If you want to live a full Sigma lifestyle of independance from the power structures (insofar as this is possible with the limits of the banking system and governments), you will need to generate your own income using ingenuity, willpower, skill and business acumen.

Here’s my view as a Sigma Male on making money online, building independance from the power structures and thus insulating yourself from control as much as possible.

In this podcast I will explore making money online using SteveJabba.com as an blueprint.

Some caveats before I start:

1: There are clearly people who have made a lot more money than me online. I’m not professing to be the worlds most successful internet entrepreneur (At least not yet).

2: However, I HAVE managed to at least support myself over the last 8 years entirely from working online. Barring a hiccup last year for 8 months when my more risky other online business had a severe downturn, (and this enterprise SteveJabba.com did not exist) I’ve managed to support myself and fund my lifestyle entirely from online income.

Whilst I am not “world class” in the same way I am with reference to picking up women as a Sigma Male, I would say I am in the top 1-5% still, because very few people are actually able to make a living online.

For every success story that you see, there are 100s, or probably 1000s of people who have failed.

It’s also worth mentioning here : I started SteveJabba.com approximately 6.5 months ago. At almost the worst time of year (right in the teeth of winter), I am now pulling in more revenue from products than my previous website AuthenticPUA.com (which some of you may know was hacked and no longer exists).

More on this later, but it is clear now that I am doing something very right indeed.

Mindset And Business Model – Expert / Authority one man band site (Using SteveJabba.com as an example.)

If you’ve watched some of the other videos in the Sigma Male series, you’ll know that Sigmas are fiercely independant, detest anyone having power over them or having to rely on other people or entities, and resent answering to anyone.

I’m sure many of you are nodding your head thinking “wow that’s ME!”. Because it’s easy to resent your boss, or anyone having power over you – especially as a man.

But you have to examine the flip side to this coin if you want to understand how to make money online in the one man band, expert / authority niche of internet marketing.

The flip side of railing agaisnt having a boss and detesting anyone having power over you is to create sufficent value for other people (or entities) such that they are willing to put their hand in their pocket and pay you money for it over the internet, without having met you in real life.

If we take the example of this youtube channel and my modest business, SteveJabba.com. It’s the obvious choice because you are listening to this podcast on the SteveJabba Youtube channel, so it’s the business you will be familiar with.

My value is offering knowledge and insight in the areas of :

  • Attracting hot women without any money, status or amazing looks
  • Lifestyle indpendance and mindset
  • Building a successful, enjoyable life away from your country of birth and having the means to support yourself whilst doing it.

Basically, for any man who lives in the West and wants to make the best of it, or indeed wants to get away from the West and live life abroad, I am your man.

Business Model

My business model for SteveJabba.com is : to be unfailingly honest and straightforward in what I say, produce the best possible work that I can (not only promotional material like this video but ESPECIALLY in my products), and hope that quality tells in the end.

As I mentioned earlier, consistent content and hard work for the last 6.5 months following this model is now generating more revenue than ever before, when I used to run a dating website.

A Note : Other business Models

It’s worth noting here that running a one man band niche authority site is FAR from the only way of doing it. You have online businesses where the marketing is far more slick than the product itself. Where 90% of the business is the marketing, which is often not truthful at all (infact it’s downright misleading).

You also have businesses where there is no real “value” being created and you merely expolit inefficiences in traffic monetisation on the internet (traffic arbitrage).

I’ve actually done this before too – this was the previous mysterious online business that funded my lifestyle for nearly 3 years and *almost* allowed me to accrue riches. I’m considering getting back into this business.

Perhaps more on this another time, but it’s not something that I imagine anyone else could do – the barriers to entry are now terrifically high and it’s almost impossible to do effectively without niche skills that you’ll find in 1/100,000 – 1/1000,000 people.

