The Origin Of Looks, Money, Status Theory (LMS Theory)

Looks Money And Status (or LMS) was first coined way back in the day (approximately in 2013) by users on the website. morphed into, and now The original website (PUAHATE.COM) where the LMS theory was developped was shut down after the Elliot Rodger massacre in 2014, apparently due to Elliot frequenting and posting on the website, and the mass exposure of some very dodgy content on there.


Orignal PUAHATE Website

Now I used to visit this website because they wrote some semi troll, semi autistic stuff about me way back in the day (around 2012). This was shortly before I launched my first dating website, The posts were largely about my original infield videos and contained a lot of lies and misinformation about me, which I felt compelled to answer.

I developped an interest in the site because it was often very funny (deliberately so), but also fascinating to see some truly mentally deranaged people with out of whack beliefs posting on there. It seemed to me that there was a mixture of autists, expert level trolls, high IQ nerdy guys who just loved to waste their time and were too afraid to leave the house…It was a toxic wasteland of misfits, autists and trolls posting all sorts of deranged but frequently funny content.

Some examples of their theories:

  • Smashed bone theory, where you were supposed to smash your facial bones in the hope they would grow back stronger and thus your looks would improve.
  • Minimum height to even get a woman to look at you of 6″7 inches. Anything less and you are doomed to a life of inceldom.
  • Mewing, based on the advice of Mike Mew, a dentist in London who proposes holding your mouth, jaw and teeth in certain position (lips together, teeth together, tongue on the roof of your mouth) to strengthen your jaw and thus promote a stronger jawline. There were all sorts of pictures of Mike Mew dressed as Jesus, with shining halos of light around his head, becoming the new figurehead and God of the forum (following on from the well known model David Gandy).

As I say, I found it frequently hilarious. It was very obvious to me that some guys were trolling, but some guys obviously believed in the insanity, which was grimly fascinating to observe.

And this is where the LMS theory originated. I even remember the name of the poster who made the LMS (Looks Money Status) videos – his name was invisible. There is still a channel now with the LMS vidoes on Youtube.

Now with this background, I don’t think anyone could maintain that the theory comes from a legitimate, credible source. But on the face of it, it does seem to have some merit. Let’s look at each of the three elements in turn, then form an opinion of the overall theory.


So let’s talk about money. How important is money in attracting women?

Overall, not important at all as long as you can maintain a reasonable lifestyle. As a general rule of thumb, you simply need to be able to clothe yourself well, live in a reasonable location that isn’t dangerous / dodgy, and be able to take a girl out once in a while.

The vast majority of girls that you will meet will not care too much about expensive gifts, going on yachts, airplanes etc. If they do, then I would suggest you are looking for the wrong kind of girl and she is probably not interested in you for your intrinsic characteristics and is more than likely a Gold Digger.
This isn’t something I have any interest in.

Even when I used the website , I used to pull very hot girls very frequently without spending money or indeed having any money. Infact, at this time I lived in London and lived in an objective shit hole. (The reason I stopped it was because I felt embarassed about bringing girls back to these various shit holes because I have a moral compass. It’s also why I moved out of London).

You need to make a decision about the kind of girl you want to meet. There are beautiful, chaste, lovely, feminine, faithful women all around, you just have to find them. You’re more likley to find them in Eastern Europe than places like London, but they are everywhere.

The right girl won’t care about ho wmuch money you currently have. She cares about YOU. Generally speaking , you do need to display ambition, hard work, drive and determination however.


Pretty much the same story as money. Generally speaking , you will find women who are more status oriented in big cities like London, New York, etc. However in general this is more of an issue for men who compare themselves against other men – in other words men who are interested in and partake in the socio sexual hierarchy. So Alphas, Gammas, Deltas, Bravos etc.

Some women are turned on by “power” in the sense of the ability to influence events, other peoples lives, or exert influence due to money. However in the majority of cases, women cannot discern between a man who has this kind of “hard” power due to status, or a man who has hard power due to his intrinsic personality traits.

