The Definition Of MGTOW

Let’s start this post by defining what MGTOW is. The following is taken directly from their website :

“M.G.T.O.W – Men Going Their Own Way is a statement of self-ownership, where the modern man preserves and protects his own sovereignty above all else. It is the manifestation of one word: “No”. Ejecting silly preconceptions and cultural definitions of what a “man” is. Looking to no one else for social cues. Refusing to bow, serve and kneel for the opportunity to be treated like a disposable utility. And, living according to his own best interests in a world which would rather he didn’t.”

Initial Impression Of MGTOW (First Glance, Impartial Observer)

Some of this sounds ok on the surface. But note the tone “treated like a disposable utility”. “to his own best interests in a world which would rather he didn’t”

This is the “mission statement” from the main MGTOW site. It’s the first place a guy will go to in order to get a flavour of what MGTOW is about. When I read this, I immediately get the impression that it’s coming from a place of bitterness.

I checked out the forum on the MGTOW site and in the sidebar in a prominent place is this charming graphic :

I admit I do not intend to read through every post on their forum – there are too many – but not once did I see any mention of how to attract the right kind of woman. How to approach a woman to get the best possible quality. Nor any discussion on whether online dating is a viable alternative, etc.

I am the first to admit that the laws in the USA around divorce and alimony appear to be very unbalanced and unfair. I am sure plenty of older guys have been divorce raped. This is a real issue, and it’s one of the reasons I have never married – I am far too cautious (though this might change).

But the sense I get from my intial impressions is that though there is some value in the MGTOW message – not being used (it’s similar to the Sigma concept of removing yourself from power centres), they are way off base with their message on women, which seems to be a mixture of misogyny (women hating), not talking to or bothering with women at all, and glee at the prospect of women being replaced by sexbots.

At least on the forums that I glanced through, it seems to be a lot of whiny, misguided young men who have never even tried to pick up a woman and are simply making a big noise about it and trying to co opt other young impressionable guys instead.

If we refresh our memory of the socio sexual hierarchy again, I have to say that judging by what I have seen, a lot of these guys seem to be Omegas and Gammas. Their behavioural patterns (and mindset) as evidenced by their posts signposts it:

Socio Sexual Hierarchy Ver 2

The Socio Sexual Hierarchy. MGTOW Guys Appear To Be Mostly Gammas And Omegas
If you want a full breakdown of the socio sexual hierarchy with a description of each archetype and their repeated behaviour patterns, please read this post (the link takes you to another post on this site)

MGTOW Attempts To Mislead, Obfuscate And Convert

I regularly get comments from MGTOW guys and so called “black pillers” (or doomers) on my Youtube channel. It’s very frustrating because there is a common theme : an attempt to proselytize their ideas and the benefits of their way of life to my audience. It’s very tone deaf, because (i) people on my channel want to listen to constructive action they can take to improve their dating lives and (ii) It’s my audience and they are attempting to chip away at it by converting to their way.

I also get comments that seem to obfuscate (intentionally or otherwise) the life of a Sigma with that of a MGTOW guy. It’s happened enough times that I feel the need to make a video about it, plus it’s an interesting topic.

Let’s get started.

How A Sigma Male Is Different To MGTOW

We need to start right at the beginning by looking at the socio sexual hierarchy again which will help us to understand the potential differences between a Sigma Male and that of the typical MGTOW guy.

Socio Sexual Hierarchy Ver 2

First, let’s reiterate the 2 key traits that determine the Sigma:

1: Very attractive to women
2: Outside the hierarchy.

This needs to be said to remove confusion straight away. The problem with videos about Sigma Males is that you tend to get Gamma’s and Omegas who are in the hierarchy and desperately want to succeed within it’s framework, but cannot. They therefore construct a powerful delusion bubble that they COULD be at the top and be very attractive to women, and one day they will be, etc. A Gamma’s life and mindset is fundamentally based on dishonesty , to oneself and others.

For more on Gamma males, check out this lengthy post on my site with a full exploration of the Gamma Mindset and behaviour.

What evidence do we have that the MGTOW guys are mostly comprised of Gammas and Omegas? Well, I encourage you to look at their site for yourself – don’t take my word for it. Would a guy who is attractive to women (or has the potential to be) write garbage like the forum posts I quoted at the start of this post? Would such a man make up a vindictive, spiteful and petty image like the one I copied from their site?

Men who love and are good with women have a lightness of being. Just by glancing at the site for 5 minutes it becomes clear very quickly that the demographic makeup of the site is low status bitter guys who are unhapppy.

Why The Sigma Lifestyle Is Superior To MGTOW

A Sigma is different. I’ve outlined in great detail that a Sigma must constantly confront reality, be brutally honest with himself and others. This is part of the reason why they are at the top of the hierarchy and thus attractive to women, though there are others.

The second key trait is being outside of the hierarchy.  Basically, Sigma Males don’t want to be a “joiner”, they don’t particularly like groups, they are perfectly happy with solitude, and can survive and even thrive by working alone. They are not “lonely”, but are often alone. This is by choice. Sigmas can also get along well with others if need be and if they respect the other person.

We define this because we need to understand that Sigmas are powerfully attractive to women, and if they are alone for long periods it is by choice.  (Though it is true that a Sigma must discipline himself to approach women in real life.  If not, they can slip into inaction and excessive solitude)

The real difference between a Sigma and a guy who ascribes to MGTOW is their fundamental attractiveness to women.  The impression I have from the MGTOW site is it is comprised mostly of unhappy young men or divorced older guys who would currently rather run and hide from the harsh realities of life and dating, instead of attempting to improve themselves.  Further, there seems to be evidence of a cult  mentality (witness some of their bretheren attempting to come on my channel and get more people to their side), coupled with an echo chamber which reinforces their views.

Reforming A MGTOW Guy

The comments I get from MGTOW guys are by far the most self absorbed, angry and vicious.  The sense I have is one of bitterness and crabs in a jar mentality – viciously attempting to cut anyone down who wants to better themselves.  Incidentally this is yet another difference between a Sigma and a Gamma / Omega.  A Sigma would never join a group like MGTOW, or try and cut others down.  If you leave a Sigma to his business, he will certainly leave you alone too.

I can see how the MGTOW movement would draw impressionable, angry young men without a strong father figure.  It’s a symptom of our times and I’d hazard a guess a large proportion of their audience is yougn guys raised by milennial fathers – probably not the best start in life.

The best thing a Gamma can do is start to be honest in their day to day life.  Infact, Gammas by their nature have the most potential to become Sigma Males and dramatically improve their lot in life.  The overall impression I have from MGTOW is a tragic waste of men who could lead a much happier life with a few realisations, a dose of reality, a little discipline and hard work.  If you’re a MGTOW guy reading this, check out my post on this site Gamma To Sigma Transformation.  It’s worth keeping an open mind if nothing else – and you never know!  You might find that all women are not evil after all…..