🇬🇧UK Sex Guide 2023 – Get Laid Fast, Cheap And Easy!

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uk sex guide
In this UK Sex Guide, I’ll be sharing everything you need to know about getting laid quickly, affordably, and effortlessly in the UK.

I’ll cover information on UK call girls, UK brothels, strip clubs, erotic massage parlours in the UK, street prostitution, as well as the top sex dating websites and apps to use while you’re here.

I’ll also provide you with some facts and figures about sex in the UK, and the potential dangers and annoyances you should be aware of if you’re looking to score with UK girls.

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🏦UK Background Information

The UK boasts a fascinating blend of rich history, diverse culture, gorgeous landscapes and pulsating cities.

The first 3 things you’ll notice about the UK are the iconic landmarks of London, the charming countryside, and the warm locals.

UK girls can also be exquisite – though it must be said the average UK girls can leave a little to be desired.

Still, the pub scene is unmatched, and as a food lover, I can’t get enough of the cuisine variety (especially in London!)

Note: If you’re looking for a full London Sex Guide breakdown, check out this related guide.

uk countryside

👧🏼Prostitutes And Sex In The UK: Background Information

Let’s dive deeper into the UK’s prostitution scene.

Although selling sex is legal, associated activities like brothel-keeping, soliciting in public, and pimping remain illegal, making it a bit of a grey area.

It’s tough to pin down the exact size of the industry, but estimates suggest there could be around 72,800 sex workers in the UK, with over 32,000 in London alone!

As for the workers themselves, the majority are from Eastern Europe, South East Asia or Latin America.

There are a million and one escort sites in the UK, so you can just Google them. Be warned that it’s not cheap though (more on this later).

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🏮UK Red Light District And Brothels

There are no real red light districts in the UK, and street walking is increasingly rare. The only real red light scene in the UK is in Soho in London.

There are occasionally other notorious areas in parts of the UK such as Birmingham, but the girls are substandard and often use drugs. Much easier to use normal escort services.

👧🏼UK Call Girls/Escorts / Hookers

Let’s talk about the UK’s call girls, escorts, and hookers scene. Even though prostitution isn’t criminal in the UK, profiting from it or providing support is.

The UK has a large home grown sex industry as we’ve discussed, worth approxiately $8.8 billion.

With demand soaring, savvy sex workers have increased their prices considerably.

Most of the business happens in apartments across the cities, with 1-4 girls per unit. These UK call girls advertise their services online, revealing the exact address and gate code once the client is nearby.

Since UK call girls are often foreign they are not always fluent, however most of these girls speak enough English to conduct their business.

As well as escort sites, you can find independent UK call girls on sites like Adult Friend Finder, where you can search by service, ethnicity, and location. Just sign up for free using the link below:

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To identify call girls on Adult Friend Finder, simply ask!

If the girl’s photos are naughty and her profile is sexy, she might be open to some paid fun.

As for the price of UK call girls and escorts, brace yourselves – it’s NOT cheap.

The average cost for a UK escort or call girl is around 250 GBP (268 USD). The prices are similar to those in the US or Germany, where most tourists seeking UK call girls come from.

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👧🏼UK Strip Clubs

uk strip clubs
Unlike much of Europe, UK strip clubs can actually be quite good. The main strip club brands you skhould look out for are:

  • Spearmint Rhino (clubs all over the UK)
  • Stringfellows (London Only)
  • For your eyes only (all over the UK)

There are also lots of independant brands all over the UK.

You’ll find them mainly in big cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham, but they’re scattered throughout the country as well.

UK strip clubs have a unique set of rules. First and foremost, keep your hands to yourself; touching the dancers is strictly off-limits. Plus, don’t expect any “extras” beyond a lap dance – they’re super rare in UK clubs.

Another positive aspect of UK strip clubs is the low likelihood of scams compared to other countries. You can generally trust the staff and surroundings, but it never hurts to stay vigilant and cautious.

There have been famous examples of UK strip clubs drugging customers, such as this case with Legs 11 some years ago now.

So, if you’re heading to a UK strip club, remember to follow the rules and manage your expectations.

👧🏼UK Street Hookers/Prostitutes

Let’s dive into the topic of street hookers in the UK. You can find them mainly in larger cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham, but they’re around in other urban areas too.

Now, I’ve got to be real with you – many street hookers in the UK are often desperate and struggling with drug addiction. It’s a grim situation, and engaging with them can come with its own set of risks.

The main dangers of seeking street hookers in the UK include the possibility of encountering violence, getting robbed, or contracting sexually transmitted infections. Plus, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law, as soliciting sex in public is illegal.

So, when considering street hookers in the UK, it’s crucial to weigh the risks and keep your personal safety in mind. To be honest, it’s not worth bothering with at all.

😍Types Of British Girls!

There are actually different types of British girls, and your strategy to attract them is different depending upon the type of girl you encounter. Here are some tips to attract the main types of British girls:

The chav girl

british chav girls
Chav British girls usually walk around in tracksuits and wears a lot of fake tan. Not often beautiful, the Chav British girl is easy to pull ONLY if you appeal to her base animal desires. You’ll often find them hanging around in gangs, often on council estates.

How to attract a chav British girl: Act alpha, be prepared to get into physical confrontation with other men (typically gang members), swear a lot, say “innit” a lot and break the law with impunity.

The hot upper class naughty girl

hot upper class english girl
Hot upper-class English girls are some of the best girls in the world. They look fantastic, they have the RP English accent (as you’ll hear on the BBC), and they are filthy in bed.

How to attract upper-class naughty English girls: Play up on your working-class roots, try to be her “bit of rough”. Think of Sharpe (Sean Bean) in the famous English TV series of the same name.

Don’t try and compete with her in the posh stakes – you’ll never win. Upper-class English live in a different, mysterious world with other rules that you’ll never understand.

Where you’ll find her: Richmond, South Kensington, Harrods in Knightsbridge. in the daytime or in the posh clubs in the evenings. Don’t even THINK about getting into those clubs unless you’re “known” though.

The middle class tidy English girl

middle class english girl pencil skirt
These girls are great too, and there are plenty of them in the UK. You’ll find them wearing pencil skirts, clackety-clack heels and sensible lipstick in offices all over the UK.

How to attract middle-class English girls: Be bold, be confident – and have a plan. She encounters lecherous office drone types all day long, so talk about your travels, your side hustles and so on.

These types of girls also love cheeky banter and outrageous displays of confidence.

👧🏼Meet Stunning Young Sugar Babies in the UK👧🏼

Escorts or call girls in the UK can be fun, but there are other options to explore. Ever considered meeting sugar babies in the UK?

These girls are usually gorgeous and incredibly eager to connect with an older guy. However, they have no interest in escorting.

Instead, they’re looking for a more traditional relationship with a twist. They want to meet an older, wealthy man who can spoil them, take them to upscale places, and shower them with gifts.

When you meet a sugar baby, you enjoy all the perks of a beautiful escort (sugar babies are often even more attractive!), minus the risks. Moreover, sugar babies frequently seek more serious relationships.

These relationships are NOTHING like paying for sex. It’s often a grey area – a quasi “vanilla” relationship where the girl genuinely develops feelings for you… But she wants you to have money.

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🛏Erotic Massage UK🛏

The UK has numerous erotic massage parlors, and you can even book an outcall massage girl (though incall is preferable).

Unlike street call girls, UK erotic massage parlors are safe, and you’re unlikely to be robbed, assaulted, or scammed in these establishments.

However, getting full sex in these places might be a challenge, as they generally offer only erotic (tantric) massages.

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