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Steve Jabba

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Did you know that roughly 90% of men who try daygame give up within 3 months?

It all boils down to your cold approach success rate. Even the toughest man with the most determination cannot continue to approach 1000s of women, but only getting a handful of results.

So in this article, we’re going to explore all about cold approaching, and figure out ways to bring up your cold approach success rate to a reasonable level, so you don’t end up getting frustrated and eventually quitting.

📈Does Cold Approaching Work?

Do a Google search for cold approach and you will see that this is a related search – which means a lot of people search for it! Alongside terms such as “cold approaching is a waste of time”.

People also want to know “is cold approaching weird?”. Well, I’ve travelled the world extensively over the last 10 years. I can tell you that cold approaching is common in a lot of countries outside of the USA and UK. Whilst it may be a niche pursuit in these Western Countries, it certainly is not in Eastern Europe and parts of South America.

Men approach women all the time over there.

I’m sure you can understand why people want to know the answer to these questions. Cold approaching can be frustrating, especially when you put hours of work in and get no reward.

The answer is yes, cold approaching DOES work! Read on and I will explain how to make it work for you.

Note: If you want a full thorough guide about how to approach a girl check out the linked article – it explains everything you need to know.

📊What Is The Typical Cold Approach Success Rate?

The typical cold approach success rate is anywhere between 1-7%. By success, I mean approach a girl cold and end up taking her to bed.

These statistics might sound depressing – but there ARE ways of improving your cold approach success rate.

Here’s how:

📰How To Improve Your Cold Approach Success Rate – Step By Step

Ping Range And The Pre-Approach

Your ping range is the total number of girls at any point in time who notice you when you are out and about.

It’s called a ping range because you send out a signal to her that you have noticed her e.g. by forcing an IOI, or she gives you an IOI without you forcing it.

In both instances, a “ping” is happening – a recognition that she has noticed you and is favourable to your approach (to varying degrees – the “strength” of an IOI).

You want the widest ping range possible. More girls noticing you = more chance of warm approaches = more chance of ultimately getting laid.

How To Widen Your Ping Range

1: Improve your posture

I’ve mentioned many times over the years that I constantly monitor my posture. This basically involves ensuring my stomach is pulled in, my back is straight, shoulders are back and head facing forward.

This is a lifelong habit. Once you build this habit, you’ll do it quite naturally – but it takes time. You’ll need to conciously monitor your posture for the first few weeks.

To begin to build the habit, you’ll simply have to burn it into your brain and remind yourself constantly (without getting paranoid about it!).

Furthermore, you can specifically target gym exercises that improve your posture. These including hangs – (simply hanging from a bar for as long as possible) and deadlifts.

poor posture

Monitoring your posture in this way ensures that you look strong and powerful when you walk around – unlike the vast majority of guys who girls will see in their daily lives. It’s actually a very subtle form of peacocking but it is powerful.

Pro Tip: Look for yourself at the posture of men who you see when you walk around. You’ll notice it’s usually poor – especially for men over 30. Simply by walking with great posture, you’ll stand out from the vast majority of men.

Build An Avatar With Your Clothing Choice

You want to avoid the boring generic look that most guys have. One way to do this is to pick a style that you are comfortable with, and choose clothes around this look.

This is entirely your personal choice. I personally choose well fitted t shirts, leather jackets and jeans.

However some of you may go for a more “bad boy” rocker look, or a grungy look, or whatever.

Pro Tip : If you’re getting older and you still want to use the bad boy rocker look, you have to really “own” it.

I also believe that it’s much more difficult to pick up the very hottest Eastern European girls unless you are totally congurent with your Avatar, particularly when you are older. See this post for more details.

Get Height Increasing Shoes

timberland boots height increasing

I used to recommend peacocking Cowboy boots with a Cuban Heel. I no longer recommend these shoes.

The reason is that I’ve had problems with Morton’s Neuroma for the past few years due to wearing a narrow toecap cowboy shoes.

I now wear sturdy Timberlands, which add an extra 1-1.5 inches to my height, making me approximately 6’1.5 – 6’2

Consider Cosmetic Surgery

If you’re a naturally ugly bugger like me, think about the benefits of cosmetic surgery.

Overall Body Improvement

An obvious one, which I have been saying for years. It’s a no brainer.

If you’re new to training, I’d recommend the Stronglifts 5 * 5 program.

💹Techniques To Improve Your ROI From Cold Approach

Here’s my warm up routine before approaching girls. The purpose is to get myself into a better state, reduce approach anxiety and try to hit flow state before approaching.


Use Forcing IOI’s

Forcing IOI’s is an excellent way of developping “warm” approaches. I’ve been using this technique for 28 years.

See this post for a full breakdown of forcing IOI’s.

Increase Your ROI From Cold Approach : In Set Techniques

This is where the rubber hits the road. When you approach and open a girl, you’ll always want to focus on creating sexual tension.

There’s a full breakdown (approx 1 hour) in my Secret Society video product, but briefly:

Stand Closer To The Girl

This is the no1 mistake that guys make when they approach women. They stand far too far away.

If you’ve watched my infield pick up videos, you’ll notice that I always stand within touching distance of the girl – and I initiate touching early.

You’ve probably seen this video before, but check out my most brazen example of creating sexual tension with this infield video. Apologies for corrupted audio at the start.

Initiate Touching Early

This is a tough one for most guys, because they have fear of escalation. However it’s absolutely critical to make a strong impression, create sexual tension and get the girl interested and attracted to you.

For starters though, start off gently by a simple touch on the arm. Hold for a few seconds then release.

You have to learn to gauge the signs that the girl gives back to you, or be so totally confident that you can simply overwhelm her with dominance and power early on.

This takes time, practice and skill. There is a full breakdown in The Secret Society on how to spot the signs, read them, escalate at the right moment and eventually learn how to make escalate so powerfully and confidently that you rarely (if ever) get rejected.

Reduce Your Flake Rate From Cold Approaching

Watch the video below which tells you all you need to know about reducing your flake rate from cold approching.