direct game

Direct Game is a mindset in my view, it boils down to having no fear or hesitation about being clear about what you want, and not hiding your intentions from the girl.

When you approach girls using direct game, it doesn’t mean that you have to state your intentions (usually using very robotic and sometimes crude language) in precise details.

The actual mechanism by which you display your intentions could be verbally, with your eyes, with innuendo and others. More usually it’s best to use a combination, depending on what is right at that moment.

Anyone who goes out in the real world and picks up women will know that certain situations require a certain type of approach to be more socially calibrated.

(Though when you know what you are doing you can sort of flout these “rules” to a certain extent)

Check out this video which explains more about the direct game mindset:

You don’t need to slavishly follow any “system” or “rules” in your approach to picking up girls. All that matters is : will it help you to actually be effective in getting the result.

I think the long pointless conversations about direct game vs indirect game are geeky and usually carried out by keyboard warriors, guys who don’t get laid much, or pickup gimps trying to sell a “system”.

I also find the conversations tiresome where it’s stated or implied that direct game is more “ballsy” and you have

Why I Prefer Direct Game

1: If feels more honest and masculine to state my intentions and get it out there.

I like direct game because I believe in plain speaking, I don’t like to be wishy washy and I see no reason why I should feel ashamed of my intentions, why should I hide them from a girl?

Before the logiticians and aspergers dudes jump in, this is a MINDSET, at any particular moment in time when I interface with a girl it might be fun to play with it a bit, and use innuendo instead of saying “I would like to have casual sex with you, would you be interested in this?”.

Or use my eyes, or body language. It stems from the mindset.

2: I feel closely attuned to my emotions, I know what my body and feelings are telling me and I like to be spontaneous.

I also love women.

Therefore it’s highly likely that when I am talking to a girl, I’ll be overcome with a feeling of desire, horniness, or love for the girl in that moment and I will want to express it, with the emotional truth of that moment.

In my view this is the essence of natural, direct game – and being direct about it is the clearest route to expressing it.

3:I value honesty and truth as one of my highest guiding principles.

On some core hardwired level, if I didn’t express to the girl that I like her then it would feel like I am betryaing my principles (which causes me great pain).

I guess you could say being direct is hardwired into me.

4:I like to know where I stand in this world.

I cannot stand lack of clarity, confusion, or games in my relationships.

Therefore I am unflinching in expressing how I feel and what I want as it’s an expression of the way I live my life and how I deal with the world – it’s an integral part of my character.

I also believe that in using direct game and being and strightforward it sends a very clear signal to others that (i) I can be trusted (ii) You cannot fuck around with me or manipulate me.

This is a big part of the reason why I rarely have to deal with stupid games from women (or anyone else for that matter).

If you get to the point and are not wishy washy, you’ll find that (i) you can’t be bluffed and others won’t even try and (ii) You’ll naturally filter out anyone who tries to act in this way with you.

In adopting this approach, I actually find that I am causing people to treat me and deal with me in the way that I want them to do.

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