I’ve seen some interesting commentary online about redemption recently, and it got me thinking about a comment on the channel.

The comment was along the lines of asking if you can change from a Gamma / Omega to a Sigma.

Recall the socio sexual hierarchy.

socio sexual hierarchy

As you can see, Gammas and Omegas sit right at the bottom. As a general rule of thumb I’d estimate Gammas would find it easier to reform because by and large they are smarter than Omegas. I’ve done a little research and as I suspected there HAVE been studies that examine the correlation between IQ and Emotional Intelligence. Unsurprisingly, higher IQ is strongly correlated with higher emotional intelligence.

So, if you’re smarter (as Gammas usually are), you’re probably going to find it easier to successfully change your beliefs, mindset and thus ultimately your behaviour.

Since this channel is primarily about dating success with women, let me first answer the question through that prism : Yes you can change your mindset, attitudes and behaviours and thus become more attractive to women. If I didn’t believe this, I wouldn’t spend all my time writing about it and making videos.

Secondly, as I outline in painstaking detail in my book Primal Seduction, I believe there are universally attractive masculine behaviours (I call them cornerstone charactersitics) that any man can build to become more attractive to women, on autopilot. These attitudes and mindsets “work” anywhere in the world, on any woman, of any age.

Moreover, they feel natural and pleasurable to act out as a man. Ever had a time when everything just clicked and you could do no wrong with women? You were probably briefly experiecing the thought patterns that I talk about in the book (I also talk about the HOW and process of acquiring these characteristics). That’s the pinnacle that we should all strive towards if we want success.

Back to Gammas. Unfortunately for Gammas, they are hindered by their powerful , delusional ego that is resistant to being confronted. Recall the “Secret King” delusion (credit Nick Krauser) that I mentioned in my previous video about Gamma Males. To recap : they believe they are smarter than everyone else, and they have secret powers, talents and qualities that the world doesn’t recognise. One day, the world WILL recognise these powers and they will win. But for now, everyone else is wrong.

This is proably the no1 reason why Gammas will struggle to change. If they attempt to crash around and confront their ego full on too soon, they are liable to have a meltdown and backslide. It’s just too much reality, too soon.

I can imagine life for a Gamma is a little like a game of Snakes and Ladders. Their innate intelligence allows them to make some progress, but their toxic mindset , attitude and behaviour brings them slipping down the ladder again, back to square 1. It must be immensely frustrating.

Therefore it seems strategically smart to work on what you whilst attempting to chip away at your delusional ego bit by bit instead of having a sledgehammer to the face, oh shit moment where your entire reality crumbles around your ears. You’re going to have to try and manage it carefully.

So here’s a brief outline on how you might do it.

Bear in mind this is only really applicable to those guys who identify as Gamma and are sabotaging their results by , basically, being an annoying Gamma twat. Remember that Sigmas have the potential to be right at the top of the social sexual hierarchy. So if you innately have reasonable to high SMV (half decent looks, not grossly overweight, decent IQ, etc), then this is perfectly possible. But difficult.

First you should probably start off by working on the fundamentals that everyone knows about. So get proper grooming, haircut, start lifting weights , and crucially start approaching women. What you attempting to do is make progress on maximising your CURRENT SMV.

When you start approaching women is where your difficulties will start. Because you have your powerful ego and delusional reality, you’re going to start receiving both barrels in the face. You’ll find very quickly that you aint all that. Infact, you might very well be completely useless and unattractive.

There’s no better mirror than the reaction of a young attractive girl to tell you all you need to know about where you fit on the socio sexual hierarchy. If you do put yourself in front of her and you persistently get bad reactions, it’s not her. It’s not the world. It’s you. You are the problem.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the world of dating can be rather brutal. Don’t expect sympathy from girls, don’t expect them to massage your precious ego. You’ll need to remember when you walk up to a girl and attempt to fuck her (which is what you’re trying to do, don’t hide!), you have to PROVE that you’re worth it. She’s not going to see you as a special little snowflake that has a powerful ego that needs protecting. Tough shit. That’s your job.

I would recommend that by maximsing your looks, lifting, and following the guidelines I outline in Secret Society – using the techniques I outline to approach girls where you have a higher shot of success, you can avoid confronting your ego too much in these early stages. If you go full on Kamikaze and start cold approaching girls in a Spam like fashion (which you might do if you follow the advice of some other channels), you’re going to get shot down again , again and again.

For a guy with a less powerful ego this is not such a big deal. But for a Gamma, it’s a big no no intially. You need to chip away at your delusions step by step.

Now, despite the kicking I give to Gammas (because to be frank, I cannot stand them), I do believe this approach could help you become a better man. Notice by taking these simple steps you’re not actually attempting to confront your delusions and tame your large ego all at once.

