Slovakian Daygame Approaching

Blown Out By A “Lesbian”!