The best way to meet girls during your lunch hour is to be disciplined, pick 2 or 3 opening lines (openers), find an area with high footfall and start approaching.

Let’s unpack it a little:

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Example Daygame Openers

There are 4 types of opener:


Stating your intentions clearly, verbally and non verbal subcommunications


Hiding your intentions until later in the pickup

Direct / Indirect

Making innocuos conversations but making your intentions known with direct subcommunications – strong eye contact, standing close, touching her.


Picking something out about the environment and commenting on it. Either with direct or indirect subcommunications.

You have to decide which works best for you. Personally I prefer using 3, but I avoid Indirect.

Here’s how you might approach a girl during your lunch hour using the 3 main methods:

Direct Daygame Opening:

“Hey. May I tell you, you look quite….nice. I’m Steve by the way. I just wondered, do you have a boyfriend?”

Direct / indirect

Isn’t queueing boring. I hate it. So what’s your name then? I think I’ve seen you before…


Those sausages you’re buying look very tasty I must say…

Please Note: It is best to try and make up your own openers. Even better if you can come up with something on the spot.

The reason for this is twofold:

1: You have to get used to reacting in real time to the feedback from the girl. This is the crux of natural game.

It’s why natural game is about 10000* more effective than canned game. Because you’re giving a socially calibrated response to the girl which reveals something
of your personality.

It also means you are going to come across congruently rather than a little bit off or weird.

Using canned openers is fine to begin. In reality, what you say on the opener makes zero difference to the end result. It’s your subcommunications and your vibe that matters, and whether you’re creating sexual tension.

{This is what my video product Secret Society is all about, by the way)

2: In creating your own openers, you are beginning to “find your game”. You want your game to be an authentic expression of your self, not a bolt on that you’ve learned on a forum (or off me)

So use my 3 openers if you want but always bear in mind, you’re doing this just to get approaching and learning your own game.

Finally, I have to say that I am not stating “be yourself”. I’ve written extensively about the cornerstone characteristics in my book Primal Seduction.

There ARE universally attractive masculine traits that you definitiely SHOULD adopt if you want to improve your results with women. But if you haven’t approached before, you have to start somewhere and using these 1 or 2 of these 3 openers is a good place to start.

Being Disciplined About Opening During Your Lunch Break

You only have 1 hour so you need to get started quickly. So, the first hot girl you see that you like the look of, you need to approach her directly and

Use one of the openers I’ve given you. Don’t think, just go staight up to her and tap that ass!

Try to maintain this habit for 3 out of the 5 lunchtimes during the week.

If you’re struggling to start opening, then here’s another tip:

Start practicing on girls working on perfurme stands. My first ever lay from Daygame was an Iranian girl working on a perfume stand in Milton Keynes.

Now I will tell you this absolutely true story of beginners luck and glory. This was my first ever daygame approach.

I approached her and asked her for advice on aftershave – I had two different types , one on each wrist.

Despite the fact I’d slept with maybe 90-100 girls even when I started (it might be more, cannot honestly remember), I was nervous as hell.

I went red in the face (for about 10 seconds), and my left knee was literally shaking.

However after 30 seconds it all faded and I was feeling good.

Somehow I managed to get past the 30 seconds and I ended up fucking her the same night in my shared accomodation in Milton Keynes. I even remember my housemate was shagging his bird at the same time, so it got her really turned on and perhaps contributed to that result.

I’ve said this forever : You do NOT have to be super smooth. Sometimes a girl just likes you. Also, it is more important that you attempt to unshackle yourself and show the real you, authenticity. Nerves mask that of course, but you will find approach anxiety and nerves never really dissappear but they do become manageable.

One final example, this girl from Budapest was 18 when I met her, I was 39 – I met her in the West end shopping mall in Budpaest. As I wrote about, I wussed out on approaching her initially but when she glided past the second time I did approach.

Again, I was nervous for the first 30 seconds. It’s why I often open and pause, while she is talking I actually breathe deeply and try to stop my heart hammering.
It still happens to me now.

Right enough waffle. Get on with it, use your 3 openers, find your heavy footfall area and start on Monday. A whole world of warm moist snatch awaits you!