🇬🇧London Sex Guide 2023 – Get Laid Fast, Cheap And Easy!

london sex guide
In this London Sex Guide, I’m going to explain everything you need to know about how to get laid quickly, cheaply and easily in London.

Here you’ll find out about London call girls, London brothels, strip clubs and erotic massage parlours in London, street prostitution and the best sex dating websites and apps to use in London.

You’ll also find out facts and figures about sex in London, plus dangers and annoyances you must be aware of if you want to get sex with London girls.

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🏦London City Information

Consistently listed as the No 1 most iconic city on the planet, London is loud, vibrant, multicultural, rich and bursting with frenetic energy.

It’s the capital of the UK and the largest city in Western Europe.

Greater London, located in the South-East region of England, sits along the River Thames.

Its official population is slightly above 8 million, although this number doesn’t fully represent the city’s true size and significance.

London metropolitan area has a population of slightly over 14 million.

Regardless of its population numbers, the venerable London has more famous sites and artefacts than any other city on Earth.


ℹProstitution And Sex In London: Background Information

In Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland), engaging in sexual activities in exchange for monetary compensation is legal.

However, several related activities, such as soliciting in public places, kerb crawling, owning or managing a brothel, pimping, and pandering, are illegal.

In Northern Ireland, paying for sex became illegal as of 1 June 2015.

The sex laws regulating sex work are not always strictly enforced.

There have been reports of police forces turning a blind eye to brothels, though there have also been crackdowns on brothels in cities such as Manchester, London, and Cardiff, some of which operate under the guise of “massage parlours”.

Although the age of consent is 16 throughout the United Kingdom, it is illegal to purchase sexual services from a person under 18 years of age where the perpetrator does not reasonably believe they are 18 or older.

In England and Wales, paying for sexual services from a sex worker who has been “subjected to force” constitutes a strict liability offence. This means that the client of a sex worker can be prosecuted for the offense, even in the absence of fault or criminal intent to force a sex worker to provide sexual services for them.

👧🏼London Call Girls/Escorts / Hookers

You will find the vast majority of London calls girls (escorts) online. Street prostitution is very uncommon in the UK, as you will discover.

London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet, and this is reflected in the range of call girls available. The majority are from Thailand, Brazil, Eastern Europe, Japan – but you’ll find call girls from all over the world in London.

You only need to do a Google search to find London call girls and escorts, so there is no need to rehash that here. Another option to find independent escorts is to use Adult Friend Finder.

How do you identify call girls on Adult Friend Finder? Simply ask! Generally speaking, if the girl’s photos are naughty and she has a sexy profile, she is open to some fun for money.

Price Of Warsaw Call Girls / Escort/ Hookers

So how much does it cost for a London call girl ASKA London escort? I warn you – it is NOT cheap.

I checked a number of sex escort websites in London and the average cost for a London escort/call girl is 6000 CZK (254 EUR, 268 USD). It is basically the same price as the UK or USA (or Germany), where the majority of tourists come from who look for sex with London girls.

And how hot are the escorts and call girls in London? Pretty hot as you would expect considering the high level of beauty of UK Women. Here’s a sample of hot London escorts/ call girls:
budapest call girl 1
chicago call girl 1

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☀😍How To Get Sex With London Girls (Or Any Other Girl!) Using Body Language Secrets

If you want to meet London girls, or any girl in your local area and you don’t want to pay for a call girl or use dating sites there are alternatives.

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The problem is it is tough – or it was until now.

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👠Street Prostitutes/Call Girls London

london street prostitutes
This is where it can get very seedy, dangerous and dodgy.

You will struggle to find street walkers selling sex in London, though the one area you might find some action is always Central London. Head to Soho (see map on this page), Tottenham Court Road, Leicester Square and Charing Cross road for the best possible chance.

The vast majority of sex work in the UK and London is now conducted online, and street workers are lower quality and harder to find.

Don’t expect to see street prostitutes wearing revealing clothing either – infact British girls are not averse to wearing sexy outfits, so you MUST NOT mistake a “civilian” girl for a street walker, and certainly, never ask “how much”. LOL.

Stick to the red light areas which you’ll find below for the best chance of finding street prostitutes.

⚠Warning About Street Prostitutes/Call Girls In London

Need I say that street girls in London are desperate and are breaking the law already, so the chances of you encountering trouble are high.

It is totally unregulated, and there is a VERY high chance that a street prostitute will work with other people to rob you or otherwise exploit you.

There is also a decent chance you will be physically assaulted if you try to pick up street prostitutes, not to mention the higher risk of STIs.

