This video is about value and the sense of entitlement, and came from a readers question several years ago. The basic premise is, how do you feel entitled to hot girls, when they are objectively higher value than you.

Now in the video I obviously talk about money, since it is one of the primary ways that people judge value.

Firstly I’d say that money really isn’t an issue for 99% of the girls that you approach. I know from experience and just reading around that the vast majority of guys who do daygame in London, UK (for example) run away at the first sight of an English girl.

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As long as you have a basic minimum, how much money you have will only ever really be an issue for a small subset of girls – think of an English girl, good connections, social circle etc.

Having said that I did shag quite a few of those types of girls when I lived in London!

Equally for the Eurojaunters, as long as you have a reasonable Airbnb home in say Prague, Warsaw or Kiev – the amount of money you have makes no difference at all. You can still pull girls of the very best quality regardless.

With the wisdom of being 42 years old and having been around the block a few times I will add this:

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I think the key point is ambition and potential. Personally, there’s been a couple of times where I’ve almost “made it” – by that I mean earning large amounts of money, but it was too unstable.

There are signs that I’ll be getting there again in the near future – and this youtube channel and website will be part of it. I view it as a long term project.

The point I am making is, I personally know men who did make it (although I have not – yet) and these guys were approaching or exceeding millionaire level – but they subsequently lost it all. But, they are still the same person and have made a comeback (in their late 50s to 60s I would also add).

The prime example of this is, of course, Donald Trump (though Trump was never really on his knees like the guys I’ve personally met).

To get personal again, all these guys had ambition and potential (as I believe do). I will be working hard for my entire life to make it, because money is the one area I’ve never really cracked. Girls, I didn’t worry about even when I started this Youtube channel, and I could care even less now. That hasn’t been an issue for about 10 years now.

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This video delves into my personal take on entitlement, value and money in some more depth. I hope you enjoy it. If you’ve listened before, well this intro is new for a start, and it’s always worth revisiting big chunk subjects like this, I think.

After all, it affects us all.

Enough of my waffle. On with the video as originally posted. Enjoy!

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