👎Tinder in 2023: Worth It or a Massive Waste?

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If you’re considering signing up to Tinder, you’re probably asking yourself “is tinder worth it” – especially now in 2023, with so many alternative dating sites and apps out there.

After thorough research and investigation, it is clear that Tinder is not worth it in 2023.

The 3 main reasons are: the awful female/male ratio, the high number of good-looking men who make the app too competitive, and the hyper-choosiness of the female user base.

Let’s delve more into the reasons why Tinder sucks for guys (with a data experiment to prove it) and suggest a much better Tinder alternative.

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🤔My Review Of Tinder And Why It SUCKS For Men!

😡Tinder Is A Waste Of Time: Female/Male Ratio

Let’s start with the most obvious reason why Tinder is a waste of time – the appalling female/male ratio. If you didn’t know, 75.8% of users on Tinder in the USA are men (as of 2021). This alone makes it hard enough, but we’ve only just started.

Think about it: if you went to a nightclub and saw every slim attractive girl surrounded by 3-4 guys (a lot of whom are good-looking), would you go into the club? Of course not!

You would move onto the next club – and rightly so. Well, that’s the level of competition you face on Tinder.

tinder users usa 2021

Tinder Users By Demographic, USA, 2021. Source: statista.com

Swipe Imbalance Between Men And Women On Tinder

The wonky female/male ratio is bad enough, but then you need to factor in the fact that women swipe NO 95% of the time, whilst men are more evenly split: 53% of the time swiping yes, and 47% of the time swiping no.

median user daily swipes by gender

So what does this mean in reality? A man has to swipe about 50 women to get 1 measly match, whilst women match about 1 in 3.

Now I know what you’re thinking: big deal. I only need to swipe 50 times and I end up with a match..Well, there are 2 main problems with this theory:

Guys on Tinder tend to match with uglier girls

Because of the 2 factors that I’ve already mentioned you have an ultra-competitive environment where men are immediately at a disadvantage and even average girls still get lots of matches. Now bearing in mind that Tinder is known as a hookup app – and the women are looking for something of a thrill – why would they match with a plainer, less exciting guy when they can match with a better looking Chad instead?

Remember: they are not looking for a long term relationship – so they will gravitate towards the best looking, most viscerally exciting guy who gives them gina tingles.

Bottom line: Even if Tinder had an equal number of male and female users, the women would STILL gravitate towards wholly unsuitable but attractive men because the app self-selects women who are looking for a fling, a hookup..A short term romance.

If you don’t look like the kind of guy who could show them this good time, you are NOT getting matched.

So for the average guy, bearing in mind all of these factors combined, Tinder is a complete hellscape..A barren wasteland of invisibility and sexual irrelevance on the app.

tinder chad

If you don’t look like him on Tinder, forget about it

😠 Why Tinder Sucks For Guys : Summary So Far

It’s time for a data-crunching table to demonstrate why Tinder is not worth it for guys based on what we’ve learned so far:

Gender % On App% Who Swipe YesSwipes Needed For A Match
Men: 76%57%50
Women: 24%5%5

Table Showing Gender Breakdown On Tinder – Why It Disadvantages Men

When you look at it logically with the numbers laid out, it becomes quite clear that Tinder just won’t work for the majority of men.

So what real-world outcomes does this unfavourable environment on Tinder lead to? For the average guy, there are 2 main depressing realities:

1: He gets no matches at all and never gets a date

2: He might occasionally get a date with a girl if he is prepared to drop his standards and date a girl significantly less attractive than he is.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly like the sound of that. So is there a Tinder alternative that works for the average guy in 2022?

😊 The Tinder Alternative For Men In 2022

Let’s discuss an alternative to Tinder. I am a big fan of sugar daddy sites – and there are several reasons for this:

Normal Dating App (Tinder, OK Cupid)This Sugar Dating Site
Judge solely on looksValue men with intelligence and a good job
Judge 80% of men as "below average"Don't care about your looks. Will still date you
Progressive attitude, less feminineMore traditional, expect a man to be a man
Average rating 6 or below. Often overweightAverage rating 8 or above. No fatties
6 Times more men than women. Women are the prize5 times more women than men. YOU are the prize

We’ll discuss each point in turn:

Girls On Tinder Judge Men Solely On Looks

I think this is pretty inarguable – just look at the “yes” swipes to confirm it. Women are VERY selective on Tinder and the vast majority of guys will simply not be up to scratch. Bear in mind, this is a peculiarity of the Tinder app because it draws in women who are looking for a particular kind of guy.

