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hot english girls

I’m sure you’ll agree that English women can be some of the sexiest in the world – when they make an effort.

But they are not easy to pick up.

Read on to discover how to get laid in UK – quickly, cheaply and with minimal stress!

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💘How To Attract A British Girl – Top Tips

Try and be low-key and humourous when chatting up British girls. English women like what is called “banter” – which is basically a light version of taking the piss out of each other.

I personally never liked this aspect of British culture, so I used to avoid it, but I did adapt it to picking up English girls.

Here’s a video of me demonstrating banter and low-key humour with an English girl in Knightsbridge, London:

There are actually different types of British girls, and your strategy to attract them is different depending upon the type of girl you encounter. Here are some tips to attract the main types of British girls:

The chav girl

british chav girls
Chav British girls usually walk around in tracksuits and wears a lot of fake tan. Not often beautiful, the Chav British girl is easy to pull ONLY if you appeal to her base animal desires. You’ll often find them hanging around in gangs, often on council estates.

How to attract a chav British girl: Act alpha, be prepared to get into physical confrontation with other men (typically gang members), swear a lot, say “innit” a lot and break the law with impunity.

The hot upper class naughty girl

hot upper class english girl
Hot upper-class English girls are some of the best girls in the world. They look fantastic, they have the RP English accent (as you’ll hear on the BBC), and they are filthy in bed.

How to attract upper-class naughty English girls: Play up on your working-class roots, try to be her “bit of rough”. Think of Sharpe (Sean Bean) in the famous English TV series of the same name.

Don’t try and compete with her in the posh stakes – you’ll never win. Upper-class English live in a different, mysterious world with other rules that you’ll never understand.

Where you’ll find her: Richmond, South Kensington, Harrods in Knightsbridge. in the daytime or in the posh clubs in the evenings. Don’t even THINK about getting into those clubs unless you’re “known” though.

The middle class tidy English girl

middle class english girl pencil skirt
These girls are great too, and there are plenty of them in the UK. You’ll find them wearing pencil skirts, clackety-clack heels and sensible lipstick in offices all over the UK.

How to attract middle-class English girls: Be bold, be confident – and have a plan. She encounters lecherous office drone types all day long, so talk about your travels, your side hustles and so on.

These types of girls also love cheeky banter and outrageous displays of confidence.

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👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨Where To Meet English Girls

hot british girl midlands

It might seem a strange thing to write about, but England has changed a lot demographically over the years. If you want to meet English girls – actual traditional English girls, they are not so easy to find anymore.

However it is still possible!

Broadly speaking, the girls in the North of England tend to be more friendly and up for fun. However, you will be competing with Northern English men – who are often big, strong and have game and confidence.

The best cities in the North of England are probably Newcastle and Manchester. Both have great nightlife options, with friendly, thin and approachable English women.

newcastle girls

Girls In Newcastle Can Be Fun!

Further south you have London and Brighton. London needs no introduction, but if you want to meet English girls you’ll need to look outside of the centre.

NOTE: Read this guide on how to get laid in London if you want more specific details about the London dating scene.

Try Shoreditch in the evening, and around Liverpool street in the daytime. Covent Garden can be good too, but be warned, the tourists will drive you mad after a while.

Brighton is a seaside town – it’s called “little London by the sea”. This is probably the coolest city in the United Kingdom to meet English girls.

girls in brighton

Girls In Brighton

Plus the men are mostly gay (no joke!) – so the cool girls are easier to swoop.

Be warned: You will need to be VERY well dressed and look cool, with confidence and game to do well in Brighton.

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💑Top Dating Sites To Meet English Girls

Here are some real female profiles from these dating sites in the UK.

london girls online dating

You’ll find millions of gorgeous girls on these UK dating sites.

❓UK Dating Sites Lowdown:

Adult Friend Finder (Join Free Using This Link)

A site purely for casual sex encounters. If you’re looking for a hookup, this is the best place to start.
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  • Number Of Members: Approx 60 million
  • Member Demographics: 60% women, 40% men
  • Key Features: Only sign up for this site if you want casual sex – you won’t find a relationship here. This site caters for all types of sexual taste.
  • best sugar daddy sites

  • Number Of Members: Approx 35 million
  • Member Demographics: 75% women, 25% men
  • Key Features: If you’re a 35+ year-old man and you don’t mind spending a bit of money, this site is perfect for you. The girls on this site love traditional older men who don’t mind treating their girl to weekends away, gifts and a fun, varied lifestyle.
  • Ashley Madison (Join Free Using This Link)

    A decent site for younger men looking for cougars. Not as good as Adult Friend Finder, but still good.

    ashley madison free trial

  • Number Of Members: Approx 15 million
  • Member Demographics: 60% women, 40% men
  • Key Features: Ashley Madison is a fast-growing site in the UK. It’s probably more suited for men under 35 who like cougars. Second only to Adult Friend Finder in this regard, but still very good.
  • 😍How To Impress A British Girl?

