👱‍♀️How To Get Laid With Hot Girls In London: (2022)

meet women in london
London remains one of the most intriguing and fascinating cities in the world, and it is a goldmine of opportunities to meet really attractive women.

In this article, you’re going to discover the best ways to meet super hot girls in London, using the best online dating sites, in bars and clubs and during the daytime.

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As long as you can afford the membership fee, you will have a wonderful time with beautiful women on this dating site in London.

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Here’s a sample of girls from the site – these are real female user profiles from London on Seeking.Com.

london girls online dating

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☀️How To Meet Girls In London In The Daytime (Daygame)

Here’s some examples of guys meeting women in the daytime in London:

You will see hot girls strolling around in London in the daytime, and there are some basic rules of thumb that I can give you to stand you in good stead if you want to approach:

Rules For Daytime Approaching In London

How to pick up girls in London during the daytime: quick rules:

  • Try to make eye contact with the girl before approaching. Smile at her, give her some sort of signal.
  • Be direct and straightforward in your communication with her. Don’t try and hide your intentions.
  • You don’t need more than 3-4 minutes of conversation to get her number and/or go on a date with her.
  • Try “warmup” or “hit and run” approaches before you attempt a full cold approach. This will help you get over approach anxiety.
  • This is only a tiny fraction of what you will need to know if you want to know how to pick up girls in London effectively.

    I’ve put together a 6-hour video series on just this topic called The Secret Society, which is all about how to approach hot women in the daytime without constantly getting blown out. Check it out here:, it will really help you if you’re determined to meet women in the daytime.

    🗺️Where To Meet Girls In London

    Daygame London Hotspots meet girls and get laid

    Here’s a curated list of where to get laid in London using Daygame.
    Kings Road In Chelsea

    Here’s a map of the Kings Road route that you can take:

    kings road chelsea london

    This was always one of my favourite spots in London to approach women in the daytime. As a professional pick-up artist I had to occasionally me picking up girls in London, and I always headed straight to Kings Road whenever I was making a video.

    If you want to know where to meet girls in London, I would recommend Chelsea and the surrounding areas, especially if you like well-bred super hot girls from all over the world.

    You’ll meet hot, classy girls on the Kings Road and in Chelsea in general. It’s one of the most attractive and civilised parts of London and a joy to take a stroll around in your free time.

    Oxford Street – from Tottenham Court Road Intersection up until Selfridges

    selfridges london

    Selfridges In London – A Mecca For Daytime Approach

    This is a legendary daygame route and was at one time the mecca for pickup and daygame back around 2014. You would see about 8 – 10 guys camped out on this route, waiting to pounce on girls as they walk past!

    It’s perfect because the footfall is constant and uninterrupted all day long, regardless of the weather. The bonus is that if the weather takes a turn for the worst, you can duck into Selfridges and attempt to chat up the hot store-assistants: Selfridges is full of them!

    Things to remember on Oxford Street:

    You snooze, you lose. If you make eye contact with a girl, try to approach quickly. You never know when she is going to dart into a store and stop you from approaching.

    Try not to let the energy of the street affect you. It sounds weird but Oxford Street is a frantic place, and you can find yourself walking faster if you don’t catch yourself and deliberately slow down.

    If you decide to approach in Selfridges, be subtle about it. You don’t want the embarrassment of being thrown out of the store for trying to pick up girls!

    Covent Garden And Nearby Areas

    covent garden london

    This is a great place to try to approach women in the daytime in London. It’s much more relaxed than Oxford Street and for a lot of guys, not so intimidating as Kings Road in Chelsea.

    It is increasingly hard to meet actual English people in London, but Covent Garden especially is tourist central. You’ll see women from all over the world walking around, and since London is such a vibrant and famous city you never know what kind of girls you might meet.

    Any time of day is good around here, but particularly from around 1 pm until around 7 pm. There are loads of traditional English pubs, chain restaurants and cuisine from all over the world all around London and Covent Garden is no exception, so it’s easy to stop for a pit stop and get some food in between bouts of approaching women.

    Liverpool Street London EC2M 7PP
    liverpool street london
    I know what you’re thinking. Liverpool street? A train station?

    Well, not quite. You can always guarantee that this place will be full of smart pencil skirt secretary types and remember the old maxim too: where there’s money there’s skirt. Or something like that.

    The point is that there are always loads of sexy, smart-looking girls walking around with here wearing heels and carrying a mini-briefcase. If you’re a guy that likes this type of woman instead of a jeans-wearing student type you’ll do very well here.

