Can introverts be truly attractive to women and confident socially? This video comes from a readers question – perhaps the question resonates with you too?

Viewer Comment Taken From The Sigma Male Channel

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The answer is yes! And it relies on embracing your introversion, but working with its boundaries, whislt tweaking and amplifying some aspects of your core personality – and dialing down others. You most definitely CAN change your personality – and people do over their lives (think of people you know who have changed over the years). You just cannot change your core temprament.

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Let’s recap briefly. Research suggests that you cannot change from an introvert to an extrovert – or vice versa (I’ll show you the related video with the research cited at the end – so don’t worry). If you’re not the kind of person who likes being the centre of attention, or around lots of people all of the time – in other words, if you’re an introvert – then you’re never going to become the gregarious aLpha male who gets along with everyone and who likes being the centre of attention.

We see now why the commenter might be slightly dispirited by this realisation. After all, the majority of the history of dating advice, societal advice, and probably advice from your friends is to “just be more sociable”….Talk to more people! Or perhaps, stop being weird.

Set your mind at rest – Sigma Males are virtually always introverted in their core temprament, but they sit right at the top of the attractiveness scale, right alongside the alpha. But their strategy, way of meeting women and method needs to be on point. Let’s firstly take an example personality type of a Sigma Male – from the 16 personalities quiz , and then talk about how this translates to social confidence, and appeal to women.

The 16 Personalities Quiz – INFP – A : Analysis

I took the 16 personalities quiz a couple of weeks ago for a related video, and got the result INFP – A. The quiz is based on the famous Myers Brigg test schema. Now whilst this test is not considered scientifically rigourous, it is well known for pretty accurate depictions of people’s general personality.

INFP – A fits the Sigma Male archetype perfectly. Here are some choice quotes to illustrate. Listen carefully and think – does this sound like an eerily accurate description of a Sigma Male to you?

Strategy of an INFP – A

Quote 1 “Confident Individualists typically trust in themselves, and they often embrace solitude to pursue their own interests rather than seeking out social activity.”

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Ever heard of the term “The Sigma Male Lone Wolf?”
You’ll see in the other videos on this channel I talk about how Sigma Males often value solitutde and don’t like constantly being in large groups.

Quote 2 :
But projects are usually only pursued for their own merit – Confident Individualists tend to feel that social displays and bragging are time and energy wasted. These personality types are proud of who they are, what they know, and what they can do, but they don’t feel the need to prove themselves to others.

What they are describing here is what I call in my book Primal Seduction “becoming internally referenced”. This is why Sigma Males have no interest in fitting in with the prevailing norms, nor are they impressed by material things other than for their utility. You show a typical Sigma Male a Ferrari, and they will admire the engineering triumph…But give no thought to the status that it implies.

Quote 3:

Confident Individualists engage their internal inspiration instead of searching for motivation outside themselves.

Think hard about how this applies to a Sigma Male, and how it can be used to become attractive to women. What do we know about Sigma Males? That they tend to prefer solo game – in bars, nightclubs, or in the daytime. What you need to do is take this natural disposition and TRAIN yourself to avoid the pitfalls of solo game so you can become effective. In particular I refer to : negative voices in your head when you are out alone, having no one to talk to, feeling self concious because you are alone in a club or bar. You need to learn to take this internal motivation and use it in environments where there is no stimulation – such as in the daytime for example. It’s why introverted Sigma Males tend to lean towards meeting women solo.

Quote 4 :

Are You Ready To Join The Secret Society?

This utilitarianism also means that Confident Individualists are not easily drawn into emotional drama. They hold their own opinions firmly, but tend to see little reason to try to convince others. ”

This again rings true. In my book Primal Seduction I talk about one of the key universally attractive masculine traits is having strong standards and boundaries. THink about how attractive it is when you’re faced with a womans emotional storms , and you don’t get drawn in,
merely thinking of it as “drama”. The key is to marry this aloofness with emotional warmth, love and respect. You need all 3 if you want to avoid being a cold robotic type of character.

Quote 5 :

“Impressing a Confident Individualist earns their respect and care, and these types make for dedicated, passionate friends.”

This is the crux of a classic Sigmas view on friendships. They tend to eschew shallow friendships of convenince, instead seeking out meaningful long term friendships. It’s a quirk of nature that whilst Sigmas are powerfully attractive to women and can have many opportunities for lots of partners…Deep down in their core they value lasting sincere relationships. This is why if you become highly successful with women, you need to curb the “who cares ” attitude , or conversely the slightly contemptuos attitude that can result.

Conclusion :

Now there are many more eerie similarities. Overall then I hope you can see that introverted men CAN be very attractive to women, though typically it takes more hard work on your personality than it would for a natural alpha male. You’re going to have to temper some of the more limiting aspects of being an introvert – such as succumbing to your natural desire to shun company completely, whilst at the same time tweaking and modifying those aspects which make you more appealing to women. In this instance we’ve seen assertiveness, strong standards and boundaries and being internally referenced. There are many more, which are very attractive to women, which are unique to introverted men (or attractive Sigma Males)