The girls on Tinder come looking for that exciting experience, so all the normal constraints and rules that apply in “real” life don’t apply on Tinder. Unfortunately for the vast majority of men, they cannot fulfil this ideal “stud” fantasy, so they are left swiping endlessly and only ever getting matches from lower-tier women.

On the dating site I recommend, the opposite is true. Women value high intelligence, ambition and so on. Any man can possess these qualities, so any man can succeed on the dating site I recommend. The playing field is far more of a meritocracy where achievement counts more than looks.

I suppose it’s now time to tell let you guys sign up to this sugar dating site I have talked about. Just click the button below to sign up. You can create a free trial account to test it out for yourself (and check out how many hot girls are in your local area)

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Women Judge 80% Of Men As “Below Average” In Looks

female messaging and male attractiveness

Where do I get this statistic from? It’s taken from a famous and now-deleted post on the OK Cupid blog. They conducted a study with a large sample size drawn from their 6 million userbase (at that time), and the data proved that women found 80% of men on the platform “below average” in looks (based on their photos).

Now consider this is OK Cupid, where the male / female ratio is almost equal, and the site is less known as a hookup app. It’s a site where men and women might actually go on to form a long-lasting relationship, unlike Tinder which is more of a pure hookup app.

The pertinent question surely is: if 80% of women find men “below average” on a relationship site..How would they judge men on a hookup app?

What chance does the average man realistically have?

Average Rating On Tinder VS Recommended Dating Site

Now Tinder has some very attractive women on their app of course. The problem for the average guy who uses the Tinder App is they never get to even SEE these attractive women – let alone swipe on them – and certainly, they never match with these top of the range girls.

Why is this?

We already know from the data that women swipe no 95% of the time. It’s highly probably that your profile is swiped no more often than a hot guy’s profile.

The Tinder algo has to keep the women happy – they are after all the main attraction of the app and the entire edifice on which the Tinder business model is based.

Therefore do you think that Tinder wants to show your average looking face and body to women who think you are below average, and who we already know are probably going to swipe no on you?

Of course not! The Tinder app wants women to be happy and smiling. They only want women to see hung studs that will make their gina tingle! An average looking guy with boring photos who has a normal job won’t do the trick here.

So, the algo very quickly determines that YOU are that average or “below average” guy – and demotes you so that you never even SEE these hot girls.

rubbish thrown in bin

Your Tinder Profile Afer 20 Swipes, Yesterday

Even if you do, you can bet your last dollar that THEY WON’T SEE YOU – and that is the point.

You can purchase as many gold subscriptions as you like – you are STILL not going to match with the best looking girls.

The world of Tinder is one in which the “winner takes all” – and the winners are not the successful ambitious guys. It’s the guys who just happened to win the Genetic Lottery with their looks. And as we’ve seen, the discrimination is brutal and widespread.

Bottom line: You won’t beat the Tinder algorithm no matter what you do.

The next time someone asks “Is tinder worth it”, tell them about these stats we’ve discussed today. That should answer their question quite definitively.

Hot girls on the dating site I recommend

On the dating site I recommend, there are on average between 4 – 6 women per man – and they are virtually ALL hot. This fosters feminine competition for men, meaning that for once, YOU are the prize.

There IS no algorithm working against you on this dating site: It’s a purely egalitarian system. You can message as many women as you want, and you get to see all of them.

Here’s a little sample of the quality of girls I am talking about:

seeking arrangement sugar babies london

Hot girls from the dating site I recommend

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💖 Is Tinder Worth It? Of course not…

For the ambitious, intelligent guy who is not good-looking, there are FAR better alternatives than Tinder.

Tinder is worth it only for men who belong in the upper echelon of looks, or men who are prepared to drop their standards significantly and sleep with women who are not worthy.

In this article, I’ve tried to present you with the evidence and data that proves Tinder will never work for you…

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