Introduction : Gamma Males Are Everywhere

Before I start, I’ve used the image you see of the Joker because I imagine he is probably a hero of Gamma males everywhere. As we’ll see, the feminisation of culture and growth of the internet has allowed Gammas to congregate in great numbers and construct powerful, shared delusion bubbles. I predict the Joker is a hero of some of these groups because here is a man who wants to watch the world burn, who finds nothing of value in the current structure and delights in subverting, destroying – and critically, HE ACTUALLY TAKES ACTION to realise these aims.

Unfortunately, Gammas seem to be congregating in groups that at least give a nod to this worldview (though they are of course too cowardly and conflict avoidant to take action as the Joker did in the Batman movies), preferring instead to draw silly memes, denigrate women and leave snarky, shitty comments all over the internet.

Spotting Gammas

The more I produce videos, write material and think about how I can make a difference for men who want to live the best possible life, the more I realise that times seem to have changed in just the last 4 years or so.

It seems to me that we see more Gamma Males now than ever before. It’s just my observation, but since I started paying attention I see them everywhere…Once you notice it you cannot miss it.

Gammas are interesting characters to examine because it’s easy to slip into Gamma terriroty nowadays (for reasons I will speculate on), but also because if you want to have any kind of fulfilled life, you have to know what minefields to avoid treading on. The best way to avoid developping Gamma tendencies yourself is to understand them more deeply.So today, I am going to attempt to explain the Gamma Delusion Bubble.

What is the Gamma Delusion Bubble

Let’s refresh our memories of the 2 principal behavioural patterns of the Gamma Male :

1: Dishonesty, to themselves and others and
2: Don’t deal with reality.

But what does that mean? It’s probably easier to explain in the context of the Gamma Delusion Bubble.

The Gamma Delusion bubble is an invented reality that Gammas contstruct around themselves to protect their feelings. More specifically, they want to avoid dealing with the reality of their lowly status in the socio – sexual hierarchy. More specifically still, they don’t want to confront the truth that most women find them disgusting and avoid them like the Plague.

Most Gammas are horribly unnattractive to women largely because of their toxic behavioural patterns, so they build elaborate delusion structures to cope with this reality in their day to day lives. I’m going to give you 2 examples to help illustrate the behaviour patterns and the Gamma Delusion Bubble : 1 from modern literature, and one from MGTOW.

Gamma Males In Literature

The closest match to a classic Gamma Male that I can think of from literature is Harold Lauder from The Stand, by Stephen King. In my opinion King is a talented authour and this is one of his best works, but if you read the book for the study of Harold Lauder’s character it’s worth it for that alone (alongside the excellent plot, character development and more)

Harold displays all the classic signs of Gamma: We’re first introduced to him as an eighteen year old outcast in his home town of Oginquit.

Gamma Male Delusion Bubble

He’s overweight at 240 lbs, his hair is black and greasy and in the words of his sister Amy, he “whacks off in his pants”. We know that he fantasises about his hot young female neighbour Frannie, and we’re told that Frannie finds him disgusting :

“as if she sensed by low-grade telepathy that almost every thought Harold had was coated lightly with slime” and later on when she turns to depart after talking to Harold ““she knew Harold would be watching her jiggling buttocks, storing up the footage for whatever X-rated movie played constantly in his head, and that made her angrier, sadder, and more weepy than ever” (242).”

In the story most of humanity is wiped out by a Superflu, and we find out from Frannies encounter with Harold that he doesn’t appear to particularly care that his sister and parents are dead (we later find out this is a front, and he is deeply upset. Inside, he’s a lonely little boy).

Gamma Male Delusion Bubble

Straight away we can pick up some traits of the Gamma in Harold. The weight is one tell tale sign : if you look at Gammas, most will be overweight. It’s part of the delusion bubble and not dealing with reality. When you go to a gym and start lifting weights, there is no hiding.

The iron doesn’t lie : if you’re weak, it will tell you. If you cannot do even one reverse pullups, it will show you. If you cannot plank for more than 20 seconds, you’ll find out. If you can’t bench more than 40kg, you are a weakling, plain and simple. There’s no hiding from it.