If you’re correct in your assesment of your innate SMV and potential to become a Sigma (remember, try to be honest with yourself), some girls are gonna go for you – despite the fact you are at root still an annoying Gamma twat.
When you do it this way as I outline (and in particluar by hard filtering girls who are more likely to go for you using the techniques I outline in Secret Society), some girls won’t sniff out the stench of Gamma on you in the relatively short timeframe it takes to get them into bed. Even if you don’t get them into bed, you’ll still be able to get used to approaching and perhaps going on dates.

So what you’re doing is building some reference experiences whilst avoiding the crushing ego death of facing your delusions. Long term, if you want to become a fully actualised man, a real Sigma then you will need to jettison all of your unpleasant Gamma traits, especially the reality denying and twisting that is so toxic and damaging. There’s even a long section in Primal Seduction called “be brutally honest with yourself”. When you take on that challenge and actually start dealing with the real world instead of the fake world that exists only in the space between your two ears, then you’ll be on the path to full Sigma.

So there’s a simple outline. In summary, start small, raise your SMV, and when you’re ready take on that nasty old delusionsal ego that’s been fucking you for years. My book Primal Seducction will signpost the way, and my video course secret society will show you how to maximise your effectivess when you approach girls to avoid flailing around and having another kind of meltdown at the huge amount of rejection (and thus confronting reality) that you will inevitably face.

Further information on Gamma Males and the Socio Sexual hierarchy.

I want to make another point in this podcast, because I keep seeing two kinds of comments repeatedly and it’s getting annoying to have to deal with them. Aside from that though, it’s also an interesting case study because it PROVES what I’ve been saying.

The two main types of comments are :

1: I’m delusional, I’m not a Sigma Male. I’m either an alpha, or a wanderer, or a loner, or just have a large ego, narcisstic etc. Classic Gamma behaviour – don’t deal with the substance of anything I say in the video, but snarkily try to cut me down personally and thus make my entire argument not worth listening to.

It’s a blatant attempt to try and destroy what I’ve painstakingly built by trying to grab the mic off me, and take it for themselves, then dissuade anyone from listening to me. Again, typical Gamma behaviour. Gammas will always avoid conflict and competition, so they wouldn’t dream of trying to offer value in their comment. I pretty much dealt with this kind of Gamma in the 1st video about Gamma Males.

2: The second kind of comment is along the lines of “I am what I am bro”, or “I’m a full Sigma Male right here” or “Heh, a real Sigma wouldn’t need to make a video about this or prove anything to anyone. He’d just go about his business” Or “Sigmas don’t need to try and pick up women bro”.

The point I’d make about the 2nd types of comments..I’d imagine there’s a fair number of Gammas and possibly Omegas mixed in there too. Probably Beta’s chiming in when they hear how cool it sounds to be a Sigma, and who aspire to be like one.

I don’t think there’s ill intent from the Betas.

The point is, the archetypes that I talk about in these podcasts are not merely labels to characterise a group of people. They are not mental masturbation.

They are based on observable, predictable, real world behaviour that occurs again and again. It’s your observable behaviour that determines your classification. Once you know how the socio sexual hierachy works, it can have real world utility.

Put another way, once you “see” the reality of these archetypes, it’s impossible to “unsee” them. You can quickly learn to categorise people and, more importantly, learn how to apply your knoweldge of these archetypes to your own advantage.

For example, in the case of Gammas, avoid them entirely where possible. So in my case, I deal with their comments harshly to avoid them clogging up my channel like a giant toxic ball of festering poison beneath my videos. If you want to succeed with women and you’re not naturally gifted, the road ahead can be tough. You don’t need anklebiters and doom mongers making it even tougher.

I’ve reflected over the years that I’m not going to excel in a corporate hierarchy…So I made the decision to go my own way and set up my own business. Again, applying knowledge of the hierachy to my advantage. I’m sure you can think where you might be able to do the same in your situation.

My hope for you listeners is that these videos are about useful, interesting concepts that have real world utility. The only reason this video even exists is because someone politely asked the question. It’s not a video I would have thought of producing.

I am guessing he’s a guy who recognises he has Gamma traits, wants to change. I’m willing to bet he’s not the only one either. If a few Gammas watch my video and recognise these Gamma qualities within themselves, they might also begin the process of redemption and change.

So to summarise : you can change, you can become more attractive to women. The path from Gamma to Sigma is quite possible – but you must manage it carefully.

I recommend you check out my book Primal Seduction and my video series Secret Society to give yourself the best shot of success in the shortest timeframe possible…Without having a nuclear meltdown that pushes you over the edge and sets you back years at a time.