    British girls are often impressed by guys that exhibit the following qualities:

    An ironic sense of humour. The British are famous for their keen sense of irony, so if you can learn to laugh at the absurdities of life then you’ll find British women are more likely to be attracted to you. Watch some classic reruns of Monty Python to get a sense of what ironic humour looks like.
    monty python british humour

    Classic British Humour To Impress British Girls

    Alpha behaviour. Unfortunately British women don’t tend to like sissies or feminine men – they like men who take charge, lead and display dominance in their behaviour. Not easy, but if you can show these behaviours you’ll be able to impress British girls.

    Conflict with other men. Chav girls especially are impressed by men who are unafraid of fighting with other men. So take up some combat sports and get real fighting experience if for some strange reason you want to start impressing chav British girls.

    Learn these top 3 behaviours and traits to really impress British women and you’ll go far!

    🏩It it easy to get laid in UK?

    It can be easy to get laid in the UK if you know what you’re doing. Here’s how it works:

    British girls can be incredibly harsh and rude if they don’t like you, or if you approach in a retarded way. Recent demographic changes in the UK have meant that certain types of men approach British girls in a misogynistic, boorish and sexist way, which puts them on guard, or even makes them fearful.

    Not to mention the rise in daygame (thankfully declining now), where English girls were clumsily spam-approached in cities all around the UK.

    So is it easy to get laid in UK in today’s times? Nowhere near as easy as it used to be, and British women have got a whole lot more wary and choosy as time has passed.

    The best option to get laid easily in the UK is to use Seeking.Com – a “level up” dating site with millions of British women who are looking for a hookup.

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    sugar baby profiles birmingham uk

    Girls on Seeking.Com in the UK

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    Before you approach: Fashion, Body And Height

    If you have your “look” sorted already then you can skip this section. However, the majority of guys do not.

    You should bear in mind that British women often have an established social circle, often with British men.

    British men are reasonably strong competition: many of them go to the gym and are in shape…And quite a few have good “game” (they know how to chat up girls).

    So you have to be the best you can be to compete!

    💬How To Start A Conversation With A British Girl

    The best way to start a conversation with a British girl is to be direct and straightforward. If you see an English girl on the street or in the pub, try to make direct eye contact with her, don’t look away, smile and then walk over.

    British women like banter and cheeky men, so say something like “Do you always stare at guys you fancy then?”

    This shows confidence, swag and cheekiness, which most British women love.

    Remember when you start a conversation with British girls to try and use humour, and don’t take yourself too seriously.


    Pro tip: If you really struggle with this, any man of any age looks good in a leather jacket, T-shirt or smart shirt and good quality jeans.

    leather jacket and t shirt

    This look works well for any man

    Most guys wear excessively baggy clothes of a generic style.

    If you are dressing like every other boring guy around you then, to a hot English girl, you are just another boring guy.

    Flip through a men’s style magazine and find someone cool who has a similar physical structure and demographic as you (e.g. young tall guy, old heavyset guy) then copy their style.

    Give yourself permission to be stylish. It’s better to spend your entire clothing budget on one great outfit than to spread it thinly over many shitty pieces in your closet.

    Your Body

    Get to a gym. Lose flab, get in shape. No excuses.

    You may have internalised the mantra that “looks don’t matter”. Drop it – it’s not true!

    Women are attracted to muscular, lean physiques both because of the visual thrill they experience from looking at it and because of what a fit strong body communicates about the man’s self-respect and investment in himself.

    A good routine to start with is the stronglifts 5 * 5 routine.


    Women prefer tall men, up to the golden height of 6’2” (or so). There is some leeway here depending on the girl’s own height and how much she seeks a sense of vulnerability and smallness in the company of a big man.

    This notwithstanding, if you are one of the 99% of men who is shorter than 6’4” then you will unquestionably benefit from adding an extra inch or two to your height.

    This means stand up straight, chin up and sleep in a comfortable bed with a high-quality firm mattress (so your body can elongate overnight – it’s a strange fact of gravity that people lose an inch in height during the day from gravity pulling their skeleton downwards).