Similarly with a diet. If you try and persuade a Gamma to lose weight, they will give you all sorts of bullshit reasons why not – they have allergies, they can lose weight whenever they want, just not now etc. The reality is they cannot confront that they are too weak willed to commit to a long term diet, and often have a relationship with food because they withdraw into their own world and food gives them comfort.

Two tell tale signs right there : dishonesty, cannot deal with reality.

Later on in the book we find out that Harold desperately wants Frannie, and that he has jerked off to every attractive girl in his high school at one time or another. He’s constructed the delusion bubble in his own head : he hates and loathes the girls who despise him…yet sees himself in his own mind as the REAL king, the REAL alpha that all the girls fantasise about.

We find out that in his dreams he humuliates the girls who he fantasises about, imagines that they are not allowed to look at him while he sits on his throne, but instead are slave mistresses and must service his sexual desires whenever he feels like it. Classic Gamma Delusion bubble.

Gamma Male Delusion Bubble

Later on in the book Harold starts to keep a diary, after he finds out that Frannie (the girl he fantasises about) keeps a diary too. From Frannies diary:

““…one of the things that makes Harold hard to like is how eager he is to show off how much he knows”

Another classic Gamma trait. Gammas are often intelligent which is of course a big advantage, but they cannot resist showing off their knowledge, even when they are not being asked. One thing I’ve noticed even from this channel is that Gammas also love rules, especially when they think they can box you into a corner by stating how you haven’t followed them.

I get this all the time : comments asking what my channel is about – is it about Sigma Males or dating? I never answer but I know what the follow up will be : stating that I “SHOULD” produce more of this kind of content, and I SHOULDN’T address this, stay in your lane, etc etc. It’s their desire to gainsay, control and cause trouble by ascribing rules and modes of behaviour to others to undercut, snark and nitpick.

Other traits of Gammas : nitpicking about individual points on a video that are taken out of context and without looking at the bigger picture, and more often than that trying to twist the logic of what I have said or outright lie about it to prove to everyone else in the comments that I am wrong, that I am not at the top of the social sexual hierarchy, that I am not a Sigma etc. A couple more telltale signs of a Gamma that you might recognise in yoruself or in others is if you see comments beginning with LOL or LMAO. Usually classic signs of a Gamma.

One of the biggest dreams for a Gamma would be to prove someone like me wrong, have me slink off in defeat, then drop the mic with an I WIN moment.

Later on in The Stand we find that Harold has begun his own diary after he watches Frannie and her new guy having sex later on in the story. It begins with :

“My great pleasure this delightful post-Apocalypse summer will be to kill Mr. Stuart Dog-Cock Redman; and just maybe I will kill her, too”

Classic Gamma reaction. He begins to hide his true self, but inwardly he is seething with rage. Gamma meltdowns and rage are a real thing. I have deleted most examples on my channel, but there are some examples that I’ve left still active. Look for a wall of text comment telling me I am wrong, or comment after comment (in close succession) telling me what a scumbag / douchebag I am etc etc. You’ll see it all over Youtube comments if you know what to look for. Gamma rage is real.

One more trait of the Gamma Male that is worth noting that we can pick out from examing Harold Lauder’s character : not dealing with reality, but more specifically thinking that the world should bend to YOUR will rather than working with the reality that actually exists in the real world.

From his diary :

““It is said that the two great human sins are pride and hate. Are they? I elect to think of them as the two great virtues. To give away pride and hate is to say you will change for the good of the world. To embrace them, to vent them, is more noble; that is to say that the world must change for the good of you. I am on a great adventure”

I couldn’t say it any better. “To say that the world must change for the good of you”. Here we’re entering into disturbed Gamma territory, but it’s not uncommon. I cannot give individual examples from my channel, but I’ve seen numerous comments along the lines of

“Fuck women and their behaviors, giving signals. No, let them come to me, fuck approaching them”.