Fortunately, I have forged good friendships and contacts with such people (again, this is part of the skill of being an entrepreneur – mindset and forging lifelong business relationships and friendships)

I don’t believe in any slick bullshit marketing. The reason is, I am interested in a long term , sustainable business that will stand the test of time and be around for years and perhaps decades to come.

Put another way, I’d happily be producing content and Youtube vidoes offering my insights as a 65 year old man. Why not? It’s a fun thing to do and it’s a great way to make a living!

Advantages of this business model:

It seems to me that taking the approach of unfailing honesty and integrity, producing the best quality work that I can might be slower to begin with but will last for years and will win out in the end.

At this point you might be thinking about competition. Generally speaking if you want to make money online IN THE WAY I AM DESCRIBING HERE then you need to think about your VALUE PROPOSITION.


A value proposition tells prospects why they should do business with you rather than your competitors, and makes the benefits of your products or services crystal clear from the outset.

So with reference to the dating part of what I offer, I have trained some of the most well known pick up artists out there, I have a longstanding reputation amongst well known figures in the dating community, excellent infield videos, a hyper detailed and well received 250,000 word book (Primal Seduction), and a lengthy video series describing my “method”, both of which have both received positive feedback over the years.

I do things differently to the vast majority of pick up artists, including focusing on love and appreciation for women, a high approach – lay ratio, etc etc.

If you know anything about me you will no doubt have your own reasons for listening to my podcasts and considering buying my products, I won’t bore you hear by appearing to “brag” about why I am so great. Remember, I am outlining my value proposition here.

With reference to being a Sigma Male:

++ I’ve lived a nomadic life successfully (i.e. not gone insane, slept with attractive women, by and large had a good time) and spent time in more than 50 countries over the last 8 years.

++ I’ve supported myself entirely from online income.

++ I’ve written extensively about the mindset of a Sigma Male in Primal Seduction (250, 000 words) , and the mechanics of picking up women as a Sigma Male in my video product The Secret Society.

++Moreover, I’ve produced numerous videos expanding on life as a Sigma Male which have done exceptionally well over the last 2 months or so. This is clearly a subject that resonates strongly with a large audience.

So I hope you can see that I have very strong value propositions and legitimacy in these areas.

The reason I mention all this is that if you want to make money online using a similar business model to the one I am using (an expert / authority website and youtube channel), you’d be well advised to start off by sitting down and thinking long and hard about your value proposition.

Unless the market is wide open, you’re going to have some competition so you need to think of an angle or bring your expertise in an area that is less well covered than others if you want any chance of success. Just slapping up a pretty website, writing some generic “me too” content isn’t going to cut it.

If you’re going to pursue this particular business model : strong value proposition, put out great content, be unfailingly honest, high integrity – you need to also have an ANGLE, clear and demonstrable experience, and STAND OUT in some way.

A good way to start off with this kind of online business model is to think : What are you really great at, or passionate about?

Can you write and talk about it extensively, authoritatively and at length?

Are you prepared to slog away for months , perhaps years with very little reward and just determination and will to succeed to keep you going?

If the answer is yes, then just start writing and posting videos about it on Youtube. Right now, as of 2019, I believe it is actually better to focus on Youtube. But it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that I currently do both – for every podcast I produce on Youtube, I also transalte it into a blog post.

However, this is strongly dependant on the niche your choose. Some niches are horrendously competitive on Youtube.

I’d also mention here that as a general rule of thumb, if you’re thinking about health and fitness, weight training or financial markets / making money online – forget it. It’s WAAAAAY too competitive and you stand virtually no chance, unless you really niche right down. EG weight training for kickboxers with back problems etc.

Over time you’ll find that within your overall niche you might get traction in a sub niche. You can then focus on that niche within a niche with targetted content.

Producing content

Probably the first thing you’ll need to do is find your narrative voice. There is actually a skill to producing content that people want to listen to or read, that is compelling and that will allow you to actually market your products effectively.

