Use Dick Pics The Right Way To Get Laid

Sending Dick Pics In 2019

As far as I can tell, it is not illegal to send dick pics in 2019.

I’m overall a massive fan of dick pics. I send them far less than I used to as I am now 43, but for younger guys all the way up to 38 or so, sending dick pics is a slightly risky strategy, but massively effective if you do it correctly.

The general consensus is that you shouldn’t send dick pics. It’s offensive to women, won’t help you to attract them etc.

I disagree and I have had great success using dick pics . Here is an example!

The key to sending dick pics is to make them tasteful, shoot at the right angle…And send them at the right time.

Dick Pics And Timing

dick pic

Think about how most men initiate contact with women. By whistling. Or beeping their horn. Or shouting at them (from the safety of being across the street).

What does this telegraph? Cowardice. Unwillingness to put your balls on your line. Fundamentally, it’s miscalibrated behaviour.

Now think about most pick up advice on how to initiate conversations with women. The current trend *at least in Daygame* seems to be to approach in a ridiculous looping arc and then jump in front of her, hands splayed and then initiate a conversation.

Better, much better. It get’s the job done, and admittedly I am probably missing the nuances somewhat and exaggerating for comic effect. It’s just I’ve seen it so many times and it just looks…whack. It looks…odd, at least from my perspective.

Now see what I advocate. No particular method of approaching, but usually from the side, gentle touch on the arm, slightly in front, then slightly walking in front and then stopping her.

Or (more usually), forcing an IOI – getting a reaction from her, then approaching. If that fails, then yes, a more balls to the wall approach and diving straight in.

Whatever your chosen method is, there is a degree of technique and timing to it. And it’s these elements that are ESPECIALLY critical with the dick pic.

It’s kind of a high risk method (well it’s not actually, when you do it right, because you can always recover from a fail), but VERY powerful if used correctly.

So here’s some tips on how to do it!

Before Sending The Cock Pic

Firstly, you need to make damn sure you have a good picture! This goes without saying. You know how important the photos are in online dating? Dick Pics are no different. Think about making the picture look at aesthetic as possible. Avoid things like bad lighting, or you looking like some sad pervert alone in your flat when you take it.

Generally speaking I would guess you should be at least average, if not above average for dick pics to “work” optimally. However if you’re not, have no fear!

You can CHEAT!! You can use a photo morphing software tool like Facetune to make it bigger in the pic. HINT do not make it any bigger than say 10-15% it’s normal size. You can probably get away with this, but if you morph it into a 9 inch snake and your’re below average in real life, don’t blame me for the reaction!

How To Get The Optimal Dick Pic:

1: Get your face and some of your body into it.

Don’t just send the dick on it’s own. It’s too impersonal, and girls do not like impersonal. They like to think that you like THEM SPECIFICALLY.

Also, it could be anybody’s dick, not yours. Hence the reason for the face and body.

*If you are worried about putting your face in because of later repurcussions, then blur / black it out.* I’m simply saying that I think it’s better with it in.

Use your own judgement. I have no worries about my picture going round the internet because I’m proud of it and I don’t really give a damn since I never intend to be a politician.

2: Choose an angle that makes the dick pic look as big as possible.

Ideally, seated, and pulling it somewhat down from your stomach so that it looks big on the camera.

Sort of like this but with hand on junk pulling it down.

dick pic manspreading

This is a humourous example, obviously, before any nit picking retards pipe up.

3: Get a camera with a timer, get a hard on, and take multiple shots to get the best dick pic possible.

Whilst it’s doing its business, you can have your laptop positioned on the table, watching porn or some such, to get super hard. Try a range of angles to get the best result. The bigger the better, the more aesthetic the pic the better.

4:/ Consider taking a cialis beforehand for maximum erection!!

5:/ If you are not in great shape, wear something over your top to avoid rolls of fat showing on the stomach as you take the pic.

You’re going to be in a position that will emphasise stomach fat, so cover that shit up.

Dick Pic Timing:

Do not send the dick pic as an opener! It has to have some context to it and be delivered at the right time. Sending as an opener is liable to get you branded as a weirdo. Here’s a couple of examples of correct timing:

(i) As a pattern interrupt

dick pic pattern interrupt

You can use the dick pic as a pattern interrupt. In this example you can see the girl is trying it on a little with mention of ‘presents’ and ‘gifts’. This is because I initially met her on a sugardaddy website, so she was kind of playing the part. At this point, she was sort of invested in me, but not totally, so the dick pic turned the trick and got her super interested and turned on.  I ended up taking this girl to bed. You can read the story here.

(ii) As the conversation gets sexual.

Have you noticed how girls are sending pictures more frequently and easily than ever before? They expect pictures nowadays. You can send some normal ones initially, then as you ramp up the sexual tension you can ak her for some naughty pics…the offer something like “damn you turn me on…I would send you some naughty ones but not sure you can handle it.”