Again, Gamma traits. Thinking the world SHOULD bend to their will (presumably because they are the REAL king, the REAL alpha and the world SHOULD recognise it. Again, not dealing with reality, constructing a delusion bubble, that women should approach them. Good fucking luck with that. (By the way if you are tempted to leave a comment informing me that women approach you all the time, I simply do not believe you. In reality women give signals and can make it obvious they like you, but it’s very rare that they approach you). And yes, it has happened to me (a lot more than most guys), but it’s still very rare. So please gammas, don’t even bother.

Now the other example I want to pick out is from sites like MGTOW. I just glanced at the site again today and sure enough in their forum the top posts are :

1: laughing at women hitting the wall. Gamma – laughing at women’s misfortunes, laughing that women decline with age, taking pleasure in women’s decline.
2: “now i know what it’s like working with women” – moan fest at job where working with women is involved
3: No men in the picture – describing that women have pictures on their desks at work but mostly the men are not in the picture.

It’s all resentment, bile. I get comments from MGTOWERS on my channel and usually they are zealous, trying to gainsay what I have say and pull my audience onto their side.

How Gammas Have Developped

I think Gammas have grown in mumbers because of an increasingly feminised culture, and the explosion of the internet. Gammas can nowattract large audiences of men who are (presently at least) too weak and feminised to compete.

Because of this, they can build a powerful delusion bubble where they are winning a “war” and are “seeing the matrix” and are “red pilled” to women and their “true ways”. They can feel part of a group of englightened men who see the light, and laugh at the blue or purple pilled fools like me who still actively pursue women and apparently don’t see their true nature.

In reality I am guessing that large numbers of these guys are very unhappy inside. The irony of Gammas is that of all the archetypes in the socio sexual hierarchy, they care about the hierarchy more than any other.

They desperately WANT to be at the top, but will not take responsibility for themselves or certainly for others that being an Alpha entails (people misunderstand the Alpha). Alphas are often fantastic men who want to help others and are more than willing to extend a helping hand.

The Gamma Delusion Bubble Vs Reality

Because gammas are terrified of confrontation in the real world (physical or otherwise), they can hide behind their screens in comments , or on forums, or places like reddit and spur each other on in their delusions. I think of sites like MGTOW as one giant circle jerk of Gamma delusion where the undefined aim is to snipe and snark at actual men who want to get on and have relationships with women, denigrate women, and watch society collapse as a result. I’m going to make a guess here that the biggest Gamma hero is the Joker from the Batman series and they think of themselves just like him..

Whereas in reality they are more like this :

Gamma Male Delusion Bubble

If you’re part of a group of men like MGTOW, you are not winning anything. It’s fine to avoid being taken advantage of – I endorse it and have even talked about it myself – but swearing off women and calling them evil or toxic is just pure bullshit. The redpill or blackpill or whatever fucking pill these guys call it is just pure bullshit however. All that will happen is you will end up alone, lonely and bitter as you age. For men in their teens or twenties, it’s a profoundly disturbing trend to swear off women this early in life. These should be the years where your hormones prompt you to devote maximum energy to chasing women!


There’s a reason why I have made videos recently about my diet and weight training (complete with pictures to prove the rapid progress I am making as an older man).

I wrote 6 years ago in Primal Seduction about “brutal honesty and dealing with reality”. I didn’t know at the time but I was giving an example to all archetypes what you need to do if you want to improve your results with women. I didn’t know that there are actually a growing number of men who are turning their backs on reality, constructing powerful, shared delusion bubbles, powered by the explosion of the internet and an increasingly feminised culture.

Regardless, for those of you who want to get on, I hope this has helped. For those of you who recognise Gamma traits in yourself, it’s never too late to turn it around.

I predict that going forward the culture cannot continue a relentless march towards the feminisation of men. I will do my bit to help, but it starts from you. If you want to take those steps yourself, check out my book Primal Seduction and video series Secret Society.

I do not believe men can be happy without women in their lives. Do not believe the lies, delusions and nonsense spouted by these toxic feminised influences : you can improve and there are lovely feminine women out there for you. It’s up to you to attract them and go out and get them. You’re not going to win anything by building a delusion bubble, posting cruel, bitter memes about women and leaving snarky comments all over the internet.