How To Use Eye Fucking To Bed Hot Girls (Insane Results)

eye contact flirting exercise

👁️What is eye fucking?

Eye fucking is a subtle female dating strategy to signal to a man that she is attracted to you and interested in a verbal conversation. Most men are completely blind to these subtle female cues, but if done right mutual eye fucking can lead to a quick date or a one night stand.

Similarly, if a man eye fucks a girl and she boldly returns the eye contact, it’s a very strong sign that she would be open to a sexual advance.

Sadly, a lot of guys do not understand the eye fucking dynamic, and so miss out on a world of opportunities.

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🧲What does it mean when a girl locks eyes with you?

When a girl locks eyes with you, it’s usually a sign of attraction. Look back at her, acknowledge her gaze and approach her in your own time.

🔥Fuck Me Eyes Examples

Check out these fuck me eyes examples. If you’re seeing eye fucking like this from women, then you’re in a great position to approach her and take things further.

Start off by noticing whether girls lock eyes with you as you go about your daily life.

Flirting with eye contact and body language

This is a killer combination. Just holding eye contact is not enough..You have to flirt with her with your body language too.

When you combine both, you tend to get sexual tension and attraction.

😍How To Give Fuck Me Eyes (Simple Exercise)

Fuck me eyes is when someone sends a strong signal to the opposite sex that they are powerfully attracted to you. If a girl is giving you fuck me eyes, it’s a clear signal that you should approach her.

Similarly, if you give fuck me eyes to girls, you will cause a reaction from her where she will be inclined to respond with a “yes or no” signal back to you – so you can effectively have a conversation before you even open your mouth.

Here’s how you can start giving fuck me eyes to women in your day to day life.

Get used to prolonged eye contact from women

Start doing this today. When you walk around, try holding eye contact with women that you are attracted to.

The first thing you need to do is to get them to notice you. You do that by looking at them, and not looking away.

Do NOT flinch or look away.

When you do this, you will start to notice some very strange things happening.

You’ll notice women stare and can hold eye contact FOREVER.

eye fucking girl

As we now know, this is usually a sign that the girl is attracted to you! Congratulations – you just opened up an opportunity to meet a new girl that you are attracted to.

If you feel like it, you can actually approach the girl. If not, you can just get used to actually noticing their reactions.

Some girls will stare right back at you.

Others will look away – nervously.

A few girls will smile directly at you.

Unfortunately, a few might even look disgusted.

At this stage it doesn’t matter. You are simply getting used to holding eye contact, and noticing that women are sending flirting signals all the time.

Why is eye contact important in flirting?

The reason eye contact is important relates to a show of confidence and dominance.

Women want to feel safe and secure with a man, and a guy who is able to hold strong eye contact and flirt with the girl appears confident and capable of taking care of her.

Fundamentally it shows the girl that you feel worthy of her.

Contrast this with a guy who cannot hold a girl’s eye contact. It appears nervous and weak. It also displays that the guy does not feel good enough for her.

No girl wants to be with a guy like this.

Holding Eye Contact Is A Way Of Generating Attraction

Very few guys can actually hold prolonged eye contact with a girl they don’t know.

Often, the guy looks away first and becomes embarrassed.

If you do this, you are wasting golden opportunities with girls who are giving you strong signals that they are attracted to you.

This is the reason why you want to practice holding prolonged eye contact – it opens up a lot of opportunities to meet and attract women in your day to day life.

How To Get More Eye Locks And Flirting From Girls:

When you start using this eye contact exercise, you might find it gets quite addictive.

After all, you’re starting to open up a world of dating opportunities you never even knew existed before.

So, follow these steps below to get more eye contact flirting and dating opportunities from girls.

Step 1: Maximise Aesthetic

There have been a million things said about looking your best, so I won’t repeat them here.

The idea is not only to visually improve your appearance but also to feel good about yourself.

When you look and feel better, you will notice an immediate uptick in girls eye-locking (eye fucking) you, waiting for you to approach them.

Step 2: Stand Up Straight / Improve Posture

poor posture

Begin to develop the habit of standing up straight.

Make a habit of walking with your head straight up, shoulders back, eyes forward.

When I say eyes forward I mean looking ahead of you, not down, or flicking all over the place like some kind of retarded lizard.

Ask friends/family if you generally appear to have good posture.

The idea is to present a powerful appearance as you walk around.

Remember, women are attracted to strong confident men. Having a good posture gives this image of strength and power.

When you apply these simple changes, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in girls reactions to you when they lock eyes with you.

Who This Eye Contact Exercise Is Intended For

girl holding strong eye contact

This eye contact flirting exercise is intended for guys who have never approached a girl, or have taken a long break from approaching and want to get started again.

It’s also for guys who usually look away when a girl locks eyes with them!

The idea is to build up practice at holding eye contact, and eventually start approaching women with confidence.

It’s a simple routine that starts to show you the world of flirting and attraction with girls.

It’s low stress and low pressure and is the perfect way to start approaching women!

The Purpose Of This Eye Contact Exercise

In performing this exercise you’re starting to do 3 things:

1: Building the habit of holding strong eye contact with girls

2: You’ll learn that there’s a world of sex out there, and that women are constantly sending signs to you that they want you to approach.

As I have been saying for years…Sex is everywhere.

This simple eye locking routine will start to draw you into that world.

meet women in supermarket

Plenty of dating opportunities in the humble supermarket

3: You’re aiming to increase your ability to spot signals and read them correctly.

To display a sensitivity and empathy for where she is at in the interaction.

👀When To Use This Eye Contact Routine

You can do these eye contact exercises for as long as you like – a week is a good start.

This is only a beginning – but it’s the best way to start gently and build your awareness.

You want to make this a part of your daily life.

The best way to start is to practice the exercise for a week or two and ingrain the habit.

When you do, you’ll find that you start to notice women locking eyes with you more often. Over time you will learn to hold prolonged eye contact, and develop the confidence to approach these girls.


Any man can do this simple exercise.

If you’re an introverted kind of guy (like me), it’s easy to withdraw into your own world, and shut out the numerous dating opportunities that are presented.

Isolation will kill your results with women. This exercise begins to reverse that decline.

It’s especially useful if you’re making your first attempt to approach women, or if you’ve had a long absence and want to kickstart approaching again.

🔥Use This Eye Contact Technique To Approach Hot Women Without Rejection