    Of course, this is a busy area, so you will have to do a 2-4 minute approach, make a very big impression and then try to get her number and/or a quick coffee date (most likely at Liverpool Street station itself).

    Secondly, make sure you dress well. You don’t need to be in a suit or even wearing a shirt and tie, but your clothes must fit properly, no trainers and no carrying a rucksack – it just looks a bit out of place here and not in a good “peacocking” kind of way. It just makes you look a bit daggy.

    💑Top Dating Sites To Meet Hot Girls In London

    If you want to meet the best-looking women in London, online dating should be your first choice.

    London is a huge city, and it is not the friendliest place on the planet either – especially if you want to approach women in the daytime.

    Unfortunately, the weather in London is famously capricious: one day a bit of sun, the next pouring with rain – making it hard to strike up a conversation on the street.

    The bars and clubs are often hopelessly overcrowded, hot and raucous – and if they’re not, you will have to pay a fortune for a decent experience.

    The dating sites below have tons of hot women in London, very favourable male/female demographics and are inexpensive – making online dating the No 1 way to meet girls in London.

    Here’s a sample of some girls from these dating sites in London. You won’t find such a large number of hot women on any other dating sites anywhere else in London.

    london girls online dating

    There are millions of great-looking women on these dating sites

    ❓London Dating Sites Lowdown:

    Adult Friend Finder (Join Free Using This Link)

    This is a pure hookup site. Here you’ll find members who are looking purely for sex. Caters for all tastes.
    adult friend finder

  • Number Of Members: Approx 60 million
  • Member Demographics: 60% women, 40% men
  • Key Features: This site is a pure hookup site. It is great for younger men 18-35 looking just for a hookup. However, if you’re over 35, it gets a little more difficult to find hookups.
  • Seeking Arrangement (Join Free Using This Link)

    This is best for men 35+ looking for beautiful younger women.

    best sugar daddy sites

  • Number Of Members: Approx 35 million
  • Member Demographics: 75% women, 25% men
  • Key Features: This site is perfect for older men (over 35-40) who want to date beautiful young women in London. The women on this site are looking to “level up” – so if you can afford to take a girl out on lots of dates, and for romantic weekends away, or perhaps even buy her the occasional gift, this site will be perfect for you.
  • Ashley Madison (Join Free Using This Link)

    This site is best for men 18-35 looking for a hookup. Also plenty of cougars for younger men who like older women.

    ashley madison free trial

  • Number Of Members: Approx 15 million
  • Member Demographics: 60% women, 40% men
  • Key Features: Ashley Madison used to be known as an infidelity site. Now it’s become much more mainstream and is growing fast. It has millions of female members looking for a discrete hookup. If you’re a younger guy looking for cougars, you might do very well here. However, Adult Friend Finder is probably still your best bet.
  • 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨Hookup With Girls In London The Easy Way – Seeking.Com

    Life in London is fast-paced, frenetic and stressful. It’s not an easy way of life, especially for broke young foreign girls who come to London looking for a better life.

    There are over 250,000 gorgeous young women in London who want to meet a guy – but it’s not easy for them either.

    Especially in today’s difficult times women are signing up for this dating sites in droves. Thousands of new accounts every week.

    Even better, girls from all over the world are also on this app – especially in the United States. So if you’re just visiting London, you can use continue to use it to meet with girls back in your home country.

    Check out more London girls on this site and sign up for free using the button below:

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    Ways To Meet Girls In London – Recap

    Pubs Or ClubsHard work, tiringApprox $125 for a good night out..Or more!
    DaytimeRejection, time consuming$25 up to $35 for a day out with food, drinks, travel
    This dating siteEasy, costs money$90 Monthly

    💕How To Find A GirlFriend In London

    The best way to find a girlfriend in London is to use online dating – especially if you’re not used to approaching girls in the daytime or in bars and clubs. There are several good reasons for this:

      Online dating allows you to mass mail lots of girls at once

    It’s much more scalable than cold approaching.

      You don’t have to face the sting of constant rejection.

    For a guy who is unused to approaching, constant rejection is almost unbearable (and it’s an unfortunate feature of approaching women you don’t know)

      If you use the right dating site, it can be extremely effective.

    For these 3 key reasons I recommend Seeking if you want to find a girlfriend in London. It is a hookup site as we’ll discuss below, but the best relationships always start with passion anyway.

    How do you get a girlfriend in London from Seeking? There are approximately 250,000 females in London looking for a man. Do a search, send them an opening message and invite her out for a drink or two.

    During the date, size her up and work out if she is girlfriend material. It’s actually good game to screen girls – it shows you have standards – and you can even ask if she’s looking for a boyfriend.

