How I Seduced Hot Argentinian Girls in Buenos Aires: (My Story)

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Argentinian girls are some of the hottest in South America, but they’re not easy to pull.

So in this guide, we’re going to talk about what you need to know to pick up hot Argentinean girls quickly, cheaply and easily.

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👧🏼Buenos Aires – What It’s Like To Meet Women

So what is Buenos Aires in Argentina like to meet hot women?

Well, on my 20 best cities in the world to get laid, Buenos Aires ranks number 17.

So towards the bottom.

Now in terms of the hotness of the women in Buenos Aires, I’ve given it a seven out of ten. And how difficult is it to approach? Also a seven out of ten. It’s not easy to approach there.

The city itself is very livable.

So it has a city livability ranking of seven and a half out of ten.

And for nightlife, seven out of ten with an overall rating of seven out of ten.

So it scores highly on the hotness of women’s scale as well as the livability score.

But there are some quirks about the city for the average guy who goes there to meet women will definitely need to bear in mind.

Where To Stay In Buenos Aires

The best place to stay, which gives you access to amazing women in the daytime and nighttime, is Palermo, Soho.

It is a beautiful part of the city, with all the best restaurants, bars and places to meet girls.

🚶🏼‍♀️Approaching Girls In Buenos Aires

Now, if you want to approach women in Buenos Aires in the daytime, Argentinian women are usually quite cautious due to the locals leering and wolf-whistling them and generally making them fearful of being approached.

So you’ll need to approach cautiously with a smile and be non-threatening and try to take her for a coffee.

Now, the reason you want to take her for a coffee is that Argentinean women are quite flaky. So you have to try and solidify any interaction with a coffee after a brief chat, and rather than just immediately exchanging numbers on Facebook or Instagram or whatever.

So try and stay in there a bit longer and get run a coffee there and then.

🍹Buenos Aires Nightlife For Singles

Now, in terms of nightlife in Buenos Aires, the best option for the average guy to meet the best-looking women is Rose Bar in the Soho neighbourhood.

No, it’s not like L.A. and you don’t need to get there until about 11 p.m., because a party doesn’t really start until two or 230 in the morning.

And once you’re inside, you can take a table quite cheaply compared to England at least, and eat delicious free food and you can chat with the hot local women.

Now, the women in this place are very frisky. I was in there as a young man, about 34 years old, and the women sometimes come up to you if they like, the look of you, and they’re quite forward.

You know, I had women putting their hand down my pants and all sorts of stuff. So very frisky and forward.

In Buenos Aires, you’re going to want to try and get the girl outside of the venue before it gets really busy at 230, because that’s when the competition dramatically increases and you’ll be competing with a young, handsome and sometimes one of the local guys.

Now, if you go there solo, you just have to make a judgment call whether to stay until the end and then try to bounce with the girl and probably her friends too, or try and take into a more intimate local bar where you can talk more easily.

🌉Buenos Aires Strip Clubs

Now a discussion of women in Buenos Aires wouldn’t be complete without the strip clubs.

The strip clubs in this town are wild. I went there quite a few times and actually dated one or two of the strippers there. It’s a very, very sexual atmosphere. And in most strip clubs, they, you know, dance naked, get their clothes off. But in Buenos Aires, it goes even further than that. And they are very touchy-feely.

And if they like you, they will chat to you without expecting any payment and you can get their number and take them out again. So here’s a tip if you do go to Buenos Aires to try and meet women, try the local strip clubs.

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