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I noticed a comment this morning which I wanted to address before we get started on today’s material.

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The comment is : “Have you made any video on ‘How to be charismatic in Sigma way ?” For the uninitiated, “Sigma Way” refers to being a Sigma Male. I have a 32 video series all about living as a Sigma Male – check it out on this channel.

My reply was to consult Primal Seduction and Secret Society – Primal Seduction is my book, Secret Society is my 5 hour video product. Together they both give detailed step by step instruction on getting the mindset, belief systems and technical game knowledge to be able to approach and attract very hot women, without getting blown out time and time again. In other words, in the most efficient way possible (best bang for your buck, so to speak).

If you ask “how to be charismatic”, this is a giant topic and no 5 , 10 or even 2 hour video can do it justice. You need to build yourself from the ground up and know how to go about meeting women with a minimal amount of rejection if you want to be able to do it sustainably. This is what you’ll find in Primal and Secret. The link to access both is below (they are on special offer).

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Onto the subject of girlfriend / wife material. It’s fair to say I’ve slayed enough women in my time, and the time feels right to aim for a relationship that will last , from which I might well possibly build a family (note the equivocation. I am not 100% sure yet)

It’s a different kind of mentality than just looking to shag more girls. I’ve been thinking of a list of qualities that I am looking for , and some that immediately disqualify a girl from being suitable.

You can tell an awful lot about a girl by looking at what she’s wearing, the length of her hair, her mannerisms. But these are specific questions I’d like to know the answer to that make or break potential girlfriend material. What are yours?

NB I have left out some of the more “triggering” questions that I want to know answers to for the Youtube video. The full list is on my blog (links is below).

    • Do you believe that IQ’s different by race, and do you think this makes a difference in behaviour?
    • Do you like dogs?
    • Do you believe different races on average exhibit different levels of criminality?
    • Do you think “live and let live” when you think about Gays and Transgenders, or do you think they should be shunned, ostracised and publically shamed?
    • How many boyfriends have you had?
    • Is your father still a part of your life?
    • Are your parents still together?
    • What age is a good age to have kids?
    • What is your opinion of living a simple life, close to nature.
    • Do you have an active instagram / facebook account?
    • Are you affectionate

There’s a lot more but I think you get the idea. I have no intention of reading these questions out interview style in a list – but questioning her subtly or inferring the answers over a period of a week or two.

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Havings standards about what you expect from a girl is also a big attraction booster. Let’s be honest here : none of us are going to turn down sex with a hot girl because she doesn’t have a dog or she thinks 34 is a good age to have kids.

But in expressing and believing in these standards yourself, you become a more mature man with actual likes and judgement about what you want in a girl for a more meaningful relationship.

Remember that girls look to men to provide leadership, so they are going to want to see that you have preferences about what you want in a girl rather than just “hot”.

Similarly, if you haven’t already you should be cultivating your position on where you stand politically (yes I know a lot of it is just posturing and you seemingly cannot trust any policitcal candidates…But that in itself is a position , if you know the facts and can argue it.) Why is democracy dead? Why don’t you trust any political candidates?

Another closer to home example: let’s say you visit a country on a Eurojaunt. WHat most daygamers do is stick to the main footfall areas and roam up and down an area of no more than 600 square metres (usually). This is why you can always spot them and take evasive manouvers if necessary. But, why do you like the country? And don’t just say more feminine women, no feminism, blah blah blah.

That’s BORING. Everyone says that. What do you BELIEVE? What sings to you about the place? When you walk around, what does it make you feel, why is it different to what you normally experience? After a week or two you should have firm ideas about this that you can talk about with a girl.

It’s all about discernment. Especially for the higher quality women of high self esteem , good looks and options, these aspects of your personality are what you make you stand out as a man. Fundamentally discernment is evidence of STRENGTH.

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I think there comes a point where as a guy you have to ask yourself where will progress come from in life, and is the life you are living giving you any more enjoyment? As much fun as it is to get your dick wet, there comes a point where you don’t want to make it the sole focus of your life.

You begin to see that it’s more satsifying and your overall level of medium term happiness would be higher if you were to devote your time, masculine energy, intellect and talent to something much larger than yourself.

Perhaps some of you are at a similar point to me? Have any of you noticed that as you get towards mid 40s that your priorities change? That you look at babies and small children and smile fondly? That though you still look at women with lust, you find yourself thinking and imagining if she would make a good mother?

If so I believe thinking about what you are looking for helps. By early – mid 40s you should be pretty clear on what you want, so it shouldn’t be much of an effort to draw up your own list.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I’m not prepared to make a huge effort or chase any particular girl at any particular time. There was an incident a few weeks ago in a nightclub here in Poland where a very hot tall young blond girl was all over me in a nightclub, but I calculated the odds of sleeping with her that night, or if not seeing her again…

And considered them low (because it involved dealing with her friends, staying up until much later, probably drinking more alcohol and “partying”.). I decided I’d honestly rather go home and get a good nights sleep.

A short little post today with just a few things for you to think about.