I’ve decided to trial a simple sticking point service where I solve your individual sticking points.

Sometimes you just have a sticking point that you just cannot seem to get past.

Well, maybe I can help you.

Now some coaches offer a Skype Service (for a hefty fee) – the average price is about $130 (£100 GBP) per hour.

Others offer one on one coaching – again for a hefty fee – and the coaching can go on forever. EIther a weekly course (around $6000 or £5000), or a bootcamp, or whatever.

But what if you just have a problem that is stopping you…You cannot afford a lengthy course, nor an hour long Skype consultation (which might not solve the problem anyway).

Here’s what I am offering:

You can contact me via email and I will answer your most pressing sticking point – whether that’s online dating, approaching women, getting stuck on dates – whatever it is.

I will make a detailed, thorough post about it, usually with an accompanying podcast.

I will obviously NOT reveal your name or email address.

This will cost a one off fee of $14.95.

Once you make the payment, you will be directed to a contact form where you can email me your question / sticking point.