How To Build SEXUAL ENERGY Before You Approach Girls

Steve Jabba

By Steve Jabba. Find out more about Steve Jabba here

Sexual Energy is THE key component of a successful approach. The trouble is that most guys are too focused on the words that they say, rather than letting sexual energy flow freely through their body and transmit it when they talk to women.

So I suspect a lot of you before you approach might be running through your heads, things that you’re going to say or trying to preplan the approach.

This is not optimal. In fact, it’s the worst thing you can do. So what I do before I approached is I try and just utterly blank my mind and think of nothing and almost like feel inside my body.

Building Sexual Energy

And I do this by slow, deep breathing, walking slowly and slowing down my body movement. So I slow everything down, breathe deeply through my nose and out through my mouth, and focus on looking around at the girls and looking at their bodies, how they walk and trying to put myself into a sexual state approach.

It’s not trying to put myself. It’s allowing that state to overwhelm me. When I see a girl that I’m attracted to. Okay. So one of the key things I hope you’ll be able to pick out from what I’ve just said is that it’s focusing on feelings and a kind of sexual energy within yourself rather than content, high content of what you’re going to say or the structure of the pick up or any kind of rules or any nonsense like that.

Okay. You need to be focusing on the feelings within yourself and focusing on just a couple of key things, which is to look at her, appreciate her beauty and get yourself in a sexual state, and then to convey that when you talk to her. Okay. The key thing that you want to create so that you want to allow to happen when you’re talking to a woman for the first time is attraction and sexual state.

Posture And Body Language For Sexual Energy

Okay. That’s what it’s about. And the second thing I do is try and make sure that my posture and body language is good. It’s as good as it can be. So this is a conscious thing. In about the last two years, it’s something I’ve been consciously focusing on. And whenever I walk around now, I always try and stand very erect and straight with my spine.

How straight my head held up in the air, my shoulders back. But sometimes it’s unconscious and you kind of slip into bad ways and you let your shoulders slump a little bit like your head hang down. Okay. So try approach. What I do is I focus on this and I put my body through a little routine. Okay, so throw my shoulders back, do the deep breathing.

Like I said earlier, I try and make sure my head is held straight up, chin sticking out, you know. So I’m looking straight forward and with my shoulders back on my chest, nice and strong. So it’s a very sort of strong, forward-facing position. Okay. So so I’m walking through the streets. I don’t look like a monkey, like a reptile that I’m trying to force something, but I look strong and powerful and I’m obviously going to the gym religiously.

So this is as well. Okay. So that’s the second thing that I do. And the third thing is, is I what I call switch on. Okay. So I start to pay attention to the women. Now, this might seem obvious, but it’s and for the guys just don’t do the vast majority constantly. They kind of walk through life, just not even noticing that women exist, which is crazy.

You know? So I actually kind of switch on my awareness and kind of raise it up a notch and start to really pay attention to the girls, you know, start looking at them and unflinching away and not looking away, looking them in the eye and trying to force eyes constantly as I’m walking around in any environment. Now, this is something that I do generally throughout my life, all the time anyway.

It’s just it’s an awareness. But I switch on, especially before I’m about to approach. It’s almost like a leopard or a cheetah about to hunt the prey and then kind of raising their awareness and their readiness up a notch, you know, and, you know, really checking out girls and almost like leering at them and giving them the eye and then not looking away is my

So this is my the third thing that I do try approach. Okay. Of course. What comes after what you do when you approach how to do it. And what you should be focusing on is the subject of the video, how it’s kind of alluded to in this video. I have a video series on this called The Secrets of Society where I break down.

I think it’s about in total about the first one and a half to 2 hours talks about this awareness. I’m talking about eyes, how to approach, focusing on sexual tension, etc., breaking down, how exactly to do it. So check it out. I, like I say, a good portion of that is about doing this correctly because this is the key part.

The approach is the key part. It’s the part that most guys struggle with, the part that they, if you like, do wrong on, the part that is ultimately going to get your results. You know, it’s obviously you have to get the girl on a date and what kind of thing. But if you don’t approach her, you don’t even have that chance in the first place.

So you’ve got to get it right. Okay, so check it out and hope you enjoy this video.