You need to strike a balance between marketing your products in a straightforward, unabashed , confident way (as I do on all my videos), but still giving massive value and insights to your audience.

This takes time and practice and will be unique to you. Bear in mind just trying to shove your products down peoples throats will not work – your content will get ZERO traction at all.

Equally, trying to pander to the more commie segment of your online audience (and there are a surprising number of them) is a mistake. I would suggest your attitude should be : I know I have value to offer, but you are going to have to pay me for it, since I do not work for free. This should be a basic and commonsense understanding amongst all adult males, but you will be amazed that a lot of people don’t seem to grasp this most basic fact.

You need to focus on your audience who loves your stuff and in some cases buys your products.

Reading Stats And Conversion Optimisation

To make sure you focus your effots on the most profitable content marketing strategy, you’ll need to learn to develp the skill to “read” between the line of your stats – including Google Analytics and Youtube Marketing. You’ll need to build your own custom reports so you can work out your most profitable audience and tailor your efforts to them.

You’ll also need to learn basic principles of conversion optimisation. This basically means don’t leave money on the table with dozy or ill thought out website design.

One basic principle here : when someone lands on your website it should be immediately clear what your value proposition is. Similarly, when you produce a piece of content, you need to hit the listener or reader over the head with a brick and KEEP THEM ON THE PAGE OR VIDEO by demonstrating the value they will get by listening or reading to what you have to say.

SEO and YouTube optimisation

There are 2 things that you can gaurantee in life : One is taxes, and the other is Google algorithm changes. However the good news is that in 2019 it’s harder than ever to “game” Google, which means that spammy SEO professionals are being relegated in the search results.

From my research and observations, Google is rewarding content that performs well with it’s users more and more. They rely on user signals like dwell time more than ever nowadays.

Further, they also pay attention to reputation and consider overall whether you actually know what you are talking about and whether you have a credible reputation. They actually employ teams of people to asses websites manually based on a 200 page checklist. Whilst the chances of your website being evaluated are low it is clear which direction they are going in:

They want authentic , valuable, unique content that pleases their users. This has always been Google’s mission statement but now in 2019 they are better than ever at measuring it. In my view, links will be a thing of the past in 3-5 years time. They are already no longer the dominant ranking factor (thank god).

Overall therefore, you want to focus on real experience and document whatever it is you are writing about with media rich content which proves your knowledge, experience and expertise. Let’s say I decide to write about fly fishing for trout in a particular lake in Canada.

Well, let’s see where the lake is on the map. Let’s see a picture WITH YOU IN IT at the lake, setting up your fishing rod. Let’s see what type of line and hook you use, maybe with a video showing you setting it all up. Should the fly float on the surface or should you jerk it along? Which is best for trout? What time of year is best for trout – winter, summer? Is there a better time of day?

Let’s see pictures of your tackle (ahem), let’s see how you cast off. Let’s see you jerking the line along to attract the fish. Let’s see how you land the fish.

Hopefully you take my point. Content like this is unique, valuable, and it shows you are ACTUALLY participating and have expertise in what you are talking about, rather than some nob head SEO professional in London trying to rank a 400 word blog post for his client and getting paid £300 to do it.

In my view this kind of content is also future proof and stands the test of time. I’ve thought long and hard about the future, and I cannot see how AI will ever be able to produce this kind of content , at least in my lifetime. The uncanny valley is nowhere near to being solved for a start. And, humans will always yearn to listen to and learn from other humans. How is a robot going to tell an emotional tale that resonates with other people about how he learned fly fishing from his old Dad before he passed away? How would a robot even understand what an emotion is?

Think about real, authentic human experiences when you write content, tell the truth, make it useful and deliver the best value you can, and you won’t go far wrong – and the content will stay evergreen for years to come (assuming you’ve chosen the right niche).

So there’s a very high level overview on making money online. It will naturally appeal to Sigma Males. The onus is now on YOU to use this as a springboard and do your own research if this has whetted your appetite.