As you may remember if you’re a regular visitor to this website, I conducted a survey to discover the no 1 sticking points you face in meeting and attracting women.

Here are the results, with some commentary:

No 1 : Approach Anxiety
% of vote : 33%

No 2: (Joint) Creating Attraction / Sexual Tension

% Of Vote : 25%

No 2 (Joint) : Cannot continue conversation after opener
% of Vote : 25%

My Commentary

I’m not surprised that approach anxiety is the no1 sticking point. Accordingly, I have decided to make a detailed, low cost product on this – more details soon. I am to have it complete relatively soon (within 3 weeks).

For No2 : creating sexual tension and creating attraction – please look no further than my video course Secret Society. As I announced on my Youtube Channel, there I do have a special offer on for both my products during all of September.

I would also mention there is a 5 page section on handling and managing approach anxiety within Primal Seduction, which you will also get if you take advantage of Special Offer September (both products for $79.95.

Special Offer September (Both Primal Seduction And Secret Society For $79.95 (about £55)

Personalised Sticking Point Responses and My Commentary

I found this part of the survery fascincating. I’ve included 10 of the free text responses from the survey and given a quick response / answer:

Free Text Response
Thanks to your work steve I don’t really get nervous or get stuck on what to say, I’m not a nerdy guy but girls often say I seem nervous and frigid when talking to them
9/10/2018 10:43 PM View respondent’s answers

My Response

Interesting , so you don’t feel nervous, but girls say you seem this way when you talk to them.

If you’re getting this feedback, what I’d suggest is to start recording your interactions (for your own personal use). You may see / hear something on playback that makes it clear what they are referring to.

Also, whilst I believe girls never give “feedback”, if you ask (in a polite non threatening manner) why they say that, you could get some instant useful feedback to adjust your game.

Finally I would say that being a little bit nervous is natural, especially in the first 30 seconds. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. A guy on my Youtube channel asked if it’s “game over” if you seem nervous – the answer is a bit NO! Unless it’s so cripplingly nerveous that you cannot talk, you can get past this.

Free Text Response

In daygame, keeping the conversation going (particularly in Britain where the girls often do one or both of a) minimal response to stacking so very little to work with b) tell you very soon how busy they are). A second sticking point is maintaining a good state after a string of rejections, as progress seems to be so slow (if it is happening at all) and you start to wonder if you’ll ever get to where you want to be. Cheers
9/10/2018 10:20 PM View respondent’s answers

My Response

This is a sure sign of a lack of sexual tension and attraction. Focus less on the content of what you are saying and trying to keep the conversation going, and more on attracting her, creating a sexual vibe. These issues tend to melt away when you do that.

See my special offer September offer.

Free Text Response

Going out on my own
9/10/2018 8:42 PM View respondent’s answers

My Response

Practice, practice practice my friend. Start off small if you like, using an eye contact routine to get used to the idea that sex is everywhere at all times.

Then start off conversations with girls by opening indirect and gradually build up towards approaching with intent.

Small chunk the problem.

Free Text Response

I can reach the hook point where she starts asking a question like where are you from etc..but then fuck up the conversation..
9/10/2018 6:21 PM View respondent’s answers

My Response

Not sure what that means by fucking up the conversation. I think it’s one of two things:

If you can get to a certain point – say 1 minute in, this implies you’ve developped a mini routine and are comfortable with it but lose track after. In essence you’ve not yet fully internalised “natural game”.

More exposure will eventually solve this. Plus you have to become a solid all round guy overall – start reading more, develop interests, get passion in your life.

Primal Seduction and Secret Society are all “natural game” explorations – Primal explains the mindset and journey to natural how – the how to, whilst Secret describes the detailed outer game guide to applying it in the real world.

See my september offer for both!

The second explanation is that you are not comfortable with female attention and them asking you questions. Whilst girls sometimes ask a barrage of questions as a tactic to put you off stride (and ultimately get rid of you), it’s usually because they are curious and attracted.

Quality problem! If this is the case then some basic tweaks and you’re on the way.

Free Text Response 1:
I think people just want infields, that shows everything
9/10/2018 5:55 PM View respondent’s answers

My Response

Watch this space

Free Text Response
I can not find any targets whenever I go out to day game. There are not enough hot girls around where I roll to even get started and break AA. Have had the same experience in several large western European cities (metropolitan pop. 1-2 million) over several years – have not tried EE.

When I do spot a hot girl (happens about 10 times tops if out all day in these locations) she is usually walking by too fast, already too far going the other way or occasionally I would see such a girl on an escalator or in traffic lights going the opposite way than me. (Or she is glued to her smartphone, but I prefer to screen out these girls anyway.)

Even on the rare occasion that she is just passing me on the street at normal speed, in these moments I almost always weasel out and do not act quickly and decisively enough until the opportunity to approach is gone. I need time to make up my mind about approaching, just like I need time at the gym to psych myself to do a deadlift set.

That’s why I would much prefer stationary or almost stationary or slowly walking targets. I feel that at least in my home city I can not bring myself to sprint after a girl while I feel everyone around would turn to watch the spectacle, and I also can’t think of any theme for an opener/assumption stack on the spot, my mind goes blank under pressure (and most cute girls dress in a boring, generic way around here and seem to have nothing special about them).

It does not help that I am over 40 (I look maybe 34-36) and would prefer not to approach young girls without an approach invitation, unless she really seems like my type. Thanks for your new content, have only had a quick look so far but it seems very interesting.

9/10/2018 5:03 PM View respondent’s answers

My response: Head to nearest big city of Eurojaunts. Longer term try to build passive income

In terms of approach invitation – check out Secret Society – forcing IOIs is the way forward here.

Free Text Response

Also, consistently meeting hot women – they are far and few in between where I live!
9/10/2018 2:26 PM View respondent’s answers

My response : See above

Free Text Response

Have experience with women, but never done approach or online, don’t know how to get started. Do i literally just go out and start chatting to women and assess my own progress? I’ll be doing it solo.
9/10/2018 1:11 PM View respondent’s answers

My response

Pick 3 openers and begin.

Free Text Response

Let me specify, I only get AA on the streets. Just feels hard and weird to stop a girl
9/10/2018 11:47 AM View respondent’s answers

My response

This fades with time.

Free Text Response
Hate from rejection, toward all women.Fear of intimacy.

My response

This one is concerning. I think it’s beyond the scope of my advice at this juncture. I would recommend seeing a psychotherapist.