Overall, you should avoid street prostitution in London – it’s simply too much trouble and too risky not to mention depressing.

🏮London Red Light District And Brothels

soho london red light district
You’ll find London’s primary Red-Light district in Soho, Central London.

The main streets where you will find sex workers are :

  • Frith Street
  • Brewer Street
  • Soho Street
  • Walkers Court
  • Greens Court
  • Peter Street
  • Rupert Street

Other red light areas come and go. Here are some more areas where you may find sex workers:

  • Kings Cross
  • Picadilly Circus
  • Charing Cross Road East
  • Leicester Square

These areas contain brothels, massage parlours, sex shops and naughty lap dancing clubs.

Here’s a handy map showing you the red light districts in London in one place:

🏩Brothels And Models Walk Up In Red Light District, Soho, London

You’ll find two main types of illegal brothels in the Red Light district in London – massage parlours and Models walk up places.

If you decided to take a Thai or Chinese massage, the masseuse will invariably ask you if you want extras after about 10 minutes into the massage, usually after tickling your balls and massaging your intimate areas. You’ll have to hand over extra money to get the “full service” (usually an extra £30).

These massage parlous are spread all around Soho, Oxford Circus, Picadilly, Leicester Square, Covent Garden – basically the entirety of Central London.

thai massage central london

Lots of these all over central London. They often offer “extras”

Models Soho Walk Ups in Central London

models soho walk up

There are loads (probably thousands) of prostitutes working in tiny bedrooms all around Central London. If you walk past a building with an open door and a sign saying “models”, there will be hookers in the apartments in the building offering their services.

You just need to knock on the door and negotiate a price.

It’s all rather sad and depressing, so not recommended – but don’t say I didn’t tell you about it.

Dangers And Annoyances In The Red Light District, London

Be warned: there are loads of scammers, thieves and rip-off merchants in Soho in London. In particular, the strip clubs are known as “clip joints”, and will entice you into the venue, and then bring the most expensive bottle of champagne to your table once you sit down – whether you asked for it or not.

If you complain they don’t listen, and will bring out heavies to march you to the nearest cashpoint to withdraw 100s of GBP if you refuse to pay.

Your only realistic option is to run away before the heavies appear (or avoid these places altogether).

👠London Strip Clubs

There are two main types of strip club in London:

Legit strip clubs, where you watch the girls dancing and you can pay for a private dance.

Dodgy strip clubs, which are mainly clustered around the the Red Light district (AVOID THESE!). There is nothing much more to be said about the dodgy strip clubs, except you will NOT get extras and you WILL get ripped off!

Legit, respectable strip clubs in London

The easiest way to find these strip clubs is to simply search them on Google Maps. I’ve added a custom map at the top of this section to show you a list of the most well-known strip clubs in London.

All of these places are perfectly safe and can be very enjoyable, due to the large number and variety of girls working there. You will NOT get extras in these strip clubs!

👧🏼Meet Beautiful Young Sugar Babies In London

Escorts or call girls in London are all very well…But there are alternatives.

Have you thought about trying to meet sugar babies in London?

These girls are typically very beautiful, and they are also extremely keen to meet a guy who can “look after them”.

However they do NOT want to escort, but prefer instead to meet a guy in a more conventional way, but with a twist…They’re looking to meet an older man who has wealth, who can spoil them, take them to nice places, buy them gifts and so on.

When you meet a sugar baby, you get all the advantages of a beautiful escort (infact sugar babies are usually way hotter!), but without the risks..

Plus sugar babies are often on the lookout for a more serious type of relationship.

These kind of relationships are NOTHING like paying for sex. Often it’s a grey area – a quasi “vanilla” relationship where the girl actually develops feelings for you…

But she simply wants you to have money.

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sugar baby london 2

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🎦 London Live Sex Cams

Do they have live sex cams in London? Certainly! I’ve picked out the best live cam sites in London if that’s your thing – and you can also watch these live cam sites from anywhere in the world!

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🛏Erotic Massage London

There are loads of erotic massage parlours in London, and you can also get an outcall massage girl too (incall is better though).

Unlike street call girls, erotic massage parlours in London are safe, and you’re unlikely to be robbed, beaten or scammed in these establishments.

However, you will probably struggle to get full sex in these places, since only erotic (tantric) massages are on offer.

Here’s a handy-dandy map of the best erotic massage parlours in London:

😎The BEST Ways To Get Sex Now In London Are…?

The best way to get sex with a girl in London that is safe, relatively inexpensive and much more satisfying than simply paying for an escort is to try the following:

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