I’ve compiled feedback from my products onto one post – so here it is for you guys so you can see for yourself.

Note : This feedback is taken from emails (you get my email when you buy the products), Youtube comments etc.

In some cases it is hard to read, so I have retyped out the testimonial.

NO, I am not making up my own testimonials. LOL. That would be lying.

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Secret Society


“Literally Steve, you don’t understand, I love your product and I think you’re a genius.
You communicate like a pro that’s all there is to it!
The bit on fractionation is the part I like most and see most value in, being dominant and then complimentary in an ebb and flow manner is the key to this game I believe. Very hard to grasp but when you do, game over (forced ioi’s and passive ioi’s are of course huge too).

But Steve one thing you get unconsciously that the vast majority of “chodes” don’t get is this:……”


“It really is the best product on the market. I have trained with fucking everyone over 4 year period – Mystery, Beckster, PUA Training, Real Social Dynamics so I am not saying that as a little fan boy.

I done some of things you talked about quite naturally and this is how I was known as “good”

The forcing or just noticing IOIs is super super stuff. I was in Temple Bar (Dublin) with friends and I saw this Geordie girl giving me IOI as she walked past. I turned around and grabbed her by the hand…up close in her space, eye contact…”Who are you?” “Where are you from?” She said Newcastle so I went straight for it “Do you want to tache on?” paused and went for it. The thing is this wasn’t just like the normal kiss close that goes no where she was good to go from this point.

Nice work mate



“Hi Steve

Just wanted to say I love the product. I been following you stuff for a while now as I resonate with how you break down and explain pick up compared to others in the community. I wish you all the best in your business mate. How long you smashing your way through Europe for? Would love to take a bootcamp with you when your back in the UK.



“Fuck me Steve this Secret Society product is unbelievable! Learnt a ton and not even finished the vids yet.
I genuinely didn’t think it would be this good, I’m shocked!

Good god I wish I had done a bootcamp with you now instead of Beckster!!

Cheers for some killer material!!


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Primal Seduction


Just wanted to say … fucking hell, the new book I can’t quite believe what I’m reading. Everything about the sigma male stuff I can relate to 100%, heard the term thrown around but never really had a good grasp of it.

Iv Always been a bit of a black sheep nomadic guy, no time for social hierarchy bullshit, don’t like weddings, talking to people for the sake of it, happiest out daygaming by myself. it’s weird reading somthing that resonates so strongly like someone has just told me who I actually am.

Great stuff
[Name Removed]”

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