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If you want to hook up with hot girls in Cork, you’re in the right place!

Cork is full of beautiful demure Irish girls -but it can be a nightmare for the average guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

So read on to find out how to date hot Irish girls in Cork quickly, cheaply and easily.

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Here are some example female profiles on Adult Friend Finder in Cork (these are all real users):

hot girls in cork

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👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨The No 1 Way To Date Hotties In Cork – Adult Friend Finder

Hookup with girls in Cork: quick summary

Hotness Of Girls In Cork: 8.1/10
Attitude and character: wild, fun, bawdy
Difficult Of Hookup (daytime, bars, clubs): 8.9/10 (extremely difficult)
Difficult Of Hookup (Adult Friend Finder): 4.0/10 (easy/medium)

Cork Dating For Single Men – A Barren Wasteland Or Paradise?

Walk around Cork for a few days and ask the local guys: “so what’s it like to meet girls in Cork then?”.

They will look at you with a wistful expression and say “not so good mate..It’s very tough here”

The problem for these guys is that they’re doing what every other guy does, and using the same strategy of going to bars, or very occasionally trying their luck in the daytime.

This poses several problems:

Bars and clubs in Cork are full of good-looking young men (who may also have money)

Cork has a vibrant bar and club scene. But the average man will struggle to compete because the popular venues attract the most eligible guys in the city.

This has always been the case anywhere in the world – where the girls go, the guys will follow – but it has become worse and worse over the last decade.

Since 2020, the unfortunate events across the world have dramatically hastened the decline of bars and clubs.

Zoomers and young girls in particular seem to have little interest in getting drunk, partying and staggering home with a random guy nowadays.

What does this mean for you – the guy who wants to get his end away with a local girl in Cork?

The average guy needs to think outside the box if he wants to get laid in Cork on the reg!

Aside from this, it’s even worse because the men that still do go to nightclubs and bars in Cork are often well off as well as good-looking.

Naturally, the girls will all gravitate to these kinds of guys – making it almost impossible for the average man to get a look in!

havana browns club cork

The competition in nightclubs in Cork is intense…

😈A New Way Of Hooking Up With Girls In Cork…

So, the only real way an average man can meet and date hot girls in Cork is to sidestep all the competition in bars and clubs…

And use a completely new strategy that isn’t used by other men!

This is where Adult Friend Finder comes in – it’s not widely used by guys in Cork, at least in comparison to Tinder.

But there are plenty of girls who use the app in Cork. After all, girls have sexual desires just as much as men.

They have to hook up somehow!

There are over 14,000 girls on Adult Friend Finder in Cork who are looking to meet a guy.

The majority of men in Cork don’t know about this secret dating hack…

The guys that you see in nightclubs and bars in Cork are NOT signed up to Adult Friend Finder. Instead, they all gravitate towards Tinder – and why not?

It works well for them – just not for average guys like you and me.

This makes it pretty easy to swoop in and pick up girls on Adult Friend Finder in Cork because the competition is almost non-existent.

The ratio of women/men in Cork on Adult Friend Finder is 62 % women, 38% men. Compare that with Tinder – where it’s roughly 5 guys for every girl.

Or contrast this favourable ratio with the local clubs, where it’s not uncommon to see 2 guys (or even 3) for every girl.A total cock – farm!

The point is this gives you a tremendous advantage if you want to find girls in Cork.

Check out more girls from Cork on Adult Friend Finder:

girls in cork

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🍹Cork Nightlife For Singles

Loads of people visit Cork for tourism each year – and it’s no wonder since it’s such a gorgeous city with a vibrant nightlife.

Want to get a flavour of what it’s like?

Check out this walking tour of Cork at night. Unfortunately this video looks like it was filmed during the pandemic so you’ll see some masks – but you get an idea of what to expect if you decide to try the bars and clubs:

Here’s a map of the best nightclubs in Cork All of these clubs in Cork listed below have at least a 4* rating on Google Maps.