I choose the latter. Recall the socio sexual hierarchy. I choose the Sigma route of developping interal , portable status and power which derives from intrinsic personal characteristics, such as :

Intellectual certainty on subjects I am interested in. How is this useful? Let’s take an example scenario of you on a date with a high value girl.

If you can talk knowledgeably and passionately about concepts or things that pertain to the real world you can display high status. Part of impressing a high value girl is displaying that you are sure of yourself and what you believe in, and indeed believing in something in the first place. This is an intrinsic display of status.

Granted you cannot buy a football team or influence a politician, but you can display knowledge, passion about something and apply it in the real world. I can talk for hours about male female dynamics, etc , and have demonstrably applied it in the real world because I make a living out of it.

I also know about politics (thought rapidly losing interest) and what I consider to be the route to happiness (this is where my interests are taking me now).

The key is to develop intellectual curiosity about something other than yourself. I think my view on what the majority of my listeners is swayed by the fact that only a small % of people comment, but I’d estimate about 50% of commenters on this channel are indulging in either masturbatory navel gazing (thinking about themselves), or despair (reframed as “Blackpill”, to try and make it sound sexy and exciting, whereas in reality it’s just weak minded losers who are giving up and trying to drag everyone else down).

Incidentally this is why navel gazing is so damaging. The solution is to engage with the world and just fucking DO SOMETHING instead of constantly looking in the mirror and thinking about yourself. You have to realise that you are really not all that interesting, and no one wants to hear you constantly talk about yourself. Yes, I know about the dark triad espoused by various manosphere writers. If you want to go down that route, good luck. In my view this is a road to moral ruin and low self esteem. YOu have to have personal standards, truth, integrity and behaviour if you want to ultimately be happy.


Are looks important? Yes, and I have made a video about it on this very channel. Ever since I first started posting about dating in 2012, I’ve said every man should maximise his aesthetic, including regular gym workouts, dieting and even cosmetic surgery. I’ve been very frank about the fact I have had cosmetic surgery , including gaps in my teeth filled in, injections under my eyes to remove dark circles, Roaccutane to remove cystic acne and clear my skin (as well as cut down on skin grease) and Ottoplasty to pin back protruberent ears.

By the way on the subject of greasy skin, at age 43 and onwards I will probably have the last laugh. Greasy skin seems to be linked to less nasty looking wrinkles as you age. I am still largely free of them in middle age.

My overall belief is that if there is something actaully out of the ordinary or ugly about your appearance, then bloody fix it. However there is no point mooning around, navel gazing or constructing wild theories about percentage points gains here and there by augmenting your jaw (for example). Do what you can, fix what is wrong, keep martially fit and strong, and then let it rest.

As much as this is widely understood though, take a close look in the mirror. Are you as good as you can be? Are you lean and strong consistently? There really is no excuse not to be, yet I’d estimate that at least 90% of guys who really should know better are not in ideal shape and haven’t taken care of themselves.

Until you have done this, you shouldn’t even consider opining about how looks are all that matters and that your situation is impossible. That’s autistic despair and taking the blackpill, and is wholly untrue. Deal with what is in front of you, is clear and obvious, which appears to be beyond 90% of men.

Whilst looks are important, I do not believe they are the be all and end all. To repeat, I’ve seen it time and again that a guy can usually pull 2 poiints hotter than himself with great game, mindset, hard work and physical optimsation.

Here’s a video about looks I made several months ago, that most of you will have never seen:

Conclusion On Looks Money Status:

I hope you can see that the theory does not hold water in reality. There might be some girls who are interested in money and status overall, but there are plenty of good looking , wholesome women who are a pleasure to spend time with who do not care about such things.

Secondly, you can display status by strong interpersonal characteristics such as intellectual certainty.

All of these concepts are explored in much more depth in my book Primal Seduction. Check it out, alongside my video product Secret Society to explore how you can apply this in the real world without getting blown out and rejected time after time.