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Is there a correlation between a man’s Sexual Market Value (SMV) and his Sense of Entitlement? How do you use past reference experiences to increase your Sense of Entitlement? Are there women that are “out of your league”?

Yes, there is definitely a correlation between a mans sense of entitlement and his sexual market value. So much so that I’ve listed entitlement as one of the 11 cornerstone characteristics of the naturally attractive man. Entitlement boils down to : do you feel you are worthy of the hottest women when you are in their presence.

In terms of are there any women that are out of my league, or indeed the concept of leagues generally. I’d return to the idea of dealing with reality and brutal honesty. I advocate this again and again on my channel, in my books, in my products, in my life.

Part of what you must do as a man is take a stock check and asses what you think you are actually capable of achieving in reality, in all areas. Put another way “a man’s gotta know his limitations” (Credit Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry). In my opinion, He has to know what he is capable of and be honest about this – neither selling himself short, nor building himself up.

I was thinking today about the socio sexual hierarchy and how it is fractal. So when I was in my formative years, I most definitely was not at the top of the socio sexual hierarchy. I was a very gifted athlete and very bright – literally physically and intellectually superior to the majority of the other guys around me, yet the girls didn’t start noticing me until later. And I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 19. As I’ve said, I was quite odd looking and had to fix this about myself, plus I bloomed later as an adult.

The key point is I KNEW this and I worked hard on myself under my own steam for year after year after year. Right now age 43 I posted on this channel about two weeks ago that I had let my weight slip and wasn’t happy about it. By my standards I was fat, though no woman would care about it. Nevertheless, here are the results literally 2 weeks later:

The point of all this is that you hold yourself to a high standard, deal with reality constantly, work on your deficiences and come out swinging every day. Now if I compared myself to the guys who were above me at school or in my formative years, I am literally light years in front of them.

The point is though that even though I knew I was below them in the hierarchy before, I still knew in my core that I had the capability to be superior. Physically and intellectually it was immediately obvious, but I had some issues that I needed to fix with my teeth, ears , skin and in terms of mindset and experience with women. So, I began working on it (I actually took an overdraft to get my first cosmetic surgery operation and paid it back with part time work whilst I was at university).

I’m giving you an insight into what entitlement can do for you in your life as well as with women. BUt you have to marry it with hard work, brutal honesty and be able to back it up.

So : are there women out of my league. I can tell you that I have had women who are objectively in the 9/10 range before, lots of 8s, tons of 7s and unfortunately a lot of 6s too (especially off Tinder!). When I make the effort, at my best, I can get the very hottest, intelligent, high self esteem women.

Now could I go into a social scene like LA and dominate there and pick up actresses? Probably not – that’s not my forte. Again – entitlement but coupled with knowing limitations. But without reservation I can tell you that I have no desire to do so either. I judge a woman’s quality on her intrinsic characteristics : beauty, loyalty, intelligence, self esteem. I couldn’t give a flying fuck if she’s deemed high value by social status or perceived difficulty in hooking up with. Whether that marries up with some other guys perception is of no importance to me.

So, by my own standards of leagues, which is all that is relevant to my happiness and life, there are no women that are out of my league that I PERSONALLY WANT TO PURSUE – BUT I have to be at the top of my game in order to get them.