    If you’re excessively short look into height increasing shoes.

    height increasing insoles

    Height Increasing Insoles Can Give You A Height Bump (1-1.5 inches)

    Behaviour And Technique To Attract English Girls

    There are 2 main keys to approaching and attracting English women (or any woman for that matter). You have to use your social intelligence, and you have to create sexual tension when you approach her.

    Other things you can try:

    Try using mini cold reads mixed in with sexuality which are effective in attracting British women.

    One which immediately springs to mind is:

    “Red hair, short skirt – must be filthy in bed. Am I right?”

    British culture has unfortunately degraded a lot from its height when we ruled the world and brought civilisation to the rest of the globe.

    Nowadays the fashion for British men seems to be to turn yourself into a disproportionately muscled Orange gorilla, and act raucously with no class.

    You don’t want to act like this, it’s not becoming behaviour. However, try to be a bit cheeky and overconfident.

    British women respond especially well to “A bit of a lad” – a guy who gets women that they think they can turn around.

    Pro Tip: If you haven’t seen the original British movie “Alfie” with Michael Caine, then do watch it. Alfie personifies this cocky and cheeky British guy perfectly. British women especially seem to love the challenge of turning around a “bit of a lad”, a guy just like the character of Alife in the original 1966 movie.

    michael caine alfie

    Screenshot Of Michael Caine In The 1966 Movie Alife. Watch It!

    Handling Confrontational British Women

    English women are usually not shy at all at being confrontational and aggressive. It sadly seems to have been ingrained in British culture in 2018.

    Therefore, you need to be ready for this when you approach English girls.

    If you approach an English girl and she acts like this, it’s best to try and turn her around by being a bit cheeky with her. Something like:

    “Who rattled your cage woman? Shut your pie hole!”

    Please Note : This only applies to a certain type of British woman. The more classy types of English girl need a different approach.

    Be Dominant With English Women

    man spanking woman dominant

    British Girls Respond Well To Dominance. Don’t Try This In The Street!

    British women like a guy who takes charge. One of the main reasons for this is related to masculine and feminine polarity.

    The majority of younger English women have to compete in the workplace, so in their free time they want to be allowed to be more feminine, which means they will look to the guy to take charge and be more dominant and assertive.

    Incidentally, if you’re an older guy reading this and you want to meet younger women, check out my full list of younger woman older man dating sites.

    Being dominant is a very attractive masculine trait generally, but it works especially well on English and Eastern European women.

    You can introduce this when you approach an English girl by touching her quite early on when you approach. Just a gentle touch on the arm will be enough.

    Also, try to be assumptive in your speech. For example, instead of asking “so will you go out with me”, say something like “so when are we going to go out then?”.

    Think cocky and dominant and you won’t be far off.

    A Direct Approach Works Best With English Women

    If you try and pick up English girls, there is no time for indirect nonsense. Just use direct game and tell her that you want to see her again.

    There are of course exceptions to this. The arty type of hipster guy who plays games with girls can actually get success – particularly in London. But let’s be honest, who’s got time for all that malarkey?

    Better to get right to the point and save us all some time.

    Give Specific Compliments When You Talk To English Women

    Every girl likes to feel special, and English women are no exception. When you approach her, give her a specific compliment – something that you feel stands out about her above other women.

    There must have been a reason for you to approach her, so tell her when you talk to her.

    Try to make the compliment as specific as you can. Be descriptive – use adjectives like striking, interesting. Say it from the heart, and don’t just repeat the same thing you say to every girl when you approach!

    The real key to success with English girls

    When you approach any girl, you’ll want to bear in mind three key principles:

    • Use your social intelligence about which kind of girls to approach – and when
    • Focus on creating sexual tension. This is what makes a girl intrigued and attracted to you. It’s the difference between a “friendly” conversation that goes nowhere..And one that leads to a date (and ultimately taking her to bed, starting a relationship with her etc)
    • Authenticity. People look for authentic relationships. The girl needs to know she can trust you, that you are a “solid” guy..And that you say the same thing to EVERY girl

    Positive Qualities Of English Women

    hot english girls

    One delight of British women is there are lots of great looking British girls from further North who are very down to earth and easy to talk to.

    It is actually not so difficult to pick up English girls – they are not shy and have no problem with sleeping with you quickly. You just need to know how to act around them.

    Bottom Line: The best British women can be the best in the world. When English women are good looking, they are usually REALLY good looking. I personally prefer girls from the South who speak with an impeccable British accent.

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