You can find the best nightlife in Cork on either side of St Patricks Street.

The Roundy 1 Castle St, Centre, Cork, T12 RX09, Ireland
Craft beers, cider and snacks in the daytime and eclectic live gigs and comedy 5 nights a week.

Popscene Late Bar & Club Oliver Plunkett St, Centre, Cork, T12 WF2N, Ireland

An Bróg Bar + Kitchen 74 Oliver Plunkett St, Centre, Cork, T12 FP28, Ireland
Great little spot for some more varied music (from rock to alternative pop and classic remixes) instead of the charts on repeat. Small dance floor and very loud so wouldn’t recommend for chats after 11pm but lively atmosphere!

The Oval 25 S Main St, Centre, Cork, T12 Y15D, Ireland
A solid place for a beer. We enjoyed some of the craft beers they had on tap (Rising Sons). Good tunes, and a fun atmosphere.

1. Rearden’s Bar (Average rating 4.2, 2170 reviews 26 Washington St, Centre, Cork, T12 WNP8, Ireland
Cavernous, shabby-chic bar and live music venue, also offering sports on TV, sandwiches and pies.

Summary Of Cork Nightclubs And Bars

I checked through the list of clubs with a 4 start + rating and scanned to see which had the most reviews. Of the 5 clubs listed here, Rearden’s had by far the most positive reviews so it seems that this is the best club to go to.

Check this post at any time and you’ll always see up-to-date info on the embedded map. Rearden’s bar has been a solid choice for many years.

reardens bar cork exterior

Reardens bar in Cork is always a good choice for nightlife

😍Cork Street Pickup In The Daytime

Normally I try to find a pickup example to illustrate the point, but unfortunately, there are no daygame videos in Cork on Youtube.

So instead I’m going to talk you through what daytime approaching is like for most men.

Here’s what you need to know:

1: It’s nerve-wracking.

2: You need a lot of practice to get over approach anxiety.

3: The rejection rate is very high for most guys.

I did daygame myself for many years and taught it to guys live, on the street. It absolutely CAN be done, but the probabilities are very low – especially for the average man.

The Dirty Secret About Approaching In The Daytime

You can probably guess what it is..The better looking you are, the easier it is.

There is so much mental masturbation involved when guys do daytime approaching because daygame practitioners don’t want to face the truth that the girl mostly makes up her mind about you in the first few seconds.

Approaching Girls In The Daytime In Cork – Bottom Line

If you do want to try daytime approaching in Cork, you’ll need to focus on getting past the 3 factors I’ve listed above.

By far the best way to approach this is to check out my approaching course called The Secret Society Video Series.

Here’s the reality: you will probably have to approach around 50 – 150 women to get numbers and dates. That is the basic fact of daytime cold approaching.

📈Top 3 Ways To Get Laid In Cork – RANKED!

Bars And Clubs:

Features: Frustrating for most men. Expensive, crowded, and high competition from eligible men.

Overall difficulty of getting laid with hot girls in Cork: 8.8/10 (Very Difficult)

Overall Ranking Out Of 3 : 3

Approaching Girls In The Daytime In Cork

Features: Time sink. Requires a lot of mental fortitude to handle the blowouts.

Overall ease of getting laid with hot girls: 8/10 (Very Difficult)

Overall Ranking Out Of 3 : 2

Signing up to Adult Friend Finder to find girls in Cork

Features: Fast, easy and inexpensive. Very efficient to send lots of copy-pasted messages.

Overall ease of getting laid with hot girls: 3.2/10 (Easy)

Overall Ranking Out Of 3 : 1

How to meet girls in Cork as easily as possible..

As you can see from the list above, the most effective strategy to meet girls in Cork is to try out Adult Friend Finder.

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👙Enjoy dating girls in Cork

Cork is a renowned, fun city – but it’s 10* better if you can meet a local girl. Try out the suggestions in this post and enjoy hooking up with Cork girls!

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