How To Become A Sugar Daddy – 7 Top Tips

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So you want to know how to become a sugar daddy eh? Stop what you’re doing, because you’re going to find out everything you need to know right here.

First let’s talk about what we mean by a sugar daddy relationship.

❓What Is A Sugar Daddy Relationship?

There are 3 main types of sugar relationships which we will discuss:

  • The traditional sugar daddy who pays a monthly allowance or PPM:
  • The mentor sugar daddy who helps the sugar baby in business
  • The salt daddy, who charms the sugar baby and offers only a good time and romance.
  • The Traditional Sugar Daddy

    traditional sugar daddy

    The most common sugaring relationship is where an “established” man financially compensates a beautiful young woman in exchange for companionship, affection and sometimes sex.

    Typically the man pays the woman a monthly allowance, though PPM (pay per meet) relationships are not uncommon.

    However, this is not the only type of sugar relationship and the lines are blurred between a normal relationship – without financial incentives – and a purely transactional, full-on sugar relationship.

    Let’s break down the other types of sugar daddy relationships:

    The older, wiser mentor sugar daddy

    sopranos goomah

    In this sugar relationship, the sugar baby doesn’t expect PPM or a monthly allowance.

    The mentor sugar daddy introduces her to the world of business and shows her how to make money – this can be by explaining his own business, his knowledge of the stock market, or other methods.

    He might also help her to set up her own business by helping her negotiate a good deal, organise favourable contracts, and basically smooth the way for her to build her own business.

    In the mentorship sugar relationship, the sugar baby is similar to a “goomah” in the Sopranos, where the guy offers wisdom, business advice and helps her to get set up in exchange for sex, companionship and affection.

    The charming older man AKA Salt Daddy

    me with girl i met on sugar daddy site

    Me with an attractive young sugar baby. At the time I was 15 years older
    This is actually not really a sugar relationship at all, and is much closer to a normal relationship except the man is likely to be older.

    Usually, this kind of relationship forms because the hot young sugar baby prefers older men because of their life experience and maturity, plus the higher likelihood that he will enter into a long term committed relationship.

    Although she is not motivated by money, she will expect an exciting whirlwind romance – so if this kind of sugar relationship appeals to you, expect to take her on exciting weekends away, romance her, and generally give her an experience she won’t forget.

    Bottom Line: Before you can become a sugar daddy, you need to know what the options are and what the best fit for you is. Here are some criteria that you should consider:

    What type of sugar daddy are you? Factors to consider:

    Younger guy who is cool and under 50: Consider becoming a salt daddy and leveraging your life experience and older man status.

    Take her on holidays, show her a good time, romance her, be charming.

    Guy who is 50 + and has been successful in business, who is a natural teacher and emotionally available:

    Consider becoming a mentor sugar daddy with a “goomah” type sugar relationship with your sugar baby.

    Here the focus is on helping her in life, in business and becoming a sexy type of father figure.

    Guy who is 50 + and is successful in business but less emotionally available, not looking for a normal relationship. Is probably not considered cool or attractive:

    If you’re in this bracket, consider becoming a traditional sugar daddy where the main focus is on money – either PPM or with a monthly allowance.

    How To Not Get Scammed By Gold Diggers On Sugar Dating Sites

    😍How To Become A Sugar Daddy Step 1: Find Sugar Babies

    Now you know what the different types of sugar daddy relationships are, it’s time to find an attractive sugar baby.

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    Step 2: Create a high quality sugar daddy profile

    So you’ve registered on your sugar daddy site, now it’s time to create a compelling sugar daddy profile.

    The main point of the profile is to portray the most intriguing and compelling persona to potential sugar babies, whilst still being scrupulously honest about who you are and your intentions.

    The reason why you need to be honest is that you only want to attract the kind of sugar babies (or women!) who will naturally be attracted to what you have to offer.

    Put another way, you need to know what your value is so that you can present this in the best possible light to potential matches.

    Remember, there are 3 main types of sugar daddies with gradients and shades of grey in between. You need to work out roughly where you fit on the sugar daddy continuum and then display this in your profile.

    Step 2a: Sugar Daddy Profile Photos

    Let’s use my profile as an example. I am now 47 years old, but still sufficiently attractive to pull off salt daddy game.

