Is Seeking Arrangement Worth It: A Definitive Answer!

If you’re thinking of signing up to Seeking Arrangement you will probably want to know whether it is still worth it in 2022?

If you’re seeking a sugar daddy or sugar baby, Seeking Arrangement is definitely worth it, due to the huge number of active members (over 40 million) and high quality of the men and women on the site. It is a site where you can “level up”, whether you’re a man or a woman.

People who ask if Seeking Arrangement is worth it might also be concerned whether they will waste their time and money on scammers, fake profiles and bots on the site. Rest assured, Seeking Arrangement has tackled this problem and is a “clean” site where you can be sure you are talking to a real human who is not just an escort seeking quick cash.

Source: Seeking.Com Blog “Seeking’s Security Measures Allow Members To Date With Ease”

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How To Answer If Seeking Arrangement Is Worth It (For Yourself)

Ultimately the easiest and quickest way to answer if Seeking Arrangement is worth it is to sign up for a free trial account.

When you do this you can check how many sugar babies are in your area, assess the quality of female profiles and even line up “leads” with sugar babies so that you don’t waste your time.

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Is Seeking Arrangement Worth It For Men And Women?

Let’s look at the question from the male and female perspective:

Men Seeking A Sugar BabyMen seeking a sugar baby will definitely find Seeking Arrangement worth it. There are several reasons why:

    • The excellent male/female ratio: In most parts of the Western world, there are at least 4 sugar babies for every sugar daddy. In some parts of the USA, there are even 6 women for every man! This means that as a sugar daddy you will always be spoilt for choice


    • The lack of competition from young attractive guys: You’ve all experienced it. You sign up to a dating site, send messages and never get a reply. This is because of the appalling male/female ratio, and the hordes of young attractive guys chasing the same odd hot woman. On Seeking Arrangement, the opposite is the case: YOU are the prize! Young attractive guys are put off by the higher than normal membership costs, so they don’t sign up.


    • Attractive women who want to meet an older guy: Seeking Arrangement tends to attract women who are looking for something more than just a studly Chad type guy. Sugar babies who sign up are often looking for a more mature intelligent guy who is ready to settle down. This is a site where your good career is an advantage.


This is incidentally one of the reasons why the site was set up by Brandon Wade in the first place – because on most dating sites men are judged almost entirely on their looks. Seeking Arrangement is different.

who seeking arrangement is for

Who Seeking Arrangement Is For – According To Seeking Arrangement


  • The popularity of the Seeking Arrangement dating site: Seeking Arrangement has active members in over 130 countries across the globe, so no matter where you are in the world you will always be able to find women to date in your local area.Hardly any other dating sites have achieved such penetration, and if they have, they don’t have the advantages that Seeking Arrangement does. Therefore it is one of the few dating sites where an older guy can meet attractive women anywhere in the world.

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Women Seeking A Sugar DaddySeeking Arrangement would not work if the women didn’t get what they wanted either. Here are some reasons why the site is great for sugar babies:

    • Millions Of Sugar Daddies: There are millions of active members on the Seeking Arrangement site and about 20% are men. Whilst the sugar babies will therefore have some competition, the girls who make the best impression will always be able to find a generous older guy with whom they can get into a relationship.


    • Intelligent educated men who want to settle: Seeking Arrangement isn’t a hookup app per se, so the women can relax knowing they will not be “pumped and dumped” by young guys just looking to play around. Plus the quality of male members is high due to the older age demographic and income bracket.


  • The higher than average membership costs weeds out timewasters, scammers and fakers: No woman wants to waste her time chatting to a man who has no money, prospects or who lacks ambition. Because men have to pay for premium membership, it weeds out the low-value guys who cannot afford a premium membership.

NOTE: If you’re still unsure if Seeking Arrangement is worth it for you, you could try to get a coupon code. Check out this post for a full breakdown of Seeking Arrangement coupon codes and discounts.

Who Seeking Arrangement Won’t Work For

From The Sugar Baby Perspective:

escorts on seeking arrangement

Escorts Are Not Welcome On Seeking Arrangement
Seeking Arrangement is competitive, especially for women due to the female/male ratio. So if you’re a woman who lacks the looks of some of the top tier women on the dating site, you will need to make up for it with a higher than average work ethic and a pleasant personality.

Remember that the majority of men are intimidated by really beautiful women, and they don’t believe that such a woman would be interested in them. So use that to your advantage when you use Seeking Arrangement to make sure you have the best experience.

Seeking Arrangement won’t work for escorts pretending to be sugar babies.

The site admin and software actively scans for escort profiles and will delete your profile instantly if you break the rules.

From The Sugar Daddy Perspective:

Beautiful women will always be in demand, especially by the most ambitious, confident and successful men. Regardless, you will need to be active on the site, put together a compelling and attractive profile and actively pursue the women.

Treat it like a fun work project where the aim is to find your ideal match and you’ll have a great time!

Seeking Arrangement won’t work for you if you use poor quality photos, are lazy, don’t message women and most importantly you are not happy to pay for a date.

If you’re the kind of guy who quibbles over a bill in a restaurant then Seeking Arrangement won’t be for you. The site is intended for men who are old-fashioned and have no problem paying for a girl on a date.

What Kind Of Results Can You Get On Seeking Arrangement

We reach the ultimate question which determines if Seeking Arrangement is worth it for a man: the kind of results you can expect.

The answer depends on several key factors:

1: Your attitude towards paying: If you do well in life and are happy to pay for a girl on a date or a romantic holiday, you have the potential to do well on Seeking Arrangment. What does “well” mean?

It means you can date multiple attractive women during a 7 day period – a feat that hardly any man ever manages. But there is a caveat here, which leads us onto our second factor which determines your success on Seeking Arrangement:

2: Your work ethic You will have to send at least a few messages on Seeking Arrangement to get dates set up with the sugar babies – especially the most attractive sugar babies. Your overall SMV makes a difference too.

3: Your sexual market value: It still makes a difference. If you’re an attractive guy it does help on Seeking Arrangement. The difference is that it’s not the ONLY factor like it is on most dating sites.

On Seeking Arrangement, average looking guys can get with hot sugar babies if they make up for it if they have other qualities such as intelligence and ambition that are more highly prized.

So here’s the bottom line: If you are happy to pay for a girl, not averse to sending messages on the website, are ambitious with a decent job, you can expect to date women who are far more attractive and in greater numbers than you have ever managed before.

Seeking Arrangement is a godsend for intelligent educated guys who want to meet attractive women. Yes, it’s worth it.

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