How To Find A Sugar Baby In Seattle | Real Profiles + Best Tips

seattle sugar baby profiles

Seattle is a beautiful fun place to live, but how is a Sugar Daddy supposed to meet gorgeous sugar babies in the Emerald City?

In this guide, I’ll take you through how to find a sugar baby in Seattle quickly, easily and with minimum time investment.

Let’s get started.

❤️The Best Sugar Dating Site To Find Sugar Babies In Seattle

There are a number of sugar dating sites you could use in Seattle in your quest to find a sugar baby, but you could end up wasting a lot of time if you choose the wrong one.

So let’s set the record straight right away: the no 1 sugar daddy site to find a sugar baby in Seattle is Seeking Arrangement.

I checked out the other sugar dating sites on offer, and there are several reasons why Seeking is no 1 (which I’ll explain shortly).

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sugar baby profiles in seattle

Sugar Baby Profiles On Seeking Arrangement In Seattle, Washington

💯Ranking Criteria For Sugar Daddy Sites In Seattle, Washington

The sugar baby profiles you see above are from Seeking Arrangement in Seattle, Washington. I combed through 10 pages of profiles (with 20 profiles on each page) to give you a snapshot of the overall quality of singles in Seattle. Check out the table below for my analysis:

No Of Sugar BabiesAvg RatingNo Of Sugar DaddiesRatio
29007.76004.8 (rounded up)

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Overall Rating For Seeking Arrangement In Seattle: 8.7

Number Of Sugar Babies On Seeking Arrangement In Seattle: 2900

Test Criteria For Sugar Babies In Seattle:

I searched sugar baby profiles within a 16 KM radius of Seattle, Washington on the Seeking Arrangement website. There are also other locations in Seattle on the website, so it’s probable that the total number of sugar babies in the area is much higher than the headline figure I’ve listed.

With approximately 5 sugar babies for every guy on the website, it’s easy to see why it’s straightforward to find a sugar baby in Seattle (if you have the know-how!)

Seattle, Washington on the map – a great place to find sugar babies!

🤤Number Of Sugar Babies in Seattle by locale

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), International Boulevard, Seattle, WA, USA: 2386 sugar baby profiles

Seattle Premium Outlets, Quil Ceda Boulevard, Tulalip, WA, USA: 61 sugar babies

Seattle, Washington, United States: 1956 sugar baby profiles

Seattle Ferry Terminal, Seattle, WA, USA: 1921 sugar babies

It looks like Seattle has lots of sugar babies in most areas with the possible exception of Quil Ceda Boulevard. I guess the conclusion is: don’t live there!

🔎What Do Sugar Babies Look For In Seattle?

I read through 25 pages of sugar baby profiles to find out common patterns in what they look for in a sugar daddy. Here are the most commonly repeated tags:

Active lifestyle. Attentive. Emotional Connection.

If you want to find a sugar baby in Seattle, go to fun places, pay attention to her needs…And be emotionally open.

🤳How To Write Your Sugar Daddy Profile For Sugar Babies In Seattle

Let’s use this information to construct the perfect sugar daddy profile – so you can easily attract a hot sugar baby in Seattle!

Written Description:

Talk about how active you are, and mention some of the places you’ve been to demonstrate that you are an adventurous kind of person. Then mention that it makes you happy to pay attention to other people’s needs. Write something like “I’ll be glad to make you happy”.

You could also reference a previous relationship where you had a very close bond with the girl, and you’re looking for this intimate emotional connection again (it’s even better if you use the exact words).

Do this and you will find your sugar daddy profile resonates strongly with her, so she’s more likely to send you a message (or respond to your opening message)

Profile Photos

Your profile photos need to back up your written description congruently, as well as demonstrate your value. Here are some suggested photos you could use:

  • A photo of you in an expensive looking bar or restaurant
  • Picture in a business suit if possible
  • Any photos of you with friends, where you’re all laughing and smiling.
  • A photo to demonstrate your caring side – with a pet perhaps?
  • A photo of you with a hot ex girlfriend.
  • The idea is to intrigue and attract her (and also give her an excuse to contact you first!). She WILL ask about the photo with the ex girlfriend.

    me with dog

    Here’s an example of me showcasing my caring side!

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    Places to take your sugar baby in Seattle

    You don’t want to mess up your first date with a potential new sugar baby, so here’s a video describing fun and active date ideas in Seattle. Use this guide and take her somewhere interesting and fun for your first date!

    Your opening message to sugar babies in Seattle

    We’re going to analyse an example sugar baby profile in Seattle to illustrate how to send a great opening message. Here’s the example:

    example sugar baby profile seattle washington state

    I’ve obviously blanked out all identifying information. There isn’t a big red button with no text on it on the actual dating site.

    To get the best response, make your opening message personal and specific to her. Never mass mail girls with copy-pasted guff – they can tell.

    This girl has an innocent look about her, plus she has long legs and big eyes. I’m reminded of a doe-eyed deer.

    So tell her! “You remind me of someone…Who is it now?” – then attach a picture of Bambi or another long-legged Cervidae equivalent.


    The reason you use Bambi instead of a giraffe is because of the large doe eyes, plus Bambi is cute. If you compare her to a giraffe there’s a risk she’ll take offence – she doesn’t want to be compared to a giant clumsy ungainly beast clattering around all over the place and knocking stuff over.

    Moving on from the animal comparison, it’s time to hit her with a suggested date based on her profile description.


    Because it is quite forward and assumptive. There’s no point sending boring opening messages asking the same thing she’s heard a million times, like “how are you” or “how’s your day going”.

    So compare her to Bambi, then say “how about we climb that big needle in Seattle, then I’ll chuck a couple of cocktails down your neck”.

    Obviously, you have to tailor this to her unique profile, but I hope you get the point. Make it specific and unique young man.

    Works every time!

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