I am strongly considering filming in London again. I need to check my equipment first and a few other things, but thinking over next few days / weeks and weeks whilst the weather lasts.

I need a camera man. Now, this is a pretty thankless task, so be warned : it aint glamourous!

I need someone who :

  • Realises it IS a thankless task! I need to get in state, get in the mood and do a good job, so I can’t be attending to you and your feelings. You need to be focussed on the job at hand, and not your wishes and desires.
  • Better if you’re physically fit to keep up. I can now walk 20 miles a day for days on end without problem. Would be good if you can keep up without needing to sit down and without whining! (We probably won’t need to do that much walking but better if the option is there)
  • Would be great if we get on to keep each others state high. I can manage this myself, but it’s even better if you’re a fun kind of bloke. To summarise my worldview : I am obviously right wing, vehemently anti vax, I think covid is bullshit etc. I would definitely get on with you if you share my views.

So what’s in it for you?

  • I would like to meet new mates in the UK, always open for it. We might end up winging!
  • I am now a VERY good teacher of pickup. I would help you on the basis of a GENUINE friendship – if we start like that, you’ll get more out of it..But don’t be asking tons of questions in between sets..That is mercenary and shows me you’re short sightedly looking out only for yourself. Better to genuinely be selfless for a few days whilst we film and think of the long term.

Contact me below if you want to be part of this – and do it quick – the good weather won’t last long and we cannot film inside a shopping centre with my big camera!