    Here are some of my pictures from my sugar daddy profile:

    seeking arrangement profile photo

    Nothing especially amazing, but I lean more towards the Salt Daddy sugar dating relationship – so my photos and written description are congruent with that:

    • I am still quite youthful
    • I am well travelled
    • I am healthy


    Rules For Sugar Daddy Profile Photos

    There are some basic rules of thumb that you should always follow when you choose your sugar daddy profile photos:

    • Try to show that you are a mature experienced man of the world:

    Photos of you in different locations.
    Pictures of you in a high end restaurant or on a beach, and so on.
    Any interesting holiday pictures of you where you’re clearly in a foreign country.

    • Try to show that you understand how to make money:

    Pictures of you in a business suit.
    In a business meeting?
    Anything to do with making money or business.

    • Demonstrate that you are a normal, cool guy:

    Pictures of you with other people where you are enjoying yourself.
    Pictures of you with a woman who you have been intimate with (bonus if she is hot!)
    Pictures of you laughing and joking

    • Show that you try to keep fit:

    Pics in a gym
    Pictures doing some kind of physical activity

    • Photos that you should avoid:

    Pictures of you sitting on an expensive sports car. This is try-hard, samey, hackneyed and cheesy.
    Creepy pictures of you taking selfies
    Basically any picture where you attempt to show off how much money you have.

    man standing next to sports car

    Avoid These Kinds Of Photos

    Step 2b: Your Sugar Daddy Profile Description

    If there’s one word that you should keep in mind when you create your sugar daddy profile, it’s congruency.

    Remember when I said you want to present yourself in the best possible light, but still be honest in your presentation and intentions?

    This is exactly why. Your photos should match your written description.

    Let’s take a quick example: a guy over 55 who isn’t especially cool or attractive, but has done really well in business and knows how to make money.

    In this case, he’s veering more towards the traditional sugar daddy type – so he needs to display this with his profile pictures.

    He wants to emphasise that he’s done well in life (without try hard cheesy pictures), and he wants to reinforce this in his written description and what he is looking for.

    Something like this would be ideal:

    I’ve worked hard my entire life and achieved a lot, so now I am ready to settle with an attractive younger woman. I enjoy my life now that my investments and business are paying off, so I am happy to share the joy with the right kind of girl.”

    In this hypothetical example, the sugar daddy might have a picture of him delivering a speech..Or at work instructing others, and so on.

    Anything that demonstrates his success, and that he wants to share the spoils with a beautiful younger woman.

    😋How To Be A Sugar Daddy: Your Relationship With Your Sugar Baby

    Whatever type of sugar daddy archetype suits you best, there are some additional pointers about how to be a sugar daddy that you should bear in mind:

    Don’t think of her as a piece of property

    Even if you are more of a traditional sugar daddy, remember that no woman wants to think of herself as a prostitute. So talk to her like a human being and try to be emotionally open.

    You must not fall into the trap of seeing her as merely a commodity – she will pick up on this and it will sour the relationship.

    No-one wants to be thought of as a piece of property.

    Lavish her with the occasional gift (or gifts)

    This is a bit of a tricky one, because you don’t want to buy her affection.

    When you buy her a gift, it has to come from a place where you are happy in her company and you want to do something nice for her and make her happy. In other words it comes from a position of strength.

    If you feel insecure in the relationship and you worry that she isn’t attracted to you, the absolute last thing you should do is buy her a gift to make her like you.

    This is weak sauce and will always have the precise opposite effect. It’s a huge turn off for any woman.

    Be Spontaneous And Exciting!

    romantic weekend away

    Regardless of whether you’re a traditional sugar daddy or more of a salt daddy, excitement should be a cornerstone of your relationship. You’re with a beautiful young woman so enjoy yourself!

    Take her on a surprise trip for a weekend to somewhere beautiful.
    Nights out in an intimate restaurant.
    Swimming in the ocean.

    Think of different date ideas than the norm. Don’t let the relationship stale where you do the same thing night after night.

    😎Start Your Journey To Become A Sugar Daddy Now

    Becoming a sugar daddy and dating beautiful young women is an alluring life choice for many men. I hope this guide serves you well.

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    Do you have to be rich to be a sugar daddy?

    If you want to be a traditional sugar daddy, you will need to be able to afford the average monthly allowance of $2800. However, if you’re a mentor or salt daddy you might not need to pay at all, so you don’t need to be rich.

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