    Single Girls In London

    A single girl in London doesn’t stay single for long. The city is teeming with high-value men with money, so any average-looking girl can quickly capture the interest of scores of eligible men. Unfortunately, the thirst is very real in London.

    Single girls in London are often new arrivals, or girls who are a bit more introverted and so so don’t have an established social circle. Either way, the London Vortex that seems to sweep up any available girl into an immediate relationship will not wait, so you need to act quickly.

    ❤️Find Girls For Hookup In London

    You’ll find girls for sex all over the city of London. The entire city sprawls for miles in all directions, but actually the majority of girls who you will want to date actually live out past Zone 2 (at least), due to the extortionate costs of living in Central London.

    The 2 best ways to meet girls for a hookup in London are:

    1: Using Seeking (dating site geared around levelling up)
    2: In bars and nightclubs.

    You can copy/paste the same message to literally hundreds of girls and send in a few minutes.

    Also, if you’re not from the UK you can use Seeking in your home country as there are tens of millions of girls looking for a hookup on this dating site.

    If you do go to nightclubs in London, make sure to choose carefully from the list on this page. Be very careful about costs, as some of the nightclubs in Central London are extortionately expensive and you can rack up hundreds if not thousands of pounds in 1 night!

    If you want to know how to hookup with girls in London with the lowest chance of rejection, my Secret Society video series will show you the way.

    🏩Red Light District London / Prostitutes In London

    London doesn’t have a red-light district per-se, but the nearest equivalent is Soho, right in the centre of London. Here you’ll find inumerable Chinese and Thai massage parlours, hidden brothles and much more. Infact these types of places are spread all over Central London, though they often won’t be identified on any maps on Google.

    If you decided to take a Thai or Chinese massage, the masseuse will invariably ask you if you want extras after about 10 minutes into the massage, usually after tickling your balls and massaging your intimate areas. You’ll have to hand over extra money to get the “full service” (usually an extra £30).

    These massage parlous are spread all around Soho, Oxford Circus, Picadilly, Leicester Square, Covent Garden – basically the entirety of Central London.

    thai massage central london

    Lots of these all over central London. They often offer “extras”

    Models Soho Walk Ups in Central London

    models soho walk up

    There are loads (probably thousands) of prostitutes working in tiny bedrooms all around Central London. If you walk past a building with an open door and a sign saying “models”, there will be hookers in the apartments in the building offering their services.

    You just need to knock on the door and negotiate a price.

    It’s all rather sad and depressing, so not recommended – but don’t say I didn’t tell you about it.

    👸Girls In London: Looks And Character

    London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, so the girls in London come from every country you can think of. Some of the largest cohorts of London girls are:

    Brazillian girls
    Eastern European girls (Polish, Czech, Serbian, Russian)
    Middle Eastern girls

    Because there is so much money floating around, it tends to attract ambitious, young hot girls from all over the world. Unfortunately, because it’s such a competitive place, the best-looking girls in London are swept up rather quickly – so you have to act fast.

    I really want you to get a sense of the diversity of girls that you’ll see in London. Here are some more London girls from the Seekingr site as an example:

    🍹 Pubs and clubs In London

    If you’re over 30 this probably won’t appeal to you. You have a job, you cannot afford to be out until 2 am, and with the recent health problems and associated restrictions worldwide the pub and club scene has been quietened down considerably. (Even before the pandemic the club scene was dying).

    🙋Where To Meet Girls In London

    Here’s a list of the best places I’ve found to meet girls in London:

  • Kings Road, Chelsea
  • Selfridges, Oxford Street
  • Oxford Street And surrounding streets (including Regent Street)
  • Underground stations in Zone 1 + 2
  • Covent Garden
  • Clapham Common
  • Regents Park and other royal parks
  • Any Costa Coffee
  • 😍 The No 1 Way To Get Laid In London Is…

    If you want to know how to get laid in London, the order is as follows:

    1: Use Seeking. This is the world’s best and most well-known hookup site, so if you’re just looking to get laid it should be your no 1 choice. With nearly 1 million members and 60% women on this site, it’s straightforward for the average guy to get laid in London using this site.

    Sign up using the button below for a 25% discount.

    Join Seeking.Com Free

    The 2nd best way to pick up girls in London is to meet girls in the daytime – this works mostly for guys with a lot of confidence, swagger and good social skills.

    If you want a full breakdown of how to do daygame, I’d recommend my Secret Society video series.

    The least preferred way to meet women in London is bars and clubs – especially if you’re over 35. It’s expensive, bad for your health and often in London bars and clubs the ratio of women it men is 1/4 – with 